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"As you may know, the popular show "Chez-Man: The Many Adventures of Steven Chez-It" has been running for a long time. However, between December 2012 and January 2013 episode 129 was accidentally released one week before it was scheduled to.

It starts off with Steven, in his "non Chez-Man form", walking. Until, he meets up with Mrs. E. She says that she doesn't love Chez-Man anymore, which makes Steven very mad. He flips the bird, and then said "Fuck you, you whore. I have no words for you, your just a", there was a pause for a minute until he said "...whore".

Mrs. E looks in shock, and says "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!" and grabs a flame-thrower. She tries to get Steven, but instead misses, and ends up killing Mr. F, who is seen burning alive. Mrs. E takes off her pants, and takes a massive shit, all over Mr. F.

He grabs Mr. F by the neck, and says:


As she snaps his neck, and then runs after Steven. The next couple minutes of this episode, involve Mrs. E killing all of Steven's friends. Steven finds a shelter, he decides to go inside it. While this scene happens, a low moaning sound could be heard as Steven is panicking around the room. But, in a very recent discovery of a copy of the original tape, no such scene is seen with Steven panicking.

It could have been censored, due to the flashing frames which caused kids to go blind. Mrs. E is seen in the school, alongside Sophia, who tells her to kill Steven. Mrs. E goes berserk, and runs out the door. A killing montage is seen, in it, Mr. Johnson is killed.

After Mrs. E's killing-spree is over, she calms down. Steven is still in the shelter, panicking. The screens fades to black, as Steven falls on the floor, obviously died from a heart attack from no sleep. The credits are seen, then it fades to static.

"I am sorry, my wife Diane. Goodbye..."

Ever since the airing, the episode's tape has been locked in a vault and is on sale for 1000,000 US Dollars. If you want the episode, send me the money, just send to Spellugeon HQ in hollywood. I'll be able to send you the tape in 2-3 days." _______________________________________________________ This was taken from 4chan, allegedly calming that the person had a "unaired episode" of Chez-Man: The Many Adventures of Steven Chez-It. I was able to get into this guy's computer, and found some files named "CM:TMAOSC_S10EP129.mp4". I was able to copy all of his files, most of them being videos of this "unaired episode". If I could, I'll upload more. He previously found a "lost scene" from the episode, where the character Steven is panicking with flashing-frames appearing in-and-out.

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