"You....cannot...touch me."

These words haunt me.

Whenever someone says these words...I cannot help but to cry inside. Those words trapped me in a hell I couldn't escape from.

Doppelgangers. You've heard of them. They're clones of you, essentially. They look like you. This...however. This is worse.

As a kid, I played a lot of games, such as Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Super Mario 64, etc. They were really good games, and I played them often, even playing my Crystal to the point where my GBC was broken. I wanted to play my old games again, for old time's sake. I forgot my GBC was broken, so I decided to go buy one from a used game shop.

I turned on the game, and started up the game. Surprisingly, the game worked. I got into the game and checked up on my party. It had a level 80 Lugia, a level 95 typhlosion, and a glitched up mess of a sprite... I thought nothing of it and I flew to the elite four using my Lugia.

I wanted to defeat Lance, but... the guy standing in front of the door to the elite four's chamber said, "Sorry, but you are already taking on the ELITE FOUR!"

This was strange because I wasn't, and elite four isn't normally in all caps. I left, only for my start menu to jump open. I tried to close it but I couldn't. Every button I pressed brought it closer to "Pokemon." I couldn't stop it. It got into the menu. It opened the glitched sprite. It was jumbled. It knew everything my Lugia did. It used fly. I flew to Mount Silver. Red wasn't there. Instead, there was a sprite. It was Gold's sprite, but rather than red and such, he was darker. Black. He said:

" are similar. Shall we battle?"

I only had the option of yes. He had a shiny Lugia, a shiny Typhlosion, and a weird jumbled mess. Exactly my team. I tried using a move, but Lugia wouldn't. It kept saying:

"LUGIA is too scared to fight!"

"The foes LUGIA used HYDRO PUMP! It's super effective! Critical hit!" Something wasn't right.

"LUGIA is too scared to fight!"

"The foes LUGIA used HYDRO PUMP! It's super effective! Critical hit!" It just kept going.

About four turns later, it said, "LUGIA is confused no more!"

"LUGIA is gone!"

I switched into Typhlosion.

"YOU switched out to TYPHLOSION!"

"TYPHLOSION used BLAST BURN! It's super effective! Critical hit!"

I couldn't stop it. He was destroying my team! I tried using hyper potions but it didn't work.

"TYPHLOSION thinks he can handle it!"

This was ridiculous.

"TYPHLOSION is confused no more!"

"TYPHLOSION is gone!"

I thought the battle would end, and it did, sort of... It brought me back to the overworld. "You...lost? You....cannot...touch me?"


"You.....You cannot touch me!!!"

The animation for psychic happened, pretty much. But it was red. The Gameboy started buzzing, then spontaneously shut off. I shed a tear. This wasn't the game I played as a child. It was turning night, so I decided to go to bed. I had a dream....It was that figure.....He dropped from the sky. On to me. With a knife.

I know it's just a dream, but... it haunts me....

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