Note : This is a fan made rewrite of the fan made  Diary of a Wimpy kid : Dark Days Creepypasta that is a fan made sequel  to Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Game Over. This rewrite is meant to make the story more enjoyable. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Death Days

By Icephineas

When I found out they were going to make an adaption of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Game over, I was shocked. I went on the internet and searched up the book. I got to its Wikipedia page, and it said that a movie will be made of the book. Zachary Gordan will be playing Greg. I waited a few days for the movie to come out and I went to see it the day it premiered. I was alone, except for a few people in the audience. The movie started, and it cut from the Fox logo to a cartoon drawing of Greg staring emotionless at the camera. Then it morphed into a live-action version of Greg, played by Zachary Gordon. He was just sitting there. " مرحبا بكم في الجحيم، جيف كيني يرحب بكم!!" Greg said in fluent Arabic "What is this, a Dairy of a Wimpy Kid movie, or a cliched horror film" said the guy a row behind me. He took out a bag of morphine, and injected himself with a needle. As this was happening, Greg screamed like banshee while proclaiming that he "has never felt so good.". As this was happening, I could hear crying in the back rows. A riot ensured and a bunch of security guards came in and beat the irate parents before dragging them out; all while the manager watched with an evil grin on his face. I could not see a thing. 

After the riot stopped, Greg mutilated the skin on his arm and hears Rowley coming up the steps. With a evil grin, Greg grabs a gun he stole from his brother Rodrick and shoots Rowley, killing him instantly. This is where things start to resemble the book. Greg drags Rowley's body outside and is spotted by Rodrick.

"WHY, GREG WHY" Rodrick cries out.

Greg puts Rowley's body in the truck at points his gun at Rodrick, who backs away.

"Because we will be saved by Satan" Greg says back.

Greg gets into his mom's car and took Rowley's dead body to a local pizza parlor and comes across Patty while stuffing Rowley's corpse into a mascot suit. Patty looks at Greg and he turns to his right and starts to walk towards Patty. Patty walks backwards and trips, backing up to the wall. Patty sits next to wall, heavily breathing in terror.

"Patty, you were always the teacher's pet". That's what Greg said before crawling on top of Patty.

Patty let our a loud screen before static interrupted the movie. Many of the people watching (including myself) were horrified. A few people walked out, but not many. Security was placed at the door because the manager wanted people to stay for the whole movie.

After the static cleared, the scene jump cut to Greg sitting on the curb in front of his house. Raindrops of acids begin to fall and Greg burned. After a minute of rough quality footage of the acid scene, Greg fell onto the ground dead. The acid scene then went in reverse while the phrase " يسوع لا وجود له، والشيطان فقط! " is plastered on the top of the screen. Greg's eyeball falls out and the background goes pitch black. Screams erupt has the picture become filled with static. After ten more seconds of static, a quote from the director appears on a black screen. It read "Those who death as there release will be saved by Satan in his blood - ديفيد باورز". The movie ended with the credits playing a metal cover of Justin Beiber's baby played over. I went home and found out that the director and the movie studio were being investigated for producing this movie that was not meant for children. I opened my room door to find the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Game Over book on my dresser. I sat down on my bed, grabbed the book, and started rereading it.

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