Hello! My Name is Braddox Marthord, Commonly known as Brad. And I am a Prominent Kirby Fan. The story I am about to tell you is about a Strange Kirby's Dreamland SNES cartridge that an old man gave me. This happened three months ago. As I was planning to play A Kirby Game I was wanting to revel in Nostalgia and buy a Kirby's Dreamland Game for my classic SNES Console. I looked up ebay to find a copy of the cartridge in the store and suprisingly, one had a Kirby's Dreamland up for sale for The SNES and I emailed his account to buy it. He emailed me back, "I gotcha a Kirby's Dreamland Braddox, come to my house to receive your Game." How did he know my name? I shrugged it off and shockingly, his house was near, I don't remember him being a neighbor. I rang the doorbell and a old man with a black hoodie handed me the game. It was in a white papered cover and written in black permanent marker, "Dreamland.exe" it said. The old man said in a dark tone, "enjoy." And closed the door in front of me. I had returned home and placed the Cartridge in my Super Nintendo and played the game. Everything went well with the title screen. Two things was odd though... The Kirby's Superstar title screen appeared, and In the 1st Mission a Fiery City Building flickered for a second and it looked like the same cities in the Background. As usual, I managed to play Kirby through 5 steps. Yet I wasn't able to suck the enemies in my way, so I just jumped over them. Then I came across a Waddle-Dee. A friendly Brown suited Brethren of Kirby. Yet I used the sucking power and the Waddle Dee came in to Kirby's Mouth, Then it cut to black. It showed the Waddle-Dee falling down to Kirby's Stomach and here's where it gets strange. The Waddle Dee. Had black eyes and Blood Red tears as soon as he was in the stomach. It cut to Black again. And this time it turned from strange to creepy. Kirby's sprite was normal but the 1st mission setting looked apocalyptic and and no other enemies were present but scared waddle dees. I continued to suck up Waddle dees. Also I notice the bar below me had Kirby's name Pronouced "Ybrik" and The Mission Music playing in Reverse. And as soon as I went to suck up the last waddle dee, Kirby's sprite Changed. And so did the setting/background/music. It was the same background I saw flicker for a second, and Kirby's Sprite was horribly evil. Like the first waddle dee Kirby ate, Kirby had blood red tears, and yet he has sharp teeth!. I approached the last waddle dee and Kirby didn't even suck anymore. Kirby ate the Waddle Dee like a Cannibalistic Maniac would eat like. I nearly vomited when I saw the Waddle Dee's blood. Kirby's Sprite had a blood stain on where he ate the Waddle Dee. I still had Control of Kirby until... I approached A scared King Dedede. Then it cut to black showing Kirby lunge at Dedede and Eat him like a rabbid wolf. I was no longer Kirby after this. To my surprise, I was King Dedede. In the Bowels of Kirby's system. Sinister music was playing while I walked across the gross system of a Demonic Kirby. Dedede's sprite was crying sadness... I don't know what that old man didn't like about that game. I don't even think that old man was sane. I as Dedede approached demonic baddies that look like Cyclopses and that they wanted to eat me. And they did! They ate King Dedede in a Wolfpack like style and it scared me, Dedede may have been the Bad guy, but This is not right. I wanted to stop but my heart didn't want me to. I somehow was someone else, turns out I was a "Waddle Doo"! A blue waddle doo. I approached A star and Demonic Kirby was Starting to stalk me. I picked up the star and another kept popping up. while doing that I saw a photo of Kirby with sharp teeth and Blood over him. This kept going on for several minutes, and no more popped up. Soon, it started to get more creepy and scary. I felt Demon Kirby's approach to the Waddle Doo and Kirby paused for a few seconds. Then I saw demonic Kirby lunge at me which knocked me out of my chair. I saw the Scary photo of Kirby for a few seconds and my SNES powered off. I have had nightmares about the Scary photo of Kirby with sharp teeth for 3 days straight and I got rid of the Demented Dreamland Cartridge and destroyed it. never had anymore nightmares. I revisited the old man's house and it was gone! which scared me a little. Was the old man with the Devil? It still haunts me to This Day.

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