Edward Hunter was an average teenager who was around 17 years old. He had dark brown emo-styled hair. He was actually really good looking. Unfortunately, despite his good looks he was tormented, bullied, abused, assaulted, harassed and almost killed most of his childhood and teenage life. However, there is this one girl named Dimitra Jacobson. She felt a lot of sympathy for Edward and had a secret crush on him. Unfortunately, she was just too shy to try and talk to him. She could be described as a rather nerdy girl. She is also picked on at her school, but not as worse as Edward was. Edward was more of a leave-me-alone-and-I-will-leave-you-alone type of guy. He suffered from bipolar, most likely from receiving it from his mother.

He had rage issues, mood swings and even had suicidal thoughts at one point. That is until one day, his mother died from suicide. Edward felt... nothing. It's not that he didn't care about his mother but the fact that he was going through enough just too much for Edward. His father took out his mother's death on Edward for being such a loser by beating him.

The next day, Edward went to school and just wanted to mind his own business. Some of his bullies came by and began to tease Edward about his mother's death. Edward felt so enraged that he took out his pocket knife and stabbed their "leader" in the stomach. For some reason, Edward felt great about this. Edward started hunting down the rest of the who teased him about his mother's death. He succeeded and only had one more to hunt. That was the smallest and weakest one. He was hiding in a locker, crying as softly as possible.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are!" Edward sang.

Edward sniffed the air and began to grin.

"Heh, there you are..." Edward said while holding out his knife.

Edward opened the locker and gutted the little kid. He slashed out all of his organs while the victim was still barely alive. To Edward, this felt good. Dimitra, who witnessed this, stood down the dark hallway, watching in shock. All he saw was a silhouette of a girl but inside him, he knew who it was. He began walking slowly towards her and held the knife to her throat.

"Don't tell this to nobody, or I will find you." He whispered in her ear.

Then he vanished into the darkness. When he went home, his dad was watching the news, which to no surprise was about the murdered victims Edward killed. He went to the kitchen and got a large kitchen knife he could use for self defense. He looked down at the knife with pleasure. When he closed his room, he could hear footsteps getting louder and louder outside his door. He held his knife behind his pillow. Edward's father stormed in and attacked Edward. However, Edward was able to reach his knife and stab his own father.

He pulled his father close and whispered in his ear; "Have fun in Hell. Mom's gonna be there too." And then he smiled.

After that he burnt the entire house down and escaped the neighborhood. He took his black hoodie jacket, along with long black jeans and a purple shirt. He added eye-shadings around his eye to give himself a much more 'psychotic' look. He went on a killing spree and has never been caught by the police.

He took the name, "Edward the Killer."

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