Hello, everyone! Ultimatemetaknight here, presenting my very own version of Breath! If you don't know yet, Breath is a series where Skyblack does horrifying things... A while back, I requested a new spinoff of Breath with my own killer I made: Crimson Darkness! It was a very awesome spinoff and I was happy to help. When Breath: Fall of Celestia came out, it was a very solid sequel series to Breath: Crimson Darkness. Fast forward to the finale: Jacket wrote the finale, but it wasn't complete.

I got to write the true ending series to Breath: Crimson Darkness and FoC. I'm finished with that, and I posted in the forum that I thought of my own Breath series, but with Crimson instead. I got the name Crimson Tales from Mike and placed a forum post about what I should write: The semi-finale of Breath: FoC: Crimson's Journey or this. Mike once again voted, he voted for this. Nobody else voted, so I sticked to writing this. This is an "episode zero" to what's gonna become my own Breath series, Crimson Tales. I will try to make it just as awesome as the real Breath! LET'S GO!


(Here's Crimson, in case you don't know him)

Introduction of a true killer!

I was happy to have all that stuff behind me, so I went to celebrate at the Apple Cider Inn, disguised. I ordered some cider and drank.

"Stranger, you know it's dangerous outside this late. Skyblack Graymane, AKA The Black Death will come for you if you're not carefull enough."

"(Swallows cider and burps) Oh, that sounds dangerous. Is there anyone he has as a sidekick of sorts?"

"Well, no..."

"(Drinks cider, but then spits it out) GAH!" I transformed into my regular self.

"Oh shit, I forgot about you, Crimson..."

"Oh don't worry, I won't kill you just yet. You're to good at spreading rumors. You'll see how terrifying his ally is!"

I walked out of the bar and disguised myself again for safety. Grrr, I'm not to well known... We'll see how long that lasts...

I kill some ponies and put on another disguise. I go to Apple Cider Inn, and I lie about me needing to visit a friend, and summon some bombs upstairs. I already hear some whispering about being even more carefull in the dark. I light the matches I also summoned with them, and throw them into rooms...


The owner jumps up and sees me walking downstairs. I transform again and say: "Am I famous enough now? HUH?" 

"YES! Please spare the rest of my inn!"

"Good. And as nickname, just call me... THE RED FEAR!"

I then walk out grinning. Time to stop being less sidekick, and start being more famous!

"PROUD OF ME, JACKET?" I scream to the sky...

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