'This story has things to do with the original creepypasta Sonic.exe. If you are scared by him (Which you shouldn't be) please exit the page now.'

Hello. I am Dante, or now better known as Dante.png. Why the .png you may ask? Simple. I am a cursed being, lost within images. I am here now however to tell you of my tale, for as much time as I have left. We wouldn't want you ending up dead, or even worse, like me. So sit down, grab your food and drinks, and I shall begin.

It all started during a normal night. My parents were home, and I was a 15 year-old only child. I was on the computer, looking at this new thing I had heard of: Creepypastas. I found many disturbing images, but none really scared me. I was tired after looking through 7 of them, and decided to go to bed.

I woke up the next day, glad I was on summer vacation and away from school. I decided to look up one last creepypasta I came across the night before that I was too tired to read, and went on the computer. The title came up. The name "Sonic.exe" came up on the screen, and I started reading. I will say this now: I was a huge video game nerd before I became... this. I loved Sonic, LoZ, and many others.

I went on to the web after reading the story, which I didn't think was scary at the time. I then came across a proclaimed "real copy" of Sonic.exe. I didn't think it was real, since the real one is a supposed hacked Sega CD disk of Sonic CD, but I clicked on it anyway. The download complete awfully quick for a game, so I became a little suspicious. I felt a pang of alert hit me, like something, more like someone, was telling me "You have to escape, now!" I quickly shrugged off the feeling and began.

For those of you wondering, my parents were home, but they were upstairs doing something. I watched the intro, and Sonic.exe popped up at the last second and it cut to black. The character select screen came up, and it showed Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik (A.K.A. Eggman). Knuckles and Eggman were locked, so I chose Tails.

I ran through "Zone Act 1" and came across dead animals. It didn't shock me, really, since I read the creepypasta and it was a pixelated animal. I walked on and the music stopped. I kept walking, not giving a care and came up to the part where Sonic.exe appeared. When he did, a horrible chill went down my neck. I wasn't scared of this when I read the creepypasta, and I wasn't now either. I was just... frozen. I didn't know what was going on. Suddenly, the screen went black, and a beeping sound was made, as the text "Hello. Do you want to play with me?" flashed across the screen. I was brought back to reality, and I was sent to a stage called "Hide and Seek."

I was a little freaked out at first, but I shrugged it off again and said, "You got this," to myself.

I then walked to a point in the stage where Sonic.exe teleported all around the screen, then flew after Tails. Tails was then caught, and then he just sat there and cried. After a minute, Sonic.exe appeared and killed Tails, and the message "You're too slow. Wanna try again?" appeared on screen. After this, I shut the computer down.

I went out to the arcade with my friends, and we played a bit. Then, I came across a Sonic The Hedgehog arcade game. I was a little freaked out by the Sonic.exe game I played before, but I thought this would take my mind off it. As soon as I slid my card through the slot, the game completely went crazy and I swear I saw Sonic.exe appear on-screen. I fell over, and I woke up at the keyboard of my computer. Was it me going to the arcade with my friends all a dream? I called my friend, but only got this as a reply "Play the God-damned game."

I ran back to my seat, and selected Knuckles quickly. The same happened to him pretty much as Tails, and same with Eggman. I then got to the ending:

"Sonic.exe steals your soul"

I waited for the pop-up to appear, but instead, static filled the screen. Suddenly, a hand flew out of the screen and grabbed me. I tried to resist, but the hand was way too strong. I was pulled in, and met Sonic.exe himself.

He looked at me with a horrifying smile, and said, "Welcome to my world. I AM GOD."

I replied by pulling out my knife my dad had got me and said, "Like Hell you are!"

I was flung backward though, and he said, "Such a bad child. Why don't we give you a new name? How about Dante.png?"

I replied saying, "How do you know my name?" He then said:

"I know all about you."

Suddenly, a flash of light smacked my face, and I became stuck in a picture file, or a .png file. Ever since then, I have been trapped within the 2D world, the only exception being now, since Sonic.exe has given me the privilege to speak to another human. I warn you to not do three things:

1. Don't search "Sonic.exe real game"

2. If you do the above, don't download any files

3. If you do the above, 4 words: DON'T, PLAY, THE, GAME!!!

If you listen to the above, you will avoid his hungry death stare, and you won't become like me. But if you don't listen and end up with me, maybe we can team up to destroy this Devil. You decide who you are with. If you choose him, I will kill you. If you choose me, he will kill you. It's lose-lose if you don't listen to the above. Now, I have to go. My time in the world is up, and I must leave. Don't provoke the Devil that is Sonic.exe!

Hello friends. This is Sonic.exe. I have pulled Dante back into the 2D file world. If you want to join us, don't be afraid. I didn't hurt Dante, or Tom, or Kyle. I hope you decide to come, as my minions are dying to meet you. Hope you have fun!


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