The Battle

One day Spike was walking on the beaches of Undella Town. It was a bright, sunny day and people were walking about. This was the busiest Spike had ever seen Undella Town. But something caught Spike's eye. It was a tall trainer that he had never met before. Right beside that trainer was a Pokemon. It was tall and had sharp blades on the side of its head.

"A Haxorus! I've never seen one of those before!" said Spike.

But then its owner noticed Spike eying his Pokemon. This trainer had never lost. People that knew him said that he could destroy your Pokemon with a single hit.

"That's a nice Haxorus you got there" Spike said to him.

"Well I have a deal for you. Back home I got a Axew egg. It will grow into a Haxorus of your own. But you can only have it if you can beat this Haxorus. What do you say? Care to try?", the trainer said with a sickening smile.

"Bring it!" yelled Spike, and the battle began.

Spike sent out his Seaking. Seaking started from a young Goldeen that Spike caught when he was a little boy. To this day Seaking has been his best Pokemon and to this day, it's the only one he carries around.

"Too easy", said the other Trainer.

"Not as easy as you think!" yelled Spike. "Seaking use Surf!"

A roaring wave came from the ocean and smacked into Haxorus. But Haxorus got up and looked as if nothing ever happened.

"You forget that Haxorus is a Dragon!" yelled the other Trainer. "Haxorus, use Guillotine!"

And then it happened. Haxorus ran towards my one and only Seaking and picked it up with the blades on its head.

"What is he doing to him? Wait no! Make him stop!" Spike said in fear.

But it was too late. Haxorus closed the blades on its head, splitting Seaking in half. Seaking exploded into a blast of blood and fish guts. Haxorus looked at its defeated victim with pride.

I ran up to my Seaking and gathered his pieces and ran to the Pokemon center. I never saw that trainer again.

The End of the Road

I gave my Seaking to the Pokemon center. For many hours I waited as they did everything they could to help my Seaking. The nurse told me that I wasn't the first Trainer to run in here with something like this. They told me most Pokemon die because of this move and that trainer and Haxorus have a huge bounty over their heads. But every person who takes him on is split in two.

A few moments later I was told Seaking had passed. To this day I have never found another Pokemon like him. And one day I caught a new Seaking and it wanted to learn Horn Drill. I have read about Horn Drill having the same affects as Guillotine. After thinking about it, I looked at Seaking and said:

"You don't need that move. The cost to others is too great"

I have vowed to never teach a murder move to any of my Pokemon and every Haxorus I see in the wild, I kill with other attacks, to save the world from this Pokemon of evil deeds.

Written by Lineman 74 wj