He walks our planet, near and far.

He is sensed by all near his bar

He can cause your head to go "Ka-boom!"

He is simply misunderstood by all, he only wants to go "Zoom!"

He walks this planet, near and far.

Far and wide he walks, rare to find.

His eyes are of utter importance, paralyzing others in fear!

Not even the most glorious bearded man could withstand them...

He continues to walk the planet, wandering during the Lunar Eclipse.

His sadness brings others to their knees.

With a ripping noise, he is harmed by those who hate.

This is why as you can see...

He needs to feel, and feed at the exact same moment.

He only attacks in defense, never in hatred.

(Not in Hatred)

Though nobody undestands him, he plays a role in our life.

He is the one who gives us purpose.

His funeral at one point will break Satan's black heart.

May he always live in your soul.


Poem written by Marioguy5733

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