Stop. Before you say anything, I DID say that I was leaving this wiki forever because I was like: "Zomg nobody lieks meh pestas" But then I realised: So what? I have fun tryng to improve my stories and imagining ponies getting killed! That's fun, and sadistic! And I also know that I wrote that one pasta about Crimson dying, but it got deleted and it was pretty bad, so it never happened. Also because I'm a big TF2 fan now, I chose the Spy's theme (Right Behind You) as Crim's new theme. 
Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack Right Behind You-001:42

Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack Right Behind You-0

The actual story

Three ponies were out at night, almost drunk because they just graduated from college and celebrated it with some cider... But alcoholic, as you might've guessed. Luckily, they stopped before they actually were drunk. One was an unicorn mare, named Normal Notes and the two others were stallions, both regular earth ponies. One was named Slick Snake, the other Happy Heavyweight.

Anyway, they were heading out to an alleyway, because they thought it was going to be a shortcut to home. But one pony who watched them enter the bar and also watched them leaving the bar. Crimson Darkness, one of the most dangerous serial killers in all of Equestria. Just for fun, he was going to kill the lot because he hadn't done so in quite a while. 

He jumped down from a height. 

"What're you doing out so late? You should really get to bed, you know!"

"Move it, loser! We wanna go home, and if you won't get out of our way, I'll definitely hurt you!"

Happy Heavyweight said.

"Now, now, don't be that way. I'm more powerful then I look!"

Heavyweight then headbutted Crimson... Or at least he tried to. Crim saw it coming and teleported away next to him.

"Is that the way you wanna solve it? Violence? Okay then!"

He summoned an axe and then chopped away wat full power, aimed at Heavyweight's throat. It didn't miss. His decapitated head flew in the sky, while his body fell on the ground. Crimson grabbed the head. 

"Oooh, they're going to have to glue him back together... IN HELL!"

He said, and laughed maniacally.

"Run, Normal, RUN!"

Slick Snake said, and they did just that. But Crimson used his magic to cover the whole place in darkness. Slick and Normal couldn't see a thing, but they kept going in search for light. They were dumb enough to not hold hands, as Crimson grabbed Normal and knocked her out cold! 

"I'll save you for later, miss."

He said, as he disguised himself as Normal and ran after Slick, keeping a sharp knife hidden. He then caught up to his victim, and used his magic to remove the darkness. Slick Snakethen said:

"We lost him, Normal... Kiss me!"

But Crimson sneaked behind him and backstabbed him. 

"HA! You suck! You should just go back to preschool... Oh wait, you're dead, nevermind!"

He then went over to Normal Notes, who was just about to awaken. 

"Raping time..."

He said. 

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