Hey guys! This is my first CreepyPasta EVER, I hope you enjoy it! It contains swearing and violence.

It was a normal day in Ponyville, the pegasus ponies were clearing the sky, foals playing with each-other. Everypony was out and about enjoying the beautiful day off. Except, for Fluttershy...

"Ugh! What's taking Fluttershy so long! She said she'd be here ten minutes ago!", Said Rainbow Dash in an annoyed voice. "Maybe she's making cupcakes!", Pinkie screamed in her usual tone. "Don't worry girls, I'll go and check up on her, see if she's doing okay." Twilight said. The others nodded as Twilight set off to Fluttershy's house.

When Twilight got there it appeared nopony was home, so, she let herself in. Twilight was shocked to find animal corpses, blood and organs littered inside Fluttershy's house. "What kind of cruel pony would do this?" She asked herself while investigating the corpses to find cut and slash wounds, "I sure hope Flutter's okay, I better check upstairs." She said in a sick tone.

Twilight walked upstairs to be pinned against a wall by a bloody pony. All she could make out of the pony's mane was blood, cuts and pink, Fluttershy pink... "Fluttershy?" Twilight asked the bloody mare. The mare was silent & still for about a minute, finally, she slowly shook her head and said; "Flutterbye."

Twilight opened her mouth to speak but just couldn't, for, more blood appeared onto the mare, Twilight looked down to find a slit on her throat. It was her blood... Twilight's limp corpse collapsed onto the floor still with blood pouring out of her throat, as Fluttershy began to smother herself and play in it.

2 hours later...* "They should be back by now! It's been two hours!" Rainbow Dash said to Applejack, "I still don't think we should go, they might be doing something private." Said Apple. "Ooooo, privately making cup-." "SHUTUP PINKIE!" Yelled the other three. "Well, I'm gonna go check it out, come on, girls!" Rainbow said in a hurried fashion.

The others followed Rainbow to Flutter's house.  Pinkie Pie was the first in, of course, she was bouncing around until she noticed the animal corpses. The others entered and their jaws dropped, Rarity, almost throwing up said, "Ugh! This is horrible, why would anypony do this?" "Come on, girls, it's not that ba-" Rainbow was cut off when she saw the organs and blushed at the thought of her being so scared. They went upstairs to find three rooms, a bathroom, bedroom and a storage room. They entered the bedroom to find Fluttershy ripping apart Twilight's corpse and stringing organs to her curtains.

The girls were speachless, of course they would be! Fluttershy turned around with black eyes and a blue iris. Fluttershy was covered in blood and began to scream at the girls, they ran downstairs in an attempt to hide. Pinkie was in the fridge eating cupcakes, Rainbow hiding on a light, Rarity in a dresser and Applejack in an apple cabinet. The four girls were silent as they could hear Flutter's hoofsteps, Flutter was searching for them.

When Applejack knew Fluttershy wasn't near her she quickly got out, grabbed a meatknife and got back into the cabinet, Pinkie continued to eat cupcakes, as she was the loudest and in the most obvious spot for Pinkie, she was found and brutally strung apart by Flutter, "I might use you for cupcakes, once I found our friends." Rarity grabbed a comb, that's really all she wanted, to look good before she died. Rarity started to comb her shining mane, she had washed it only this morning, now, it was filled with blood from the leaking animals.

As Rarity was combing her mane, she was in such a hurry that she made a racket. Fluttershy, having a good sense of hearing, found Rarity. Slowly ripping off her mane, to make it as painful and devilish as possible Flutter said "Aww, poor Rarity, I never liked your work, you slut." Rarity gasped at the words and begin to cry in both pain, and her heart being broken. Literally. 

Rainbow Dash started to shiver, she'd never been in a situation like this, one of her friends going phsyco and killing them all. Rainbow's mane and body were almost fully covered in blood and organs, Fluttershy looked up, closed her eyes and sighed in somewhat pleasure. As she opened her eyes again, she could only just make out a speck of rainbow and giggled quietly. She flew up to Rainbow and grabbed her by the wing. Rainbow being the fastest, shot off and noticed one of her wings was clipped... 

"CELESTIA DAMMIT!", She shouted as she crashed into the bloody floor. She saw Flutter's figure move closer to her, thus, she began to back up. She hit something with her head, it felt soft. She looked behind her to see Angel Bunny hiding, this made Rainbow smile as she knew that atleast one thing was living in this hell-hole. Rainbow turned back around to see Fluttershy, staring at her. "You show off bitch", Flutter said. This obviously offended Rainbow, so, she charged into Flutter and began to beat the fuck out of her. "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CRAZY WHORE!" Rainbow shouted whilst still punching Flutter. Flutter hit Rainbow in the head with a frying pan, thus, knocking her out. "I'll keep you for later...", Flutter said.

Flutter smiled as she said, "Ahh, Applejack, where are you? You're the last one left in our little "game"!". Applejack smiled as she held the knife in her mouth, creeping up to Fluttershy. Apple was about to stab when suddenly Flutter turned around and pushed her to the ground, "Do you think I'm that stupid? You apple munching bitch" Applejack grabbed the knife and swung again, Fluttershy dodged and also grabbed a knife. The both swung at each other, making small cuts into their coats. Applejack managed to get a stab which almost killed Flutter, Flutter did the same. Fluttershy, being a pegasus had an advantage over Applejack, or atleast, she thought...

Applejack threw the knife at the almost dead Flutter and yelled, "NOPONY FUCKS WITH MY FRIENDS!" Fluttershy laughed devilishly, not paying attention to the ground, Applejack smirked and bucked Flutter in the forehead, thus, killing her. 

After two weeks Rainbow finally regained her conscious! It was only Apple and Rainbow, Applejack said, "I sure do miss the others, I hope they went down putting up a fight" as her eyes started to tear up. Rainbow put a hoof around Apple and tried to cheer her up, but, in the end, they both cried... 

Well! That was my first CreepyPasta! I hope you enjoyed and you think I did a good job! I had fun making it! 

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