A Stroll down Memory Lane

Years ago, I used to love games such as Super Mario 64. But I still have an N64, and the others insult me for that.

However, I never had a game for it during this time of year where games were rare and cost a lot. However, I came across a store that sold old items, and I asked the cashier about an N64 game.

The cashier laughed and said, "Those things are like, ancient dude!"

He continued to laugh while I checked the windows intently. Then I caught sight of it. Mario Kart 64. I grabbed the cartridge and approached him.

He said, "That'll be $32.63."

So I forked over the money and he said, "You're lucky, besides! Those games are to die for!"

I said, "Excuse me?"

He looked nervously and said, "Nothing. I said nothing!" So I hopped into my main vehicle and drove off, leaving the store in the dust.

A Lifetime Chance

When I arrived, I recieved a text message from one of my neighbors saying:

"You are so lucky, man."

I was surprised that I was being treated like a man with good luck. When I got home, I sat down three bags of food/refreshments and the new N64 cartridge, excited. I grabbed a bowl of warm, buttery popcorn. I hooked up my N64. I called two buddies over as well. (Since I had two extra controllers) We were prepared to watch an action movie at 10 PM and afterwards, play games at 12:30 AM. Something seemed off about the cartridge though. Something eerie.

10 PM Sharp

When my friends Rodrick and Katie arrived, we got into a group hug, excited for the night ahead of us. We watched the movie completely, since Katie loved action movies and pointed out that she loved any movie that was badass, everything was ok. At 12:30 AM, Rodrick brought his Wii over to play Wii Sports with us. I had the advantage over the other two as they tried to beat me in Golf, Bowling and Tennis. I was unstoppable! Then we all decided to join in on playing the new cartridge I bought from the nice Cashier. We Played a lot until Leon knocked on the door.

A Sleepover

Leon wanted to come in to have a sleepover. I accepted his request and we played Mario Kart 64, since I managed to find a 4th controller. Leon said he wanted to play every course, but we only played battle. After every battle course was done, the lights went out. The room was silent. Katie said she was scared and hugged my arm tightly. The TV now turned on, showing the Mario Kart 64 Logo.

It was now glitching out like hell. The TV now turned to static and Katie's grip on my arm was tighter. Rodrick stared at the TV. He now found a small machine that wasn't there before. The writing said, "Welcome to the Possession Game. I am your host, a Ghost. The one who reads this will be extremely ill-fated." Rodrick suddenly fell over, and became extremely sick. Or that's what he looked like. We had no time to say anything before a stabbing sound was heard. Leon was stabbed in the chest by Rodrick. He fell to the floor, and Katie was speechless. She was afraid...I could see it in her eyes.

Only 2 remain

Me and Katie were the last two in the house. Rodrick was extremely ill, and I asked Katie If I could stay at her house. She said yes, but the door was locked in my house. I heard screaming from the basement it sounded like Rodrick was being sliced up by a chainsaw.

Mario showed up on my TV screen and I shouted, "Get the hell away from us!" Katie hugged me tightly and I tried to unlock the door, but it was stuck! We needed to get out of here now before we were killed by "Mario" or whatever! We shouted for help, when a police officer saw through the window saying:

"What the hell?" He now got out of his vehicle and began to ram into the door with his head. We now heard footsteps...getting louder and louder. The police officer managed to break down the door and grab us both.

A new home

The police officer asked what happened and I told him everything. He managed to believe me. He told us to go home, but I had no home now. I now had to live with Katie. It was pretty exciting to live with a friend. We always had the best of times, I didn't even care what I left behind. A few days later, my house was a complete wreck. Literally, they destroyed it. The construction crew pointed out that they found three dead bodies.

I said: "Three? There were only three with me during the sleepover!"

I now realized: The killer committed suicide and hid any evidence with him. We may never know what happened to it.

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