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Hello, my name is Jessica. I live in St. Luke's Mental Hospital Phoenix, Arizona. Why do I live in a mental hospital you ask? Well, what I experienced brought me here. I have never really written anything before except for my diary but I don't know if that counts so I'm gonna try my best. So this is what happened:

I was an 11 year old girl, with a family that doesn't have very much money. My father found a very cheap house, that was huge and quite nice. I've never seen a house so nice. I walked into the house and it was really dusty, like nobody has been there in a long time. When I walked into the bathroom on the second floor the mirror had red paint that looked like blood.

Written in the "red paint" was "Aren't I beautiful?" It was strange so I told my father about it. He told me Just to ignore it and it was probably nothing. I thought he was probably right and just to ignore it.

I asked my father why the house was so cheap. The house was so cheap it was like stealing candy from a baby, well, that's what he said. But he didn't answer.

"Dad why was the house so cheap?", I asked curiously.

"Well the house is so cheap because there has been three murders in this house", said my father.

"What? Then why are we staying here?" I said.

"Well because it's affordable and just because there's been murders doesn't mean anything bad will happen."

Just the thought of there being three murders in the house, creeped me out, and gave me an unsettling feel.

The next day I woke up excited for my first day at my new school.

"Maybe I could even make some new friends," is what I thought, but when I went there everything was terrible, I was wrong. I made no friends, and all the kids were teasing me because of the new house I lived in. I thought they would be impressed with my new house but they called the house I lived in "the spook house".I honestly didn't know what that meant, but I thought it had something to do with the murders in the house but I wasn't positive. After my brother Louis left to hang out with his friends, I didn't completely trust him because he was acting strange before he left, so I went into his room and searched through his stuff. I eventually looked under his bed and I saw a bottle of Vodka. I was really shocked, I had no idea why that was under there.

"It probably just got under there by accident" I thought. I decided to take just in case for a celebration and to make him mad. I chuckled.

The next day after school I sat in my room depressed. I made no friends, kids keep teasing me and my grades aren't doing the best right now. Everything was going wrong and I keep on getting a phone call from a unknown number which is weird because I never gave anyone my number. When I answer the phone I would say "Hello"?

He didn't respond for about five seconds, then a dark unsettling voice said "Go to Sleep..." then just hung up. I got the same phone call about seven times that weekend. I started getting the idea that someone was after me. On monday I told my father and I would of hoped for a better response but all he said was:

"It's probably just some kids playing a prank on you since your the new girl." I knew he would just say something like that since he's my father, but I knew something was up.

On tuesday I faked being sick so I could stay home and do some "research".

"Jessica I'm leaving for work" said my father. When my father left I went into his office and stole his journal where he writes about what's going on in his life. He wouldn't write very much, he would just write a sentence or two a day. I still have it to this day as a memory of him. This is what it says page by page:

3/9/1994 I can't believe it! Buying this house was like stealing candy from a baby! Triple homicide, with this price, I don't care. It could of been geno homicide and I would of stiil bought this house.

3/12/1994 I just found out that this very house has a secret tunnel in the crawl space that runaway slaves used to hide and escape! Wow this house has history!

3/14/1994 When I left work today a strange man seemed to be following me through the parking garage on my way to my car...

3/15/1994 Today there was that man again, but this time he was walking by my front yard very slowly. He must of really liked my house. I mean who wouldn't?

3/16/1994 Today Jessica told me she's been getting phone calls from an unknown number. I told her it's probably just some kids playing a prank on the new girl.

3/17/1994 I'm being followed, oh god I can see him out my window. Please everyone forgive me for getting this cursed home....

I read this and I got goosebumps, I had no idea what to think, so I went back in my dad's office and now I stole his research journal, which is just a book where he puts all his research he does. This is everything in the Journal that he said about this house: Hmmm...weird, I've been researching the murders that happened here and they're very similar to creepypasta known as "Jeff the Killer". Jessica's told me she's been getting strange phone calls from an unknown number, and the person on the phone says "Go to Sleep...", then hangs can't be... I was surprised that my dad wrote so little about the house. I wonder why...

After I found out everything that my father has been writing about I got more scared than ever, I am just absolutely terrified. I'm crawled up in a ball on my bed just thinking about what could happen. Later my father came home, but I didn't want him to know how afraid of this house I was because he could suspect I was reading his journals or how I found out this imformation.

