My Fourth Pasta! Enjoy!

Entry 1

Today I scored a journal. After much nagging from my mom, she got me one that looked pretty cool.

School today was pretty normal. Until I got on the computer and saw a program with the GMod logo as it's icon. The file's name was "Garry's Mod School Edition." I thought it odd, but heck, I had an our of free time so, why not?

The first thing I noticed was the GMod 13 menu it had. The background was a class of kids being taught by Dr. Kliener. I hit start and it began to load.

Once it loaded, I saw the guns - like the 9mm Pistol, .357 Magnum, SMG, etc. etc. - were replaced by stuff a school district would say is appropriate.

I looked at my add-ons. It appears I had like, thousands of add-ons that were school appropriate, but cool in general. I still had my Crowbar, Gravity Gun, and the Physics Gun.

I looked at my NPCs, but there were only Antlion Guards, Standard Zombies, Poison Zombies, and a weird NPC that said "Y0u Wi11 D1e N0w!!!!!1!!!11!!!"

I clicked on it, and the game crashed. It was removed from the schools PC, and there was a message that said "Thanks For Playing: IStoleYourSoul.exe and IKilledYou.exe. Have a good afterlife."

I just stopped moving then. I was dying. I had time to write a note saying:

.........................Don't play Garry's Mod School Edition. Please just, j-just Don't.

"What's with this boy?" I barely heard.

"He writes a note saying these things?"

My soul left in time to see my teacher find a file called "Garry's Mod: Teachers Edition."

Entry 2

I found my son's journal. He writes crazy things sometimes...wait, whats that noise?

"It's Time For you to meet your son, in stasis." said the G-Man.

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