Hello. I am an annonymous sibiling of the person who wrote the vandalized and poorly-receipted spinpastas, "Maniacandandrew.wmv" and "Corrupted/Phantom Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Beta". I am posting this experience under his account since he is currently under heavy psychological monitoring. An explanation for his long absence from spinpasta will be given, and you will find out why. This is a story of something very bizzare that happened some time after posting that story, whose name is Andrew.

Did anyone ever notice that my brother was a Creepypasta fan? His two attempts at posting successful pastas failed miserably, as many people either vandalized or gave negative comments about the stories. For some reason, Andrew has always talked about wanting an entity, fake or not, called "The Hand of Creepypasta" to chase him so that he could experience a Creepypasta phenomena himself. I think he finally got his chance when he became a fan of a certain character in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series named Edmund the Echidna.

I did not see this coming at all. Once he stumbled across Edmund, he became hooked on that character. Everything started out as usual; Andrew would write private fanfictions centered around him and he would sometimes monologue about him in the car. Up until the second week in Andrew's interest in Edmund, everything was fine. This is when the story really begins to take off, where my brother began to start behaving mysteriously.

While I was down with a case of chicken pox, My mom received a call from the school where me and Andrew went to. I overheard the conversation from the other line, since I was on the couch next to the cordless phone. The school psychologist was telling my mother that "Andrew has been acting abnormally, and this has been confirmed by several teachers and two of his fellow classmates. Has Andrew been recently diagnosed with scitzophrenia or any other thought or speech interfering disorder?" The conversation continued about my brother and this thing he was having. They also talked about how Andrew walked out of the classroom when questioned about his behavior and how he would only answer with a single word when addressed. I hung up the phone and an hour later, Andrew came home, but he had his head pointed toward the floor and was muttering something under his breath.

Before I could say anything, he ran off to his room, leaving his backpack half-open on the kitchen floor. Even though that I had the Chicken Pox, I got off of the couch and picked up my brother's bookbag and set it on the table. My mom went inside Andrew's room a few minutes later, and came out with a look of fear on her face. I could also hear my brother yelling in a weird voice to "NOT speak of what I'm doing! Do not tell this to ANYONE!" I decided to lay down on the couch for the remainder of the afternoon and sip the vegetable juice I was given by mom. When evening came, I was curious about why Andrew was acting so oddly, and I went to his room even though I had the Chicken Pox. I opened his door a bit, and saw my brother laying on the floor half naked. I asked him what was going wrong, and he only answered with one word:


I immediatly let out a gut-busting laugh when I heard this, thinking that Andrew was playing some joke on everyone. After the laughing ceded, I told him in a serious voice that he has to "Stop messing around, or else I will tell mom and everyone that it was fake." My brother then turned my head toward me and just stared at me for a solid ten seconds, his eyes following my every move. I closed the door and walked back to the living room, but not before I heard a click on his door and the sound of shuffling papers, as if he needed to get an important homework project finished. When night fell, my brother went out of his room when I was asleep (well, not fully asleep) and snuck into he living room holding a disk in one hand, and a sticky note in the other. I also heard the computer chair being sat on and the sound of typing followed shortly afterwards. What he did on the computer, I did not know, since I fell sound asleep before I could listen even more.

The next day, I woke up and found my brother in his bed, as if he never went out in the living room. He also came down with the Chicken Pox probably because I touched his backpack when I had the Chicken Pox. I wondered what Andrew did on the computer, so I logged on to his account when 8:00 AM rolled around. Everything seemed normal, except that his regular desktop background [the snapshot of Sonic X Episode 80 from Creepypasta] was not there. In fact, the desktop was entirely black with nothing else on it, as if somebody filled the background with black paint. I looked on Andrew's My Pictures folder, and the desktop picture was on there, titled Darkness.PNG. I have never seen that background image before, even if there are millions of pictures on the internet named Darkness. I also noticed that all of the shortcuts on the background were missing, which could not be done without administrator permission. There was only one icon on the desktop, and it was an .avi file with a blank name space. By now, my urge to click on the .avi file overwhelmed me, and I double-clicked it. Instantly, the computer froze for five seconds and the BSOD appeared. It took me ten minutes to reboot the computer and then I saw a change in the desktop background once done, making my heart leap. There was now a person, but his face was silhouetted against the darkness of the image. Something about the figure looked very... familiar. I gave a second chance at clicking the .avi file but before I could do it, I saw that there was now a name underneath the file.

