Minecraft is quite a simple game. You fight against horrible monsters to survive, relying on mining to get you through each day. You destroy and make. I love Minecraft, well I did. Until I found something odd, and I could never not see him again.

I owned a small Minecraft channel, with two other people. We only had around a thousand subscribers, and our videos would get around nine hundred views only. It's not much, but I'm glad we have this channel. A lot of the time we did videos together, with multiplayer survival, Hunger Games, Skywars and so on. It was quite fun really. When we didn't do multiplayer, we had most of the time do mod showcases and singleplayer survival. Singleplayer survival didn't get many views, but for us it wasn't about that. It was mainly just for fun. Whoever wanted to watch, would. I was already quite far with my survival. I made a cobblestone house and had two stacks of diamonds. I had all diamond tools and full enchanted diamond armour. As you could tell, I went really far in this series, as I didn't cheat a lot. I moved a lot and I got lost a lot because I would discover so many cave systems. There were even whole episode dedicated to trying to find my house again, so I took down the co-ordinates and such.

I turned on the screen camera. I spoke.

"Hello, welcome to my singleplayer survival. Today we'll be making our Nether portal and see what we can get from there!" I found my local mine and went down. There was a huge tunnel leading to where lava meets water. I took out my diamond pickaxeand mined all the cobble I needed. I walked back to my house. I walked into a room I had made earlier where I would put my portal. My house was that big. I looked around the room. That was odd.

There was a hole in the wall. A one by two hole in the wall, as if a Minecraft player wanted to get in, without using the door on the other end of the house. I ignored it, and used that hole to add another door. It was a good idea to be honest. I placed the obsidian in a rectangle shape and took out my flint and steel and set it on fire.

"Haha, we're here. Can't believe I didn't do it before!" I laughed, walking in.

I waited for the nether to load, and once it did, I looked around. Nether rack everywhere. I mined some quartz. I walked out of the small cave the nether teleport appeared in. A huge view. A massive lava ocean, with random cliffs everywhere. I looked up, nice try ghast. I pulled out my bow and fired one shot. Damage. This bow was enchanted, so it should be good. I fired my second shot and down went that ghast, disappearing into code.

"First nether knockout guys! Haha!" I walked, mining some more quartz. "Man, I thought the nether was exciting, it's not that good. I'll just finish with this chain of quartz and I'm going back to the overworld. I went back to the portal, the portal was out.

"Odd..." I exclaimed. Luckily I still had my flint and steel and turned it on again. I walked through.

"What the actual hell?" My house has huge holes in them, as if some TNT was placed here. I looked at the portal. Right in front of me eyes, it turned off.

"Shit what the fuck?!" I shouted. "I've got to see what happened here!" I ran to my chest room. Completely destroyed. All the items that were in the chest where just on the floor. "How the fuck did this happen?!" I went to the bedroom. It was... fine? Nothing had happened to the bedroom. Just one bed, a window above it, carpets and a lot of empty space. I walked to the bed and looked out of the window. Something moved. "What the hell is happening?" I looked behind me. A chest? I opened it and heard a hissing sound. A trapped chest! I quickly ran and looked behind me, seeing the wrecked bedroom right in front of my eyes. "This is weird, this is scary and weird..." Then, my health started going down, my character spitting redstone looking blood. Behind me, was Steve. A horrible Steve, his eyes blank, just staring at me. My instant reaction was my diamond sword. I attacked him, but nothing. I started typing.

MrMinecraft101: Who the hell are you? How are you even here?

Herobrine: .

MrMinecraft101: That's not funny, how the hell are you here?!

Herobrine: Minecraft

MrMinecraft101: What the hell man! Just leave!

Herobrine: No

MrMinecraft101: LEAVE WHAT THE HELL!

Herobrine: I was here before you.

Herobrine has left

I was shocked. What the hell just happened? I had a conversation, on a singleplayer server with someone, and they spoke very weirdly. I walked around my huge now wrecked house. I walked outside, to the main entrance. The sign that once said "MrMinecraft101" now said "Herobrine". This was too weird.

"Ok... this was the weirdest episode ever... please spread this video. If you know anything about what happened here, please contact me!" I stopped filming. Then I heard a weird hiss. I recognized it instantly. I looked above me. A huge square of lava was coming down on me. It was too big, so big that if I ran, I would still be caught. There was only one way to escape.

Jumping out of the portal, I awoke in the nether. I looked at the chat. Shit.

Herobrine has joined.

Herobrine: Good

MrMinecraft101: What is? You brought me to the Nether?

Herobrine: ...

MrMinecraft101: Why are you doing this to me? Just leave me alone!

Herobrine: Ok... I will

Herobrine has left

I sighed. It was finally over. I walked back to the portal, but it wasn't there. Only one obsidian block remained. There was no way back to the underworld unless I killed myself, but I had too much to lose. Well... had. I looked in my inventory. Everything I had was gone. My armour, tools, weapons. Not there anymore. Herobrine. That bastard. At least it made things easier. I jumped into the great ocean of lava. But when I died, it didn't give me the option to respawn. No... he switched this to Hardcore. There was no way back now. Everything I had in the server was gone. I went to the menu, and all my servers were changed to weird Herobrine related stuff, like HerObRin-e, Herobrine watches and herobrine SERVER. Every time I opened a new server, it would be super flat. Then Herobrine would appear, always saying

Herobrine: Not again

I would be killed, and the server would stay there, but I would be unable to play. It would be renamed to one of those Herobrine names. I went onto a multiplayer server, but it would re-direct me to another super flat singleplayer. This time, Herobrine would say

Herobrine: Nice try

and I would be killed again.

The next day, I went back onto Minecraft hoping to find something, but I was logged out, and couldn't log back in. My Minecraft was gone. I couldn't believe it. My minecraft ruined by this son of a bitch Herobrine. I went onto the Youtube channel. 100,000+ views and 100 comments, saying "Herobrine is real!", "Fuck you're doomed," and "dis is fake lol mod or somthin". I couldn't believe it. I made a video of myself later, that I was quitting the channel and Minecraft for good, and explained everything that happened. This got almost the same amount of views, with comments saying they'd miss me, bye and a bunch of comment of Herobrine's curse. I logged out of youtube from that channel for the final time.

One week later I decided to check them out, but the channel was empty, except one video. I clicked it, and the video was scary. It was a realistic 3-D Steve, being ripped to shreds by by a realistic Herobrine, blood came pouring out. I gasped, and felt slightly sick, but I kept watching. Herobrine looked at me.

"I hope you had fun" he said. The Youtube channel was gone. I got so scared. I am now selling the computer, hopefully Herobrine will treat the next owner right. Me? I am not okay. I am not fine. Please stay away from me at all costs. Because Herobrine has ruined my life, and he will ruin yours.

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