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Goofy's secret....

Donald and Mickey Mouse were staying over Goofy's new house he bought after he long sold his old trailer home ever since Disney no longer kept "House of Mouse" on the air. They hardly ever saw Goofy that day in light of him starting to become secretive. It's like he's, hiding something. Donald wanted to ask what it is, but Mickey told him it wouldn't be polite. It wasn't any of their business. He heard that Goofy would get defensive, even aggressive, if anyone asks what he was doing, staying at his new place all the time. It's like there's something dark going on with the normally lovable goofball.   

Mickey knocked on the door, and Goofy, dressed like a butcher, answered. It wasn't too off. Goofy got a job as the town butcher after House of Mouse ended. Despite what most people would think that being a butcher is one of the jobs he should stay away from because he's a klutz, he's actually, ironically careful and talented. His family actually had butchers in it. He may as well start looking for work because of Disney replacing him with a bizarre re-creation of early times Goofy in the new Mickey shorts. Mickey and Donald are the only people he felt could never ask him about why he hardly ever comes out anymore. Mickey is always so polite, and Donald, well, as long as free food is shown to him, why the fuck should he care?

Goofy welcomed his friends for a chance of specially made burgers, fresh of a practive cow carcass. Goofy had invited his friends to stay over for 4 days while the Girls were away, so they should have guy's night. 4 guys night. Just the three of them. 4 days of burgers. Any guy would want that. Donald could not help but notice though, a very secluded door with the sign "Private. Keep Out" on the door. It was eerie with all it's spikes on the door frame, a barred window on the door like something out of a prison, and dried stains of blood looking like animal meats to dragged in or out of there.

Goofy stared aggressively at Donald, only telling him that's his private "Slaughter House". It was where he did his work. He then calmly insisted it's too disturbing for the untrained mind. And that is relatively true. Slaughter Houses don't tend to be a comfortable place. I mean, come on, a place where there's disemboweled animals everywhere? An animal lover's worse nightmare! Goofy was quick to offer Donald a burger to quickly make the nosy duck forget his curiosity. Mickey, being polite, simply understood that this door was off-limits. Mickey was more interested in Burgers.

That night, they went to sleep, satisfied of a burger meal.

However, Mickey had to use the bathroom cause he added too much hot sauce. His anus suffered greatly! However, he couldn't help but hear, Goofy humming his usual tune, and the sound of a dragging pile of meat. Soon as Mickey finished "Business", he quickly went to see what is going on. It was Goofy moving an entire cow carcass towards the "Slaughter House" door. Wow, Goofy is really dedicated to his work, Mickey quietly assumed.

Curiosity got the better of him, as he quietly followed Goofy, but only as near as possible, but still hidden.

Goofy went inside, with the cow carcass. Mickey swore he heard Goofy say something, as if he was talking to someone. He then heard what sounded like retarded screaming. He heard Goofy trying to tell the creature to calm down, warning it that he has guests this time around, and he never wants them to see it. He made a family promise on it. He heard Goofy offering the cow corpse he was dragging to the creature, as it was met with sounds of violent sounding eating, like it was a wolf. Mickey winced, as he heard the sound of Goofy wincing as well, then shuddered in discomfort. Mickey gasped quietly as it sounded like Goofy was coming this way! Mickey quietly and quickly hid in the living room.

He hid there until he was sure Goofy went back to his bedroom. When he was sure, Mickey was able to get to his bedroom, just in time before the retarded screaming happened again. He then heard Goofy rushing to the private room, he heard Goofy trying to hush him like someone lovingly, like a parent, then the screams hushed down. He heard Goofy offering something named "Fo-fo" to him, then Mickey heard retarded laughing. Then, it quiet down. The last he heard, was Goofy returning to his own bedroom, and was sure it was said and done.

The following morning, Mickey was tired, had a bad morning headache and tired eyes. Donald was insultingly well rested, though to be fair, he's a notoriously heavy sleeper. Goofy looked as if he was sad. He had the look that he was alone in this world...Like he is stuck with something that burdens him.