The next day my mother came home from a one year business trip from Washington D.C. I was really excited to see her again after so long. When she got home my father wanted to take her out for dinner as a celebration party. I decided to give my father the vodka because of the dinner date they were having. He asked why and how did I get this. I told him I found it under Louis' bed, and it wasn't his fault why it was under there just because I didn't want him to get Louis in trouble. My father said "Okay" and left with my Mother. My brother Louis had to go on a date with someone too, so I had to stay home alone, and I wasn't to thrilled about staying home alone with all the creepy things that have been going on this House.

I'm home alone, there's nothing to do, and I keep hearing noises and I got another phone call from the "unknown number". When I answered I said "H-H-Hello"? There was no response for about five seconds then in a dark demonic voice the man said "Tonight you will go to sleep...". I ran up stairs to my room because, it made feel safe in there. Around twenty minutes after that terrible call I got a call from my Mother. She was crying hard, I said " mom...whats wrong?" She said that Louis and his date had been murdered by an unknown entity. She said at the restaurant there was a massacre, about six people were murdered. I responded with nothing except one word. What? I was so sad, I didn't know what to think, except that this man must die.

Around another twenty minutes I got a third phone call from my father. When I read who it was from a twitch came up my spine, I had no idea what he was going to say. I answered and all he said was "RUN!! No matter what you hear just run, your mother has just been murdered!". Right after he said that I heard static on the phone...then three words " Go to Sleep...". Right when he said "Sleep" the lights in my house turned black. I tried to navigate my way to my room to find a flashlight. I eventually found my room. I looked through the drawers to find my flashlight. I eventually found it in the upper right drawer. I went in the attic so he couldn't find me if he came to my house. The attic looked very odd, there was boxes with, gunpowder, glass bottles, coal, and weapons.

I went to the back of the attic where there was a dusty bed. I wanted to rest on the bed, but I also didn't because, I could of fell asleep. I looked around the attic and on the back wall written in blood said "GO TO SLEEP" in all capital letters. When I read that I ran back into my room. I was searching in my drawers again to find anything useful. I actually found a camera which could be really useful to capture evidence of this man. I heard a large bang that sounded like it came from the front door, so I ran into the attic. I looked through the boxes for some kind of weapon for self defense. I found a handgun in one of the boxes with some ammunition and gunpowder. I filled the gun with the gunpowder and the ammo. I went back up into my room to grab some duck tape.

I grabbed the duck tape and connected the flashlight to the gun, so I wouldn't have to hold on to both of them, plus I still had the camera.

I heard a voice from downstairs that said "GO TO SLEEP".

I said to myself "I have to stop running away, I'm gonna kill this man once and for all"! I had my gun locked and loaded and my camera ready. I slowly walked downstairs looking in every direction. When I went down stairs, I was surprised. There was absolutely no one down there, or that's what I thought. But I didn't care, I just ran towards the door. When I reached the door It was locked and barricaded with a tree from the outside. That must of been the bang I heard from up stairs.

I tried to kick the door down, but nothing would work. Then I remembered the tunnels from World War II. I ran towards the hole where the tunnel was to get out of this evil house but right in front of the hole stood a man. I snapped a picture of this man. The man had on a white bloody hoodie, black dress pants, his face was completely white, he had no eyelids; like they were burnt off, and his smile was demonic, he cut open his cheeks so he could always smile.

"Who...who are you"? I asked.

The man answered "I'm Jeff the go to sleep...". He jumped at me with a large knife, I shot him once with the gun but he was still alive so I shot him again. The neighbors must have heard the gun shots and called the police because the cops arrived at my house, Jeff ran away through the holes and the police men didn't see him. The cops broke in the house pointed thier guns at me and said "HANDS UP"!

I dropped the gun and put my hands up, I tried to explain to the cops what happened, but they wouldn't listen to me. They think I killed all the people in this house, so they locked me up in this dreaded Mental Hospital far away from my home. Jeff killed my family and I truly hate him. I have never hated anyone before, but Jeff made me a new person. If anyone has seen Jeff the killer, kill him for me. I honestly don't know were he is or if he's dead, but all I know is whenever I try to go to sleep in this dreaded mental hospital I hear someone from outside my window saying:

"Sshhhhh...Go to Sleep..."

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