It had six months since the disappearance of Dr. Marbles and Digit, nobody knew how or why they went missing. It could have been the Hacker, who (possibly) had murdered them. So, we start on a peaceful afternoon in Cyberspace. Hacker wasn't pulling any schemes or crimes, it was peaceful to say the least. Matt was pulling pranks on the people of Cyberspace, this wasn't unusual for him, he'd do it whenever Hacker was doing schemes. Matt was on his porch, drinking wine since there weren't any parents in Cyberspace for him to get scolded for it. Nonetheless, he was still sad that he couldn't see his parents. 

Jackie came into Matt's view, "What's wrong?", she asked. "Oh, it's nothing, I am just really homesick" he replied with a sigh, it was a boring-day, not like other days where he'd stop Hacker with the Cybersquad. "Isn't it strange, we haven't seen Hacker all day?" he asked Jackie. "But, if he was here, he'd be doing bad stuff" replied Jackie. Maybe Jackie was right, it's kinda good that he's not doing anything bad, maybe he'd change. Just then, a pain surged through Matt's back, maybe it was the wine. His vision blurred, all he could see a bright purple blob stabbing another blood with something grey. 

"Hey, is that~", but before he could continue, his vision became black. Then, he fell to the floor with a loud thud!


Matt's vision came back, he looked around. Then he realized, he was tied up. His arms were strapped down, and so was his legs. "Hey!" said a loud echoing-voice, "Matt, wake up, I think I found a cure!" Matt's vision became clear, and in front of him was Digit. Something was wrong with this Digit, he was holding a knife covered in blood, his eyes were bloodshot. "Sorry about my appearance," said Digit, "I was busy!" 

"D..Digit?" said the trembling Matt, " that you"

"Yes, I am back from hiding" replied Digit, "You see, I was building up a cure for Motherboard"

"Good, what is the cure?" asked Matt.

"Oh, simple, its blood" 

Matt was shocked, blood? he thought. He looked around, on the walls were Jackie, Hacker, and Dr. Marbles, all cut-open with their organs hanging them in place. "They were quite the fighter," said Digit, "Sadly, they only lasted five minutes." Matt began to freakout, struggling to break free. "Wait, you...killed them?" asked Matt nervously. "Yes, I did, that's how I make the cure of course. Digit looked through his table, bringing a boat-load of knives and surgical tools. "Wait, so I am the 'cure' too?" asked Matt. "Right!" said Digit cheerfully. 

Digit grabbed a scalpel, and shoved it into Matt's stomach, with Matt yelling in agony. "Scalpel that, Matt!" said Digit giggling. He began to crudely cut up to Matt's throat, then downward, removing the scalpel. "That's what I call, a crude cut!" said Digit laughing manically. He opened up Matt's body, with Matt wailing in pain, and grabbed organ after organ. Until there it was, the heart. He pulled it, with the vain popping, Matt stopped screaming. 

Digit inserted all of the organs into a bucket. "Now I just need to mix them" said Digit, "Thanks for your help, Matt". Matt was lowering into a meat grinder, then he was shredded to pieces. The last thing he felt, was being crushed to death.

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