Lineart of gardevoir by inukawaiilover-d8w4btm
This Story starts with a young trainer, the trainer lived in hoenn, he had a gardevoir, the gardevoir's name was Elvira.

One day there was a pokemon war, many pokemon lost lives. Near the end, Elvira was in battle, when suddenly, there was a flash of light, then some pokemon died, including... Elvira.

Three months after, the trainer was in bed, then fell asleep, and what he saw, was something Terrifying. The day after he was seeing strange things, this includes numbers written in blood, ghosts that looked like pokemon. It was two weeks later when the crazy stuff happens.

Two weeks later.

The trainer was at his house when he saw something that looked like Elvira, but different. In the night he was trying to figure out why this happened, why he saw this. but then as he looked up, he saw the exact thing he saw before, Elvira. But more. It was diferent then Elvira normally seemed.

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