My name's Nathan, and this is my story for a mod for Minecraft that I happen to come upon one day, and I deeply regret ever downloading this and playing it.

A few days ago I happen to be surfing the internet as I do most days, I'm an avid Minecraft player and often search various forums and sites to find new and interesting mods to experiment with. Today so far was nothing special, a few new mods have been uploaded, very tame mods such as changing very minor details within the game, and some other things but nothing truly standing out to me as special or interesting enough to write home about.

I had been looking and trying out some mods for a couple of hours now, when I refreshed the page and find a mod called "evolve evolvebrine". I naturally associated it to the "myth" of the Herobrine character associated with the game, I didn't think much of it but it was named in such a way that intrigued my curiosity enough to download it. The mod had 0 views, as well as 0 download and no ratings, the user who uploaded it had the username of "suffered". The username seemed odd, usually a person's username is a bit more unique than one dictionary word with no other characteristics to it, but I feel this is just me over-analyzing.

I had installed the mod and booted up the game and loaded up the mod. Nothing seemed out of place or wrong or nothing different with the scenery, items or mobs at all. I knew that some of these mods can change something and you won't notice the change immediately. So I played as per usual, building things, blowing them up, lighting trees on fire, ect.

About 15 minutes into the game I started to notice that things started to go missing, when I wasn't looking at them, such as chests, supplies, but mostly livestock and pets. I figured that the mod started to do its thing and went to go explore more to see if anything else had begun to change. I had climbed a mountain to get a better look around at my surroundings, and to my utter surprise and shock the other side of the mountain, including all the land and everything that usually would be there was completely gone, as if the game had never loaded the environment. I had known it had because I was over on that side a while ago, but it was just.... gone now.. and leading into a gigantic black pit, where you can't see the bottom, even putting the field of view in the options up to the highest setting you can't see the bottom. This was incredibly strange, to say the least, as I've never seen this nor even heard of this happening or being possible in this game.

Astounded at the scene I had just viewed, I quickly return to where I had my house and all my stuff. The way back to it seemed just fine, nothing missing nor any world missing. As I approach the place where I had setup everything, I noticed the scene had definitely changed, as the place where my setup was was now an incredible empty pit, just as the scene beyond the mountain where I had just returned from. Again I was astounded at the site and couldn't believe my eyes. There was no evidence that anything had happened to the environment as a massive explosion or anything. The scene beyond the camp remained normal as could be at this point.

I continue to go the other way this time and try to find if anything has changed on the other side of the map. Quite a ways from the site from where my setup was, the map was removed again, again a giant hole with no evidence that foul play happened, just speculation as to what could have happened. Although, there was something different though, I spot a tiny figure incredibly far down in the hole. After a second or two I realize this figure is moving upwards towards my direction, as the figure begins to gradually grow bigger. By this point my mind was racing as to explain what this figure was, what it was there for, what its purpose was, whether it was a glitch or not. As the figure gets closer the hairs on the back of my neck seem to stand up and I get chills all over my body. To my horror this figure suddenly starts to increase its speed that it's coming towards me. The figure seems to be coming at an incredibly high rate of speed towards me now only getting faster and faster as the figure closes the distance towards me.

I start to panic and get a intense feeling of discomfort. I quickly press escape and exit the game. As I'm trying to rationalize what this was I feel I need to go back to the site and see the mod page again. I find the page in my browser's history and click it and it brings me to a 404 page saying the page had been removed or didn't exist. I figured some site admin had deleted the page. I try the download link again to make sure it was still up as well. I click on the link in my history and I get to a page saying the file doesn't exist or has been removed. Very curious as to why even the download link was down, but I rationalize it by thinking the person who uploaded it took it down.

Looking for an answer to this, I make a post in a forum for minecraft mods and explain what the mod is and if anyone had ever heard of it before. Waiting for replies to my post, curiosity got the better of me to load that mod up again.

I get into the game again and everything seems fine and normal from what I can see. I play for a few minutes and this time I see a notification from chat that someone had joined the game, this person had no name and I knew this had to be a mistake because the server is offline. I figure it was the mod again though, and continue playing. A few minutes more I hear a windows notification window popup, the window had the title "evolvebrine" and a message saying "Behind you." Instantly this notification sends a ton of chills down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck quickly stand up again. As I slowly turn around my mind again starts to race with what could possibly be behind me.

Half way in turning around I see totally black, when I turn a full 180 degrees and am now facing the scene behind me completely, the only problem with that is that there is no scene. It's totally dark. I know the game didn't crash because I can still see the ground under my feet and still see the scene behind me which looks normal. It's as if the whole sky and level had not loaded up beyond this point, or simply ceased to be. Again, I see a figure way off in the distance, except he's not below me anymore, he is on eye level, racing towards me with incredible speed, if I were to wait another few seconds I would face this character/person/thing head on. However, once again I could not muster the courage to confront this extremely intimidating figure. I exit out of the game as fast as I possibly can. This rattled me so much that I turned off the computer completely to make sure there was nothing more this mod could do.

The next day I wake up, no nightmares surprisingly. I head over to the computer and take a deep breath and turn it on. The computer boots up normally, only on the second BIOS screen I could have sworn I saw the string that usually says my hard drives loading up had switched to "Primary Master: evolvebrine" and "Primary Slave: Nathan," but this had flashed by way too quickly to be sure of it. I brush it off, surely I was just read it wrong, or the mod has gotten to me, right? It couldn't have been that it was truly that's what it said.

My OS booted up as normal though, nothing out of place or seemed weird other than the bios screen that flashed by too quickly. I soon get into my desktop. I decide to check on the forums for any responses to my thread, to my surprise there are no posts, and the thread says it's been viewed 0 times. This is extremely odd because this is an extremely active forum with frequent posters and active regulars, to see my thread viewed 0 times made no sense to me at all.

I decide to check my email and I see a strange email in my inbox. "Sender: | Subject: you are here." The email had a hyperlink and nothing else, I hesitantly click it. What could this asshole want? Why is the subject "you are here." I quickly found out the reason for the subject being what it was. The link was to a site where you enter an IP address and it will reverse lookup the IP address to the IP's location, and this was my IP and my house. As if that wasn't enough, information as my first name, last name, my family's first and last names, and my telephone number was displayed as well.

To say that I was scared at this point would be the understatement of the century. This link shook me to the very core of my being. I was afraid for my life and what this maniac could possibly do to me and my family. I called the police without thinking twice, a patrol car came by and I gave the officers a statement saying that someone knew my whereabouts, my name as well as my family's name, and my telephone number. I didn't know what he would do with this information I told them. They said they really couldn't do anything until this person, whoever he was actually did something to me or my family. Great, now I'm a sitting duck, while this person I don't even know holds all the cards to my life.

I went back to my computer and removed this mod quickly and did a virus scan on my computer, nothing was found by the virus scanner.

This is all that's happened to this point. I'm still very scared for my life and this whole ordeal has taken an incredible toll on my mental health. Hopefully nothing will happen, hopefully everything will turn out okay, hopefully this will finally be over.......... Hopefully...

Credited to Rocker1024