It was a cold and windy Saturday night. I was up late just watching some cartoons, until I went to the kitchen to get a midnight snack. While I was making myself some frozen pancakes and a glass of Pepsi, I just remembered that the final episode of Fish Hooks was coming on tomorrow evening. Which I didn't want to miss because Fish Hooks is my favorite show besides Adventure Time and Spongebob Squarepants.

But, when I came back into the living room, the announcer for the Disney channel said that a new episode of Fish Hooks was about to start. I also knew that it was the episode where Milo suddenly realizes that he was actually a teenage human instead of being a fish, to which he was dreaming.

But, when Fish Hooks came on, something was different. First, it played the theme song. Which, everything was fine until it got to the actual episode. That was when everything started getting strange. In fact, it wasn't the episode I was hoping for. Instead, this episode of Fish Hooks was very different.

It showed the episode title, which was "Help Me". I was really weirded out at this moment. It shows Milo, but he didn't look very happy though. That's weird because he's usually always happy in all the other episodes. But in this one, he was very depressed and agitated. He was sitting on his couch staring at the wall, without blinking or speaking. He did this for about 14 minutes or so. While he did that, the camera starts zooming onto his face. It got closer and closer until when it got the closest, the screen had suddenly cut to black for a good five minutes.

I thought for a moment that it was a commercial break, but I was wrong. Also, I could've sworn that I heard a faint whispering in the background, which gave me chills down my spine.

When the episode finally came back, it showed Milo again. But this time, he was just entering the high school that he and his friends go to. But, what I saw inside the school hallway scared the crap out of me. There was blood and dead bodies everywhere. As Milo walked in, he acted like he wasn't noticing anything in the school hallways. The blood, to me, looked very lifelike. The dead bodies that were lying around in the school were all of the students that you would usually see in the other episodes.

For example, Shellsea and Albert were slaughtered and had their stomachs torn open with guts spilling out. Also, Chum Shrimp, Clamantha, and Shocktopus were hanging on nooses with their eyes pulled out. I was so scared out of my mind that I felt the urge to puke. But Milo, still didn't seem to notice or react to what was going on around him.

But, for some reason, Milo's two friends "Oscar and Bea" were missing from this scene. I was even more concerned at this rate, because I thought something maybe happened to them.

A few minutes later, the screen had suddenly cut to black again. But this time, it was a commercial break. I was both scared and relieved at the same time. I ran into my bathroom and went to go vomit. I felt better after that and went back into the living room, only to see that the episode was back on. Things got even worse from there. It shows Milo at a cemetery burying something, but I couldn't see what he was burying. But, I could still make out the words on the gravestone, which were "RIP Oscar".

Also, creepy music starts playing in the background. Which made me feel even more uncomfortable than when I read that Cupcakes fanfic. When Milo stopped using his shovel, he then started to stare at the camera with his bloodshot eyes. He did this for about 10 seconds, then the episode ends with the credits, which played silently. Then, after that, the screen had suddenly cut to static for two seconds and then it went to the normal broadcasting.

To this day, I never looked at Fish Hooks the same way ever again.