Hi everypony! My name is Derpy Hooves, and I am a grey pegasus with yellow mane and tail, and yellow eyes. I live in Ponyville all by my own because I don't know where my parents had to go. I learned to try and take care of myself, but it gets really hard sometimes and I give up when it's too hard. But everypony is nice to me and laughs when they see me fly and run into stuff. I don't fly so good, but I'm better than I was when I was a filly. Everypony smiles when they see me, and they talk real slow and nice at me. It's good to have friends!

My cutie mark is bubbles. I think it got there the last time I saw mommy. Mommy was teaching me to blow bubbles, and they were so pretty and flew high into the sky, just like a pegasus does. They pop and then I make more with the stick by putting it in the bubbly juice. But when the bubbly juice was all gone, I look around for Mommy, but she's gone. I didn't notice my cutie mark yet because I started crying and yelling for mommy, but she never came back. I never saw daddy again neither.

I walked and walked and walked until I came to Ponyville! There was lots of ponies, and even more pegasuses! I tried to fly to show them I was a pegasus too, but I don't fly so good, so I ran into a wall and I got an ouchy on my nose. They took me to the doctor to get all better, but then I had no home to go to, so they took me to another doctor to let me live with other ponies. He said they were special like me, but no pony there was like me at all. They didn't have a bubbles cutie mark. Some ponies had no cutie mark.

A long time later, I had grown up and they helped me find somewhere to live. I live in a little house far away from the other houses. I has to walk awhile to get to Ponyville. It makes me sad, but then I get happy when I remember that I can see a little bit of Ponyville from my window! But I spend a lot of time there cause I'm happy there. I know some ponies by name too!

I specially know Pinkie Pie, but Pinkie Pie knows everypony, so she knows me too. She's my friend now, but she says we're sisters, so she's my sister now. We play with Apple Bloom, and sometimes we like to make cupcakes and muffins. I specially love muffins. Pinkie Pie is teaching me to make muffins the best way, and it's so much fun! One of us takes out a little piece of paper from a jar that has a number of a pony in Ponyville, and then Pinkie Pie goes to get them and bring her to Sugarcube Corner. We play in the basement that Mr. and Mrs. Cake don't know about. But I don't tell cause I'm not a tattle tail. And if I told, I wouldn't be able to be with Pinkie and Apple Bloom anymore.

A couple days ago, Pinkie Pie said she hates my tiny house and says, "Come live with me, Derpy!"

So I go to live with Pinkie Pie. Sisters live together, right? Apple Bloom lives with Applejack, so I live with Pinkie Pie. I love her room because it reminds me of yummy cakes and candy. Pinkie Pie built another bed that stands on her bed!

But she says, "Derpy, you can sleep on the bottom bunk cause I don't want you to fall on accident."

I told her I could do it, and she let me, but then I fell and hurt my leg, so now I sleep on the bottom.

I'm so excited for today! We're going to make muffins and cupcakes, so I have a pony and Pinkie has a pony. Apple Bloom is at school, so it's just me and Pinkie Pie. She won't tell me who my pony is, but I can't wait to meet her! I hope she has a pretty cutie mark, cause I'm making a scarf out of the cutie marks I cut off of my ponies' flanks. And I'm gonna show Pinkie Pie how good I gotten at playing with them! And then I'll make the muffin mix all by myself and Pinkie will help me put them in the oven cause it's too hot.

Apple Bloom told us to leave her some, so I'm going to give her the biggest muffin I make, and Pinkie Pie is going to give her the cutie mark from her pony. Apple Bloom still doesn't have her own cutie mark, but I know she'll get it. She and Pinkie are so very nice to me, and they don't even talk slow to me. They make sure no pony calls me stupid or nothing cause I'm not stupid, I just don't understand so good.

When a pony calls me stupid, it makes me really wanna make muffins....

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