Note - This was a little inspired by the "Cupcakes" fanfic. I decided, I wanted to take a shot at writing something, as I was in the mood to write something. Also note, that I am new to writing, as this is my first story.

Ish skipped along the pathway. It had been a tough day, as Ish's friend Ash dumped him. His tears rolled down his face, as he wiped them. Ish heard something coming from behind the bushes, it sounded like voices.

"I wanted to get him first" shouted the first voice.

"You'll get to later, I want to go first!" replied the second voice.

Ish knew they meant him, he went into his "guardian mode", expecting an attack from the two voices. As he expected, two girls smacked him, leaving Ish on the floor. He couldn't see anything, it was all a blur to him. The last thing he saw, was being stuffed into a sack. 


Ish woke up, glad he was a wake. He tried to move, but found he couldn't. Soon realizing, braces were holding him down. Ish was now scared, panicking in fact. As he was struggling to break from the braces, he saw a dim-light turn on. Two girls now stood in front of him, they were smirking at poor Ish. 

"Glad to see you awake" said one of the twins, "Now, we can get started".

The two jumped back into darkness, leaving Ish confused.

"Wha...What do you want with me, were you sent here by Wild Card?" asked the scared Ish. 

"Of course not" said one of the girls, "We were the 'rejected guardians'."

"Allow us to introduce our selves" said the second twin, "I am Sophia, and this my sister, Alexa"

Sophia grabbed a scalpel, as she headed towards Ish. When she finally reached Ish, she sliced the scalpel into Ish's stomach. Ish yelled, begging to be freed. Sophia stuck the scalpel deeper, and deeper, until blood splattered onto her. Sophia now had blood all over her body. She grabbed the scalpel out of Ish's stomach, then placing onto a clean table, which now was covered with blood from the scalpel. 

Sophia licked her lips.

"Mmm, your blood is tasty!" she said with delight. 

Ish began to barf all over himself, blood and barf mixing together made Ish barf even more. Alexa grabbed a gouger, and then gouged Ish's eye out. The eyeball fell onto the floor, into a puddle of mixed blood and barf. Ish's arms frantically moving. Sophia grabbed a saw, and thrown it at Ish. 


Ish's face was stabbed, brain-matter splattered onto the vomit and blood, and the two demonic sisters. Ish had died, just like the rejected sisters wanted. Alexa grabbed a flamethrower, and pressed the trigger. Firey flames bursting out onto Ish's whole-body, with Ish screaming. His skin melted into a ice cream-like liquid. Soon, when Ish was just a puddle of melted skin and bones, Sophia and Alexa walked out of the room. There was Ash.

"Hi girls, I wanted to see if Ish is dead" said Ash to the sisters, "I always wanted to be the leader!"

"Yep, he's dead" said Alexa. 

Ash smiled a insane-smile, thanking the sisters. Sophia and Alexa were even allowed to be a guardian, and Ash became the leader. As for Ish, he's still a melted puddle in Sophia and Alexa's basement. One day, Ash asked the sisters if they could kill the other guardians, they agreed. The sisters waited for Ash to dump more friends, make them depressed, and got ready to kidnap them. As planned they say.

Thanks for Reading!