In 1984, when the popular children's show Sesame Street turned sweet 16, there were various new characters, and with new characters came new segments with various parodies. This includes stereotypical 1980's MTV music videos, featuring none other than a short-lived Muppet band known as How Now Brown and the Moo Wave.

That's right. Short-lived.

The group consisted of How Now Brown, the lead singer of the group who usually wore a viking helmet, yellow hipster glasses, an oversized red vest, a black shirt and red goulashes. The other members of the band were a keyboardist who wore a headband with built-in cow horns, a guitarist and a drummer, who both wore matching necklaces. How Now's back-up singers were two cows of his own, who he had as a child until he met the Moo Wave and the band became successful.

They signed a deal to perform on Sesame Street, but didn't have a long career. Why? You'll soon find out.

Their first song debuted with a short pink Muppet introducing the music video with her own station SMV ("Sesame Music Video"). Sure, everything seems normal at first, right? Well, soon be wrong...

The music video starts with a giant red "WET PAINT" logo as loud drum beats are heard in the background. As How Now begins the count down, the logo pans away and paint begins to splash the scene. The entire song consists of How Now singing about his wet paint fetish. The more he sang, the more paint began to splash and the hornier he became.

As the song progressed, more paint came splashing the scene to the point How Now had a major orgasm and the paint became too much and splashed all over the place, blocking the camera lens and nearly drowning the band as the cows screamed for help.

Luckily, they survived the music video in that song. Until their next song came out....

Danger's No Stranger. How Now thought it was a good idea to play in a dark alley in the middle of the night, but little did they know what danger they would get into.

How Now danced his way into the song and sang and perform with his cows until he started to become so oblivious to what was going around him. The more he sang about danger, the more it came around.

From a kid playing piano to explosions, the music video became too much and the picture exploded. The band thought How Now was causing near-death experiences in the music videos and he was kicked out. Since then, they did not have a chance to return in any future seasons and have not been heard from ever since.

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