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When the show 'Adventure Time' first aired, it seemed a bit happy and random.

The characters seemed to be always happy, and with a happy atmosphere it just seemed like a good show for children to watch and enjoy.

Recently the show has been getting darker, with weird and twisted endings, I was in shock of how disturbing some things have been lately. Then I got online on a blog about the show. People were complaining about a scheduled episode not being aired, and being replaced.

A list of every episode for season three was leaked a while ago, months before the season. Every episode seemed casual, except for episode 7, 2 episodes after he was first introduced. It was named 'Death of Lemongrab'. At the time, no one knew who this Lemongrab character was, but with the launch of episode five, people found out. 'Death of Lemongrab' never aired on television, but was said to be leaked. The episode "Still" replaced 'Death of Lemongrab' and the leaked list couldn't be found online. It seemed that no one had saved the file for the list, as far as we know.

About 11 months ago, an episode of 'Regular Show' had ended on Cartoon Network. A short message appeared on the screen however, it only showed for half a second but my eyes caught it, I spent 20 minutes trying to pause my TV at the right time to see the message that was left behind. The message said;

"I work on making scripts for 'Adventure Time'. I have put the download link for 'Death of Lemongrab' online. The link is: [the link]". I refuse to put the link up, 1. Because I have lost the paper I wrote it on, 2. Because it gave my old laptop a massive virus, and 3. Because words can not describe how disturbing the episode was.

I downloaded the file and my computer shut down instantly. I rebooted it and the only file on my desktop was "". I opened it, and I regret it.

The episode didn't have its normal intro, the music was sad and distorted and the color scheme was negative. The theme song ended with out the normal "Adventure Time!" saying. It instantly went on to the episode after that, the whole world was black and white, and it was Princess Bubblegum walking down a sidewalk whistling, with an occasional cough. This continued for about five minutes and then the audio went out.

Princess Bubblegum stopped dead in her tracks and stared to the left for half a minute, the screen moved and you saw the back of Lemongrabs head, after about three minutes his head turned completely backwards and his face was cut and bruised with blood streaming down his face. The scene played for two and a half minutes and then the video went black.

After 30 seconds the video turned back on and showed Finn and Jake's tree house, it was burned down and destructed. After 30 seconds it cut into a scene with Finn and Jake laying on the ground looking brutally murdered, Jake had a knife in his back and Finn had bullet holes surrounding his chest, for the last three seconds of the video it showed lemongrab smiling with blood dripping out of his eyeholes and the episode cut.

I sold my computer on eBay for $0.99.

Whoever has it now has seen the video.

Whoever has it now has been disturbed.

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