It was 10 PM on the day after Jeff got the note from Jane. He was standing outside of the abandoned gun store, nervous. Usually he'd scope a place out if he knew he was going to be killing someone there. Doing so would give him somewhat of an advantage. He'd know the layout, so he wouldn’t get lost; he'd know what weapons, or items that could be used as weapons, would be there, so he could prepare for that; and he'd know who’s there, or would likely be there, so he could be ready for that.

However, he didn’t scope out this place. The note told him not to, and he figured this Jane might be hiding in wait near the building, ready to snipe Jeff if he went to look around. Jane certainly seemed like a woman who’d do that; after all, she probably waited for days at that house where she killed those people just for Jeff to show up. It was either that or pure coincidence that she was there at the exact same time he was.

That was what Jeff assumed anyway; he’d been thinking about Jane since yesterday, trying to understand her, her motives, and her methods.

So far, all he’d come up with is that she’s patient and not much of a talker.

Despite not completely understanding his opponent nor knowing the battleground, Jeff was still somewhat prepared. He’d brought extra knives along with him. Normally, they’d just be spares he’d use if his knife broke or somehow got lost. Considering that he was going into this basically blind, he decided it might be worth it to have some extras on him.

Jeff entered the empty store quietly, ready for anything. It was dark, and he could barely see a thing. The door closed softly behind him as he moved around slowly, trying not to make a sound.

The lights turned on, and Jeff saw Jane standing on the other side of the store, looking at him.

“You’re full of neat little tricks, aren’t you?” Jeff asked.

Jane stood there silently.

“Still not much of a talker,” Jeff muttered.

No response.

“So, would you mind explaining what all this is about? Much as I’d love to stab you, I’d at least like to know why I’m stabbing you.”

“Revenge,” Jane said, quietly.

“She speaks!” Jeff exclaimed. “Let me guess: I killed someone you cared about, right Jane whatever your last name is?”

“Erickson,” Jane said.

Everything started to fall into place.

“Oh, I get it. You’re pissed that I killed your spoiled, horny, drug addict of a kid. Listen, it’s not much of a loss, to be honest.”

“You took everything from me that I cared about. My son, my husband, my life. And now I’m – ”

“Hold on, wait a second. Before you go into your ‘I’m gonna take everything you care about’ speech, I just need to mention that I didn’t kill your husband. I have a pretty good memory about who I’ve murdered, and I can't say I remember him.”

“You didn’t kill him with a knife or a cut. Killing my baby gave my husband a heart attack, killing him. You ruined my perfect family.”

“Perfect? According to what I’ve read, your family isn't what I'd call perfect. Your son’s a drug addict, and your husband’s cheated on you I forget how many times.”

“Lies,” Jane said. “Lies made by the media to drag my family’s name through the mud.”

“Really? ‘Cause those pictures of your son snorting crack off that hooker’s tits and that other picture of your husband kissing that one woman looked pretty real to me.”

“My husband loved me, my son loved me, and I loved them. My family was happy, and you took that from me. I want to take everything from you now, Jeff,” Jane said, raising her gun and firing.

Jeff jumped over a counter, and hid behind it. He decided that if he got out of this alive, he’d invest in a bulletproof vest.

Jane stopped firing, and started walking towards Jeff. Jeff held his knife, ready to use it. Jane was right in front of him now, gun aimed at his head. Just as Jane pulled the trigger, Jeff threw the knife at her leg. It hit her knee, causing her to stumble and miss the shot. Jeff took the opportunity to get out a spare knife and leap at Jane, making her fall to the ground and lose her grip on the gun. The gun fell next to her.

“You know, bulletproof vests don’t offer much protects against knives,” Jeff said, plunging his knife into her chest. The armor covering it prevented the knife from doing any damage. “I guess you did know that,” Jeff said, annoyed by the knifeproof armor.

Jane grabbed the gun by the muzzle and used it as a bat, swinging it at Jeff. It hit the side of his head, knocking him off of Jane. Jane started to get up, but stumbled as her injured leg gave out under her. Jane still aimed the gun at Jeff, firing. Jeff got out of the way before he was killed, but his arm still got shot, making him drop his knife.

Jane tried firing again, but the gun had run out of ammo. Using his uninjured arm, Jeff grabbed the gun out of Jane’s hands, and threw it at the windows in front of the store. The gun crashed through the window. Jane punched Jeff in the face, causing him to stagger.

When Jeff got over the punch, he looked around and saw Jane was gone.

“Ok, seriously, she has a fucking leg injury. How does she do that?” Jeff asked.

Credited to Dorkpool 

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