I... Give... Up... I give up on the countless hours I tried to forget about this unholy cartridge. This cartridge that holds so many memories and endless voices imbued into my mind. This little, square game called Pokemon. That's all it said on the cover. It's for the Ds, so why does it just say Pokemon...? I don't even care. all I want is for these... these visions and voices to get out of my head... Whoever is reading this, must have found the game. Before I tell you my story I MUST tell you:


I never did like Pokemon. Not the game, the TV shows, the cards, nothing... But I wanted to give it one more chance before I confirmed my hatred for it. Have you ever gotten the feeling that some things happen for a reason...? Like you know what's going to happen but you just have to accept it coming? Well as soon as I told myself that I was gonna give Pokemon one more chance, I saw these kids fighting over this abomination just across the street from where I lived. It seemed that they were fighting over it because they thought it was some kind of new version of the Pokemon Yellow for the Nintendo DS.

I, being the rebellious jerk in the neighborhood, simply walked up to the kids and yanked the game out of their greedy little hands. One of the kids tried to hit me in the stomach, but i just grabbed his little fist and pushed him gently to the side.

"What's the big deal about this Pokemon game?" I said, looking at the yellow square cartridge. "It's the same as any other stupid version that the makers just half-assed over the years."

"You'll never understand if we told you!" shouted one of the boys, trying to reach for the game.

"You know what?" I said, "You're right. so let me take this off your hands since you can't come to an agreement to who will get it. I have a DS, I'll check it out for ya."

For some reason the kids said okay, since they know none of them even bought the game in the first place. I didn't even go inside my house to get my DS. I don't know how, but it was right there on the steps in front of my door.

"What the hell?" I said with an annoyed tone. "You gotta be kidding me..." I picked it up and slid the Pokemon game in, since there wasn't a game in it already.

The title simply said, "Pokemon" and a picture of a Pikachu stood at the center of the top screen, the bottom was just black. I didn't know what Pikachu really looked like,  but i noticed some kind of red spot behind him where his tail should be. As soon as I pressed start, I saw a glimpse of a word at the lower right side of the bottom screen. I shrugged it off and continued, as I saw the already saved game on the starting menu. "We..Speak.." was the name of it. Wanting to get this done and over with I chose the saved game. That's when i heard something whispered right in my ear, as if their lips were pressed against it.


I gasped and flung myself to the other side of the stair case as i looked to the side, obviously seeing no one there, only darkness. It said 10:00 P.M. when I checked the time on my watch, the DS screen had the word, NO, on both screens, both words filling the entire screen. I threw myself up and ran into the house, wondering where my parents were. "This feels too strange.." i thought to myself as i observed the house. I looked down at the game, noticing a little character in the center of a town, the townsfolk surrounding him. I sat down in the living room as i watched, seeing the townsfolk throwing... Seemingly dead Pokemon, at the player...

"This game looks actually brutal..!" I said, laughing as i continued watching. I tried moving around, getting impatient when I saw a text box pop up.

"Challenge us now..." a sudden battle motion began as my player stood there, appearing.... insane... with tears in his eyes, yet a wide grin on his face. Another text box popped up.

"They want to battle!" A crowd of people was showing at the opposite side of the battle screen. one pokeball sat on the ground at their feet, however the Pokemon didn't pop out of it like it should. Instead, it looked like it flopped out, rotted, bones sticking out its leg as if it was snapped in two.

"They sent out First Victim". by now I was confused. all this time I thought Pokemon was just a happy-go-lucky game where i was the hero, fighting the useless team rocket and other villains. but instead, in this game, I was the villain. and the Pokemon in front of me was the pokemon I killed. It was a Totodile, i think. Again, i have no idea who any of these Pokemon were, only Pikachu because it was like the mascot of the entire series.

My player's name was "Igiveup". 

"Igiveup tossed out Pikachu!" It was the same Pikachu on the title screen. with it's tail completely off,  a bloody pool behind him. I pressed the fight button, seeing four moves: Slash, Thunder Wave, Surf, and Last Resort.

"Finally I can play!" I said anxiously, pressing thunder wave.

"Pikachu ignored your commands."

"What...?" i said, raising an eyebrow. "Totodile used Helping Hand!" I felt sick to my stomach, watching the animation of Totodile limping and crawling towards Pikachu, leaving most of it entrails behind. Totodile had left a bloody paw print on Pikachu's back, and the most horrific scene occurred, when Pikachu... slowly turned toward the screen, his expression looking exhausted, his mouth partly opened with a small rip at the corner of his lip, his eyes were only half way gouged out hanging from its eye sockets.

The screen went white as I forced my eyes to unglue themselves from the screen. I looked up, not a single light was on, a dense, heavy silence weighed down the room as I heard whispers and the sound of crying in front of me, then the sound began moving around, moving behind me. The sound of Pikachu's cry, BROKE the silence as the room's lights flashed on, the Pikachu, Nailed down on the floor, his arms and legs nailed down, his entire body looks like an empty husk. Just emptiness. I fell back out of my chair, only to see the Totodile's rotted face staring DOWN at me as soon at I hit the floor.

Then... Darkness. A faint siren, barely audible, blazing in the distance. I Regained consciousness, seeing my family over my head, crying, almost having heart attacks as they saw me. I didn't dare move, I didn't even want to feel my hands, which were hung down the ambulance bed I was in. Till this day, the visions of Totodile and Pikachu are sketched into my head. If this note ever gets to the kids I took the game from, I am warning you... game...

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