On a late Saturday night, about 10:40 PM, Matt Vertigo was on his laptop searching the internet for SOMETHING to keep him busy. Nothing. He decided to go to YouTube to find good videos to watch. Since Matt's favorite YouTube gamers are Roosterteeth, he decided to go to their channel. He clicked on the newest Things to do video. But when he clicked on the video...something weird happened...

The video played for about four seconds before it froze. Then, the video went black, but for some reason...there was a faint outline of a man with long hair. Matt knew that something like that isn't normal for YouTube. He opened a new tab, and searched for 'Outline of long-haired Figure on YouTube.' But when the page loaded, his computer totally froze, and then shut off. 

Thinking that the battery on his laptop was dead, he plugged his laptop into the wall charger. It was getting late, about 12:20 at night. Matt went to brush his teeth, when he saw a small piece of paper taped to the side of the mirror in the bathroom. 

"What's this?" Matt said, picking up the paper. On the paper, it said:

Just Visiting...


"Who's JTK?" Matt asked himself. He figured his older brother snuck into the house and was playing some dumb game. 

Matt was getting cold, so he went over to his window to shut it before he went to bed. But when he went to shut it, he saw a figure...with long hair. He fell backwards in fright. When he went back to the window, the figure was gone. 

"I must be seeing things, maybe sleep will help."

At 3 AM, Matt heard a loud crash and immediately woke up. He rushed out of his bed, and ran down the stairs. He was greeted with a nice piercing into his hip. 

"WHAT THE FU-" before he could finish the sentence, the figure put the knife up to Matt's mouth and started to laugh. 

"I told you I was coming to visit," he said. 

But the the figure's face was terrifying. He had long singed-black hair, and his eyes were blackened around where his eyelids should be. He had a pale white face. And his mouth had brutal cuts that looked like a smile. 

"Who the hell ARE YOU! YOU MONSTER!" Matt screamed. He was clutching his side where he was stabbed, his hand covered in blood. 

The person chuckled. "Is that what you think I am? A horrible, terrifying, torturous monster?" Matt just stared in shock. "Well you're wrong...I'm MUCH worse." The person lifted the knife to Matt's neck, but before he could attack, Matt's front door was kicked open, and police rushed in with pistols in their hands. 

"Hello?" one of them shouted. "We got reports of yelling and screaming." The figure lowered the knife and said, "Looks like you and I have company my friend." 

"You are not my friend, and I WILL kill you!" Matt shouted. Matt got up and rushed the person, but when he threw the punch, the figure dodged it like it was nothing and slashed at Matt's chest, leaving a huge cut. 

The figure picked up another knife from the kitchen, and then the police cornered him and demanded that he drops the knives. The figure chuckled and said, "Looks like you guys brought a knife fight." 

He rushed the cops, and when one of them went to shoot him, he sliced at the cop's hand and stabbed him in the chest. While the figure finished off the other cops, Matt limped out of his house, clutching his side. He ran out into a forest that was nearby, and he didn't stop running. He stumbled over a branch and twisted his ankle. He looked back towards his house, and saw the figure run out of the house towards Matt. Matt pushed himself up and limped as fast as he could. But it was no use. The figure was left untouched by the policemen. 

When the figure caught up to Matt, he turned Matt around, cut his neck, and stabbed him in the chest. He pushed Matt to the ground.

"What the HELL are you?" Matt screamed, coughing up blood. The figure was sharpening his knife with a rock.

"I am Jeffrey...the killer." Jeff grabbed Matt by the shirt, and stabbed him in the chest again. Matt slowly closed his eyes. His final words were..."What comes around...goes around. You'll get what you deserve..."

Detective Entry #1

At 11:23 AM, September 23, the police department got a call from a man named Tom Vertigo. He called and said that his younger brother Matt has been missing for 4 days. He told us that he saw shells left behind from a gun. He also claimed that upon searching the house, he saw a group of policemen that were mutilated. We are going to conduct a stronger search tomorrow morning.

Detective Entry #2

10:22 AM, September 24. We searched the house and found a trail of blood stains outside of the house's back door. It leads into the forest. My team and I are going to search and document in a few minutes.

Detective Entry #3

10:31 AM, September 24. While exploring the forest, we found the body of who we believe is Matt Vertigo. He had a knife stuck into his chest, and several knife wounds. More information will be released as soon as possible.

Detective Entry #4

1:26 PM, September 25. The body is confirmed, and it is Matt's body. His body was covered in stab wounds, and cuts. His body, and the knife are in our possession as of right now.

Detective Entry #5

12:43 AM, September 26. I'm hiding from someone. He broke into our base and attacked the other detectives in Matt's containment. Upon laughing, he said, "You have my favorite knife, and disciplinary actions must be given to those who steal from others." He killed every single detective in there except me. I ran as fast as I could. I hid in my house and locked the doors and windows. A few hours after I hid, my window was smashed in and the person climbed through the window. The killer said, "How rude of me not to introduce myself. I'm Jeff, your worst nightmare. Speaking of nightmares, you look tired my friend. Maybe you should rest." Jeff stabbed me in the side and put a hand on my mouth before I could scream. "Lay down, relax...and GO TO SLEEP!" 

When I woke up, I ran out of my house and didn't stop. I am Detective Kenneth Andrews. If you ever see him, don't even stop to stare. Just RUN.

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