Mickey would not dare to ask him! Mickey was better then to let his curiosity make him do such a thing. Mickey decided that it's best to only include Donald on this.

Mid-Day, when Goofy went to work at the butcher shop, Mickey told Donald of the event that happened. Donald felt uneasy with what Mickey told him, he even asked him if he was just playing a dumb, mean prank, but quickly remembered Mickey wasn't like that. Mickey insisted they to investigate them while Goofy was out. They needed to know once and for all: WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH GOOFY?!

They reluctantly approached the door, and opened it. It was a very, very, dark room, with silhouettes of dismembered farm animals, like pigs and cows, which was okay, cause again, Goofy's a butcher, this was his supply. Donald and Mickey hopefully assumed this is the ONLY uncomfortable thing here.

They heard what sounded like a Mentally ill person moaning. Donald felt like panicking! They slowly but surely braved on, as they see more then just gored animals. They seen claw marks on the walls, and some of the meat looked as if it was chewed on. They couldn't help but see crudely drawn drawings of a happy bunny. That made everyone more disturbing on how out of place a happy bunny is in a room full of dead dismembered animals. they noticed that there were also children toys here... Didn't helped much on the out-of-place creepiness already. They also found crayons, which justified most of the crudely drawn bunnies, as well as play-doh, coloring books, pencils, and finally, an old, worn out, patched up, bunny doll with a fancy suit and tie, eye missing and some fluff seeping out.

Both Donald and Mickey were thinking: WHAT THE HELL IS GOOFY DOING IN HERE!?

Suddenly, a clawed hand wearing a ripped glove grabbed the Bunny Doll, as Mickey and Donald screamed!

The hand revealed itself to someone who possibility belongs to the same species of dog-like creatures as Goofy, but it looked grossly deformed (Above Image.). He murmured something in retarded dialect as he holds on to his bunny doll. Then, he repeatedly started to say "My Fo-fo!" over, and over, and over again. Donald, in a panic, knocked Mickey down to help himself!

Donald, the ungrateful coward, escaped! Mickey was covered in the blood of cows that were fed to the creature before. The creature ended up getting the wrong idea, and was convinced that Mickey is his next meal. Mickey screamed as he runs for it, but not without getting clawed in the back!

Mickey screamed as the pain was unbearable! Adrenaline kicked in, and Mickey escaped, as the creature did not pursue because it was chained to the wall, long enough only to go only certain parts of the room, but not all the way through.

As Mickey escaped, his back was bleeding heavily, as a regretful Donald went out of his way to try and call for help! He was a coward, but not selfish. He couldn't help it, he was scared out of his wits! However, the phone couldn't work! Donald quickly saw that the line was cut, by a bloody butcher knife. And there stood its owner: Goofy with an angered, betrayed face.

"I'm sorry it came to this, guys..... But Cousin Gooby's family. He's all i have left in this world. Clarabelle made a mistake going though that door, and...Well, It didn't end pretty." Goofy said, with a remorseful sounding voice. Goofy grabbed Donald by the neck, walked passed an injured Mickey, who was watching fearfully as he sees the shadows of Goofy giving Donald to "Cousin Gooby", as the monster ripped Donald to gory shreds!

Mickey got up, struggled to fight the pain, as best he can, he made a run for it! He got to his car, trying to start it, but he saw that the engine was clogged by animal intestines. Mickey got out of the car, as he saw Goofy walking towards him with a Butcher knife.

Mickey started to make a run for it! Mickey was sure to get away when-


Mickey was stabbed. The Butcher Knife was thrown to his back, disabling his legs thanks to a fractured spinal cord. Goofy grabbed Mickey's leg and dragged him back to his house, after retrieving his butcher knife. Mickey was screaming for help, begging Goofy to let him go and that he'll promise to keep everything to himself! Mickey was dragged towards the unholy door of a secret that would've been best ignored! Mickey was crying as he struggled to get away!

Eventually, Mickey was dragged inside, as the door slammed! What can be finally heard, was the sound of flesh ripping, retarded screaming, and Mickey's blood curdling scream. Then, silence...Then, one last voice was heard that was Goofy's.

"I lose more friends this way."