My story starts on a warm summer evening. My brother and I are just playing around on our laptops as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, we go downstairs and have tea, nothing out of the ordinary. We return upstairs to our separate rooms, and go back to our laptops, nothing out of the ordinary. My evening carries on as normal until my brother calls me into his room. I go. He tells me he wants to play some game, so, being the gamer I am, I sit down and ask what to do. He says I have to play some game called Slender. I have to collect all eight pages without being caught by the Slenderman. I agree to his challenge. He then laughs and pulls down the blinds, flooding the room with darkness. I asked what the hell he was doing; he said it adds to the freakiness. He also wanted me to play on my own with headphones on. I obeyed, and then he left the room.

I pressed start on the game and played for a while. After getting two pages I figured that this was some horror game my brother was getting me to play for my reaction. He probably had a camera in the room somewhere. Well, he wanted a reaction, so I gave him a reaction. I started screaming and shouting, even through the headphones I could hear his muffled laughter through the door. He pushed open the door and toppled in, he couldn’t walk because he was laughing so hard. I gave a sarcastic smile to the camera he had in his hand, and walked out. I stayed in my room until I decided I should get some rest.

I shut down my laptop, said goodnight to my family and crawled into bed. Strangely, it took me ages to fall asleep, even though I was exhausted from the busy week I’d had. I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling. Seeing as it didn’t look as though I was going to get any sleep any time soon. I sat up and opened my laptop. I was horrified at what I saw. Scratched into the screen of my laptop was a circle with an X in the middle. The keyboard's keys all had the same symbol on them. I don’t know why, but, I pressed the power button. My laptop let out a noise that sounded like a heart monitor after a patient had died. My brother ran into my room shouting, he was angry that I’d woke him up. He stormed over and grabbed my laptop. After seeing what was on it, he threw it against the wall. It exploded into hundreds of pieces that scattered my floor. He turned and looked me in the eye.

“What have you done...”

I shook my head at him frantically; I kept trying to tell him that I don’t know what happened. He walked over to me slowly and sat down next to me.

“You don’t get it do you?”

Before I could reply he punched me in the face. I yelped in pain as my nose began to drip with blood.


The blood started gushing from my nose faster and faster.


Blood began dripping from my eyes and ears. My vision started to blur. The last thing I saw was a pool of blood before everything faded to black.

Slowly regaining my vision, I woke up. I sat up and found myself in my bed. I looked around, everything was normal. No smashed laptop, no pools of blood, nothing was different. I turned and looked out of my window. The sky was a strange tone of grey and the clouds were black. I looked out, confused. I had no idea what was going on. I walked out of my room and into my brother’s bedroom. He was gone. His bed was perfectly made, his room clean and tidy. I went into my parent’s room, the same. I went into my sister’s room and again, the same thing. The house looked as though it was brand new.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Typically, I would be greeted by two happy dogs, jumping up and licking me. But, when I opened the door, they weren’t there. I opened the back door, they weren’t there either. Now I was really starting to panic. I was alone in a house that wasn’t normal, with a sky that was also not normal. I walked outside into my back garden. The outside temperature was the exact same as it was inside. I didn’t feel a slight change. I looked around the garden and everything seemed fine, except for one thing. Out the corner of my eye I saw an orange glow coming from the burner. I walked over to it and peered inside. It was at this point I threw up everywhere.

Inside the burner were the crippled bodies of my family. They had all had their throats slit and eyes gouged out. Their clothes had been torn off to reveal their chests. On each chest there was that same symbol; the circle with an X in it. I backed away slowly from the burner; I wasn’t sure what to think. I started spinning in a circle, everything spun with me. I stopped spinning and threw up twice. I fell to my knees coughing up blood. I started spewing out a river of blood. My eyes started blurring, everything faded to black.

When I awoke I was back on my bed. I sat up, looked around and again. Everything seemed normal. I shouted out to see if anyone was home. I heard a glass smash downstairs. I got out of bed, grabbed my lamp and ran downstairs. I stormed into the kitchen to find a man picking up the glass shards from a wine bottle. I shouted at him.


The man didn’t look up. He carried on picking up the glass. One bit at a time. I smashed the edge of the lamp on the table side and threw it at the man. He fell back, but carried on picking up the glass. I went into the nearest cupboard and grabbed a lighter, and then I went into the downstairs bathroom and grabbed some deodorant. I walked back into the kitchen and threatened to burn him if he didn’t go. He looked up at me. His eyes were gouged out and on his chest, that symbol. The circle with the X in it, I ran outside. The sky was orange and the clouds were red. I shouted out, hoping for someone to hear me. My neighbours ran from their houses, just to see me collapse on the pavement. The last thing I saw were my neighbours flocking over...

When I woke up I was on a hospital bed. I couldn’t see anything. All I could hear was the beeping of my heart monitor. I heard someone come in. I asked who was there, I got no reply. I felt them touch me. My vision came back but I wish it hadn’t. Standing in front of me was him. The Slenderman, he spoke to me with no mouth. He asked me a question, I don’t remember the question but I do know that the answer was no. My vision faded back into darkness. My heart monitor slowed down and the once beeping machine made a noise.

A noise similar to that of a heart monitor when a patient dies...

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