The Jumpstart series. My favorite edutainment series of games. Even when I played this horrific hack, I still loved the educational games.

It was 2011 when I beat the last game of the series, Jumpstart 6th Grade. After I beat it, I went on to search from romhacks of the Jumpstart games. Then I found this website, and I forgot what is the name. But I came across Jumpstart.avi, and when I downloaded it, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

I installed the game, and when it popped up it showed a black and white version of the Jumpstart characters, and they were all frowning. It had 3 options, "Die", "Uninstall", and "Exit". I tried to click Uninstall because I was doing my project at that time, but a dialogue box appeared, stating:

"You should not remove this game, play it and you will suffer."

I tried to exit, but it closed my project, and it didn't show the Save Changes box. Another dialogue box appeared, stating, "I have closed your work, if you do not play it, you will be haunted forever."

So the only one left is "Die", and I clicked it. The first thing that popped up were words written with blood and said, "Suffer now". Then, the Knowledge Adventure screen, but instead of "Discover, Learn, Excel", it displayed "Suffer, Haunt, Kill Yourself".

The music was played distortedly. The person who was reaching for the star, instead pointed his hand to a gun. The usual Jumpstart screen popped up, and the name select screen was different. There were people hung on walls, stabbed on the chest and were shot. Who could be responsible for this? I saw a BEN file already, and I thought, "Is that the haunted BEN or just a random name?"

I typed in my name "Micoy" and started.

The game started like the 5th Grade opening but it was not Dr. X, it was the man from the opening. How could he appear in this hack? But I didn't get scared, because I was used to it. Then the characters from the 1st grade would appear, all looking scared. Then I saw my character, which looked just like me, looking all heroic. Now I can finally control my own clone. It was not used by mouse, it was all keyboard. Some voice said, "Suffer now", followed by chants of "Die now" and "Kill". I was getting pretty spooked out after I get deeper and deeper into the game, until I realized it's not the same Jumpstart educational crap that I adore. Then after 15 minutes of the game, it crashed and was turned into the most devious photo the computer can show and what made me not to turn on my computer for a month.

It was a picture of me, holding Frankie the Dog's head in my left hand and a shotgun in my right. After 30 seconds of the photo, my right somehow moved and the picture zoomed in on my head with the gun. It shot my head, and I can hear my own scream, loudly. After this, I went to the door of my bedroom to hide. I went back to my computer and it showed my project, somehow ended up on my desktop. I uninstalled Jumpstart.avi, afterwards my wallpaper showed Frankie the Dog, black and white, with red eyes and blood in his mouth.

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