Ah, Jane. How I will ever forget my savior. It was just a couple days ago at 10pm, I awoke to what sounded like heavy breathing within my room. I moved around a bit, only to see a shadow at the corner of my bed. Staring at the figure in fear, I heard a familiar quote I've heard from a friend of mine.

"Shhh, just go to sleep." the male voice said as he came at me, his appearance more recognizable as he came closer. It was Jeff, the one everyone told stories about. At that second I knew I was going to die, I knew my friends and family would never see me again. As I sat there frozen in fear, I heard a loud thud from behind Jeff. Within seconds he was thrown away from me, towards the back of my room. What stood in front of me was a woman with deepened black eyes, just like Jeff's. Her wavy hair flowed as she moved around quickly, her speed catching up to Jeff's within seconds.

"Until next time, Jane.." I heard him whisper. Within those moments he was gone, leaving Jane and I alone in the room. A growl of annoyance emerged from her throat as Jeff escaped the battle. Turning around for a second she looked at me, almost as if she were looking for wounds. Without saying anything she followed his trail, leaping out of my window after him. Some people will say that there is no good within this world, that there is nothing but evil all around us. From what I experienced just days ago, I can say that there is something good out there, looking to protect us from a man who has killed over hundreds of people. Jane... the spirit of vengeance.

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