I was saving a new episode of "Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors." I suddenly noticed that the saving was faster than usual. I then played the video, it was supposed to be the latest episode, but instead it was a demonic entry to the series.

The Kelly Langmack logo played as normal, but was followed by a wave of static. The logo appears again along with the static. The number "666" appears in the video in red. More static, the Kelt Langmack logo plays again but this time, the color was changed from orange to blood red, the logo was bleeding. Weird chanting was playing in the background of this.

The title "Evil Sam" appeared in blood red for about 10 milliseconds. The video then pans to Scotty saying he's sorry for no reason. Static again, Sam appears with red eyes, he speaks in a pitch down slower reversed voiced. He picks up a bloody knife while loud static plays in the background.

Panning to Scotty, the episode screams, Scotty was cut open, heart and intestines are visible. His heart is spilling out red and blue blood. More static, Sam is in the background with red eyes smiling.

A message appears in blood red saying, "Microsoft Mike, do you want to play a game?". Mike appears saying, "I can hear you all the way from my fucking bed!". Sam holds up a knife again, while softer static plays. Sam with red eyes smiling is in the background with a message saying, "I Win!".

For a few milliseconds, a picture of a real life man with his head popped is shown. Then a japanese message appears for a millisecond, with sonic in the background. Sonic is with red eyes smiling.

Sam appears again as he again speaks with a pitch down slow reverse voice. He holds up a gun and shoots himself, the final shot of the video depicts Sam lying down on the floor with a hole in his head bleeding. There was one last wave of static. I deleted the file, then I heard "Wanna play a game?".

It was Sam with red eyes, smiling.

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