How it all Began...

I was born as a lowly Saiyan child, with the power level of 55. I have one sibling, an older brother named Derasty. My mother's name is....or was....Athena and my father's name is.....or was.....Charles. Yes, I was named after my father. My brother was born exactly three years before I was born. My brother and I have witnessed a lot of tragic events that have scarred us throughout our lives. We've seen family members and friends killed right before our very eyes, teared limb from limb by Frieza's soldiers. The person my brother and I get our Saiyan heritage from is our mother. When she was inhabiting Planet Vegeta, she was a monster, even for Saiyan standards. She killed thousands, if not millions, of innocent Saiyans. One day, King Vegeta had enough of the nonsense and sentenced my mother to be executed in a day. Infuriated by this, she quickly left the planet so that she could avoid persecution, because that is what King Vegeta had planned for her: Death. How could he have not ordered for her to be executed? She killed innocent lives for nothing.

My mother went to Earth and arrived a month later after leaving Planet Vegeta. When my mother arrived on the planet, the only thing in her mind that was running was "Maybe if I destroy this planet and kill everyone here, I'll feel better." She was clearly wrong. When she exited her space pod and floated above the crater's surface, she landed on the ground and looked at everyone. Seeing the strange alien, everyone fled for their lives, all except for one man: my father. He was the only one not afraid of my mother. Amused by this, my mother approached my father and held her palm to him, right in front of his face. She smirked evilly and charged her attack, but as she looked into the man's eyes, she felt strange. She wanted to kill him with all of her power, but she could not compel herself to do so. She actually fell in love with a human. My mother and father began dating that day, my father taking her around and showing her the amusements of Earth. My mother regretted ever thinking of destroying a planet this magnificent. 3 months later, my father proposed to my mother, and of course she said "YES!". A week later, they were officially married. About 10 months later, after having sexual intercourse, my brother Derasty was born in West City Hospital. Three years afterwards, I was born in the same hospital.

Soon after I was born, my mother urged us to move to a distant planet, which was named Taragon. We all agreed and moved to the planet, then stayed for about 10 years. During that time, my brother and I trained under the watchful eyes of my mother and occasionally, Frieza soldiers. Taragon was owned by Frieza, which was a perfect atmosphere for a vacation spot. The planet was beautiful, even more beautiful than Earth. The lush, green fields and cool, sparkling water, so clear that you could nearly see the bottom of the deepest ocean. When I was only 5 years old and my brother 8 years old, Frieza, whose grunts reported to him about our extraordinary training, came out of his spaceship in his little "bubble car" and approached us. I could still see the horrid image of his evil smirk looming over us, even though he is dead now. His image still haunts me to this day. He looked at us and smirked evilly, saying, "My my you two have progressed. You are only the second pair of Saiyans I have met that have progressed so much in a short amount of time."

I looked at my brother and shrugged. Derasty then stood up and looked at Frieza. "Thank you, Lord Frieza," he said in a confident voice, "We strive to achieve greatness. We even hope to become as strong as you one day." Frieza raised an eyebrow at us and chuckled silently. "I am sure you will someday," he said, "I do think that with the proper training, you can become greater than you can possibly imagine. Both my brother and I looked at each other in amazement, hoping Frieza was right. We both accepted the offer, but we did not realize the price. As soon as we entered the spaceship, two of Frieza's grunts killed my parents, along with my family and friends. He has the entire planet purged from it's "filthiness".

After that day, Frieza trained us under his rule, teaching us his tactical ways. From age 5 to age 1

3, before I moved back to Earth, I was nothing but pure evil, just like my mother before she met my father and just like Frieza. My brother and I were constantly sent on missions, because we were third in command, under General Zarbon and General Dodoria. My brother and I slaughtered countless people and conquered hundreds of planets, all in Frieza's name. My brother and I were unstoppable. At the age of 14 years old, my brother 17 years of age, even Frieza could detect the hidden potential that my brother and I possessed. Frieza was afraid we would become Super Saiyans, which he was close to right.

