June 25th, 2015. That was the day my life would never been the same again.

My parents and I have just moved to Santa Barbara Country, California. We went to this nice quiet little house. We didn't have that many neighbors, so it was really quiet out here. There was lots of trees surrounding the area, so there wasn't really that much to see.

Once my parents were done unpacking, my Mother allowed me to play outside and try to find some new friends. There was a little swing set and playhouse that came with the property. Everything went as normal, until I saw another building close to our house.

I went through the woods to get a better look. I discovered it was a mansion some rich person might have. The gates to the mansion were wide open. I'm guessing some celebrity might live there. This is California after all.

While I was entering through the gates, I felt something was wrong. The grass on the ground looked like it was never cut for months, and the mansion looked really old.

As I walked to the mansion, there were tons of other buildings besides the mansion. I saw a little theme park with some rides, and a stage. I thought this person must be really rich. I walked to the front door and knocked on the door.

I heard footsteps coming my way. Then the door swung opened. A man appeared in front of the door. He had short black hair, and wore really dark sunglasses. He wore a black tuxedo. He looked like he was either in his late 40's or mid 50's.

He looked at me and gave me a warming smile. I was unsure at first but I smiled back at the man.

"Hello. I've never had visitors in a long time," the man said. His voice sounded like a female's, but it was a soft and high-pitched male voice.

"Hi, do you live here?" I asked him. The man looks at me and sighs.

"Yeah, but nobody comes to see me anymore. I'm all alone in this dark mansion," he says.

I felt really bad for him. His skin looks pale and white. And a guy so rich feeling lonely, is something I've never seen before. But something was wrong. As I looked through the door, there was no furniture in the house. It's like the house was empty.

"Thanks for visiting me. May God bless you, young child," he says in a calming voice.

He pats my head and then closes the door. I shrugged it off and I went back home. I told my parents all about the mansion next to our house, and the man who lived there that was really sweet and kind. But my Mother told me that nobody lives there and it was completely abandoned. I was confused so I decided to go ask the man again.

The next day when I went to visit him again, I got no answer. I was confused so I went back and I was shocked. There was a for sale sign on top of the entrance of the gate. I went back home and it was late at night. I tried to go to sleep but I kept hearing weird noises.

As I opened my eyes, I saw the same man that was at the mansion. He looked at me and smiled with his clean, shiny teeth showing. It looked like he was waving at me. I screamed and called the cops. When the cops got here, he was gone. I told the police what happened and the other day I went to that mansion.

The police explained that nobody has ever lived in that mansion for six years. They told me the mansion was called The Neverland Ranch. And they told me the person who lived there and died, was named Michael Jackson. He was a famous singer and known for being the King of Pop.

Was I imagining things? Because I knew he died on 25th of June. And the day I visited the mansion was on the same day he died.

Ever since yesterday, I couldn't sleep. I was scared because, Michael might be watching me at night. I'm sure he's dead. They found him dead in his own bedroom. The last time I saw Michael, I opened my left eye and saw him, smiling at me. His sunglasses were not on his face anymore. He stared at me with a wide grin and insane eyes. And I never saw him again after that.

But the creepiest thing about the whole thing was, why were the gates to the mansion opened? I'm freaked out unsure if Michael Jackson was dead or not.

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