'Hey, Dashie.' Fluttershy whispered. She sat with her Pegasus friend; they had decided to meet up to just talk to each other.

'Mm hmm.' replied Dash, with a mouth full of muffin. She swallowed. 'Yeah?' Fluttershy's eyes grew dark, regretful, almost embarrassed. 'I uh, I just wanted to say... Um...'

Dash grew concerned for her friend's sudden change of mood. 'Are you ok? What is it you wanna say? I promise I won't be mad... Or laugh!' Fluttershy aimed a weak smile at Dash, as she cleared her throat.

'You remember back when I fell from the Pegasus race and got my cutie mark?'

'Hehe, yeah!' Rainbow Dash laughed. 'Why do you ask?'

'Well... Not long after that, I came back. I met Angel that day, you see, I wanted her to see everything. I thought she would like it. So, I carried her up on my back. I was so high, I was surprised I had managed to fly so high and so fast. But, I didn't realize that she wouldn't stay on the cloud...' Fluttershy started to sob.

'I KILLED HER!' She yelled through stifled sobs. 'She fell straight through and I wasn't quick enough, Dash. I didn't mean to. She hit the ground just as I got there...' Fluttershy was in a state of depression, hardly able to keep herself together.

'Wait, Fluttershy, calm down.' Dash said, sympathetically to her friend. 'Angel is alive; you and Angel go everywhere together!' Fluttershy shook her head in reply; tears had stained her yellow coat.

'You ponies only know Angel, the second. She's the real Angel's child.' Fluttershy had stopped crying, but looked distant. Dash was lost for words, remaining silent as Fluttershy continued. 'I was so scared and so sad. I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to hide her poor body from other Angel, so I took the body back to the forest. I got confused and I didn't know who to ask for help, so I just... Um... I sorta...Um.'

'Come on, Fluttershy.' said Dash. 'I'm sure it wasn't that bad!' Fluttershy stared deep into Dash's eyes, in a monotonous tone she whispered, 'I ate them'. Dash was shocked; she felt her blood run cold. 'You... ate... Angel?' Dash stammered.

'I knew you would mad... But I had to tell you. I couldn't live, knowing what horrible thing I did.' Fluttershy stared at her hooves. 'But it gets worse, Dash. I kind of... Liked it. It tasted so good, so much better than the food back up there.' Dash struggled to come up with a response, remembering Fluttershy was her friend, she said. 'I suppose that makes sense, I mean uh, since you hadn't tasted it before.'

Fluttershy formed a weak smile. 'I don't think you understand. I mean I REALLY liked it. I had more too, later on I mean.' Fluttershy's voice was stronger, more confident as she spoke. 'I've eaten badgers, bee stews, so many bunnies and even... Well, I'm sure you can guess.' It didn't take a genius to figure out what Fluttershy was aiming at. Dash became nauseas, how could her best friend do this?

'Come on Fluttershy.' Dash said nervously. 'You can't mean it, come on. T-tell me you're joking.' Fluttershy looked at Dash with cold eyes, slowly shaking her head. 'I get hungry Dash, so hungry and I need food. I'm sorry, friend, I need you now. Rabbits, they're too small... I need something... Bigger.'

Dash began sweating profusely; tears began to form in her eyes. 'F-Fluttershy, please, PLEASE, y-y-you can't e-eat me.' Dash was in a state of shock. She couldn't believe it, she prayed it wasn't true. First Angel, how many ponies had she eaten? She was too sweet for this, she had to be. Dash thought to herself, she hardly saw Fluttershy, her childhood friend, advancing on her with a sharp knife.

'I'm starving Dash, I have to eat. I need you, you're strong, and you have the toughest, tastiest meat.' Fluttershy's voice had deepened, it was more serious. It didn't suit her normally sweet personality, the animals, the ponies, no one was safe, no one knew. Dash's eyes darted for an exit, any way to escape from her psychotic friend. 'NO!' Dash yelled, in a state of panic. Turning and kicking her friend in the stomach, Fluttershy winded dropped the knife. Dash received a deep cut above her hoof.

Dash cried out in pain, falling to the ground clutching her hoof. Fluttershy regained herself, attempting to stand, wobbling slightly. 'Damn... You...' growled Fluttershy, bending down to get her knife. Rainbow Dash tried to fly, tried to move. She had landed on her wings; unable to stand she lay there helpless. Accepting her fate.

The last thing Rainbow Dash saw, was Fluttershy's knife, plummeting towards her.

Fluttershy looked at her handy work, the mangled body of her friend crumpled and bloodied on her table. Angel stared up at her, their eyes filling with tears. 'Oh come now!' Cooed Fluttershy. 'Forget her, I'll always love you... As long as you help me.'

Angel trudged to the body and began to tear through Dash's flesh biting past organs and bone. Fluttershy began to salivate at the horrific sight. She began to decide what to do with each organ and muscle, the blood would definitely make the perfect marinade. She would have to work fast nonetheless, even if it took her all night, she knew it would be worth it.

The next day Fluttershy walked down the streets of Ponyville, smiling at each and everypony she saw. She was happy, calm. She felt somewhat sad; she had brutally disassembled her friend. No matter, she thought, I'm sure the other ponies will love this Dashie Pie as much as I do.

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