It was called EDMUNDWALK.AVI

I double-clicked the EDMUNDWALK.AVI file, and Windows Media Player started up. After getting past the welcome screen [It was the first time I used it], The video window popped up. The video began as soon as I clicked on it, and here is what happened after I played the video:

EDMUNDWALK.AVI began with a poorly drawn title named EDMUND WALK written in Andrew's handwriting, as if he scribbled it on a piece of paper combined with Microsoft Paint. The title screen stayed for fifteen seconds, and violent static suddenly popped up, making me jump out of my chair. After seven seconds of static, It changed to an animation of a person walking down the street. This was not the typical Andrew Wright animation. It had a quality of art even better than my own characters I drawn, and the animation was too good and detailed to be a fan creation. It showed Edmund the Echidna walking down a road in a loop in where appeared to be Echidnaopolis from the Archie Sonic series. This continued for five minutes, until the screen went black. I then suddenly remembered about Suicide Mouse, since that part had a similarity to the first few minutes of Suicide Mouse but with no audio. The video was still playing, but there was black on the screen for two minutes until the scene returned. Edmund the Echidna was still walking down the road, but there was a faint noise that resembled somebody whispering a deepened version of "Edmund, Edmund, Edmund, Edmund..." The whispering stopped, and then without warning, the scene flashed photo-negatively and became extremely realistic. The view zoomed in on Edmund's face really fast, then he turned his head toward the screen. Edmund the Echidna then said something I would never forget, and it sounded very depressing.

"Why can't I just have a chance to see my family and friends again? I really missed my favorite fan..."

A feeling of shock went through my body [Edmund was killed in the Archie Sonic series] as he said that, making me freeze in terror as I continued looking at Edmund's face. I knew what he meant by his "favorite fan". He was referring to my brother. I watched as the scene faded out to black, and saw the media player close. What I saw next was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. The desktop background now showed the face of the familiar figure, but it was a epicley detailed photo of my brother. His eyes were completly white, and one of the glasses lenses were cracked. He was also smiling in a demonic way, with one of his teeth missing with the braces bracket hanging on it's own, and blood was bleeding from his eyes. Two words in red overlapped the image spelling out WATCH OUT in lifelike, almost real blood. I screamed and tried shutting of the computer, but it was no use even when I unplugged the computer from the wall. The photo stayed on the screen for thirty seconds, then began to warp and distort until it faded into nothingness. The computer turned itself off after that and a small disk ejected from the hard drive. I picked it up and found that it was the same disk that my brother was holding when he went to the computer during the night. On the bottom of the disk, I saw a sharpie-drawn word that said this:


Thinking that this was another scary thing from Andrew, I restarted the computer and watched the blackness of Darkness.PNG as I hit Ctr+A on the keyboard. I then saw a faint figure in the photo, and saw that it was Edmund the Echidna. He came closer to the screen, until his face was the majority of the background. I closed my eyes and waited for something scary to happen, but it never came. Instead, I saw Edmund the Echidna smiling and he said in a calm tone:

"I saved your brother from harm"

Wait, WHAT? I did not get what he was saying at first, but then it came to me. Edmund the Echidna said through the screen that he saved Andrew and me from harming ourselves by the demonicly possessed video by going into it. How he got into it was too bizarre to be told in words, and that I will try to get it out of my head. Edmund disappeared from the screen, and heard a knock on the garage door five minutes later. I thought that Mom and Dad came home from the store, and went to open it. The persons who showed up at the door made me scream and run into my room; You guessed it right, It was Edmund the Echidna and my brother (without the Chicken Pox, thank goodness) who were at the door. As I was in my room trying to relax and calm down, I heard a movie being played in the living room, and saw Edmund the Echidna and Andrew sitting on the couch, watching Skyfall.

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