I wasn't expecting what I saw. Not in a million years. I think I'll be scarred forever.

A couple months ago, I was at a video store somewhere on the West Side. I was looking for something decent to watch for the night. I came across a Winnie the Pooh tape entitled: "Eeyore's Special Day."

I got home and inserted the tape into the player.

There were no ads for other Disney titles before the film, but there was a long chunk of silent black. When I walked up to press fast forward, that's when the picture finally cleared up.

Eeyore was alone. He was in a room, sitting in the corner, looking at the viewer. The walls were a darkish gray, and Eeyore's color was tinted slightly lower. His eyes were smaller and crazed. More like a Tim Burton movie than anything. Little black lines surrounded the outer rims.

He just stared. Stared. It was like a photo. The image was shaking, but nothing else was happening. Depressing music accompanied this. Black ooze trickled down the walls.

The picture flickered, like a signal breaking up. I thought I saw words on the screen. I paused the tape. Super-imposed onto the screen were the words HELP ME.

The tape started playing even though I hadn't pressed any button. I reached for the stop button. Right as I was about to push it, Eeyore leaned up to the screen instantaneously. His mouth was open impossibly wide, in anguish. His eyes were now deep, black holes. A shrill scream echoed through the house.

I screamed with the tape. I ran out of the house and never returned. I never took the tape back. I don't know what happened but I don't care. Just leave me. Scarred, disturbed, and, most of all, terrified.

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