Frieza called both my brother and I into his throne room on the ship. Before we entered, my brother stopped me, pulled me to another room and talked to me. He did not say how he found out, but he found out that Frieza was a back-stabbing liar who manipulates people into doing his dirty work. I was shocked by this turn of events. I had killed countless people for nothing at all. My brother had a plan; It involved him creating a huge distraction while I escaped Frieza's grasp. All I have to say is that it worked. I escaped from Frieza's rule, but my brother was not so lucky. He was captured before he managed to escape. That was the last I ever seen of my brother.

I was devastated. I was the only surviving member of my entire family. Once I headed back to the planet I was born on, Earth, I quickly began to reminisce on the things I missed out over the years. I believe I came back to Earth at about age 14 and 1/2 and I've been laying low, blending in with the society of the humans, trying to not to be noticed. I was doing this until my 18th birthday. That's then all my life went to crap. The day that changed my entire existence forever. I thought that when I landed on Earth, I was safe from all the evil beings of the universe. It turns out I was not even close. Unknown to me, when I landed on Earth again, I was being watched. Observed for some strange purpose, for something greater than even I could imagine as a Saiyan, by none other than Slenderman and the other Creepypastas.

The Change

Yes, how I remember it all. My name was Charles Portal Jr., named after my father of course. I was a tall Saiyan, actually taller than what I should have been, I suppose I thank my father's side for that. Most of his family, including him, were over 5 foot 11 inches tall. me being the shortest in his family. But with my spiky hair, I suppose I was not the shortest. Because of my Saiyan hair, it gave me 4 more inches of height. So, it was almost like I was 6 foot 3 inches. My body build was like a normal Saiyan, muscular-toned and fit like any adult Saiyans should be. Ironically, all of my friends on Earth that I knew thought I was a wrestler or boxer, mainly because I was built like a friggin' body-builder. Even they thought with my muscles, I could lift a truck over my head, which was actually true, but I did not show that I had super-strength or any other power for that matter.

Anyway, even though none of my family or friends were with me at the time, I spent my 18th birthday alone. At the time, I lived in a large 3-story Royal Blue house. It was glorious, the sterling silver shutters and the brick outline around the sides of the building, making the building stand out from everything else. I lived in the woods, almost too far to get to by car. If someone were to walk to my house from the city, it would take them about an hour, perhaps 45 minutes if someone really knows the area and knows the very few shortcuts. My house was a modern house, upper middle-class income, though I did not have a job. How I got the supplies to build my house was because of a "friend" of mine that worked for a building supply had offered to help me if I did several things for him. The job involved lifting and pushing a lot of stuff, which for my Saiyan strength was like playing with feathers. Though he, and anyone else that I met when I came back to Earth, did not know I was a being of supernatural strength, kept it all to myself. Why I did this is because I was actually afraid of being rejected and neglected by them. Knowing the scientists and researchers of the United States, or even the entire Earth for that matter, they would try to harvest my body cells, trying to figure out and engineer a super-warrior from my genetic code.


Charles Portal

Now, on my 18th birthday, nobody showed up to my party. Why, I have no idea, but in a way, I am glad they did not show. They would have all witnessed the horror show, which I know none of them would have been able to handle. When I finished with all of my festivities, eaten all of my dinner and most of my cake, I decided to head out to the beach, which was only about 15 miles from my house. Though I did not know it at the time, the local weather station had called for a weather advisory, in which a typhoon would be created about 5 miles out into the ocean, ironically the same place as I was headed. The typhoon prediction was not the only thing shown on the doppler radar, however. The typhoon was only the very beginning on the enormous storm system what was headed towards the city, one of which nobody on the entire Earth had ever seen before. The storm called for not only the typhoon but massive amounts of lightning, far exceeding the largest and most powerful thunderstorm that the world has recorded. The planet had not seen lightning this intense and weather this horrible since before even the dinosaurs.

Because of the massive storm, the weather station sent out a warning throughout the entire city, telling everyone to stay indoors. A brave news anchor and weatherman Christopher Tealon, decided to do something no other news anchor would have the balls to do: Report live at the beach to show the enormous storm. The other anchors and the supervisors of the station urged him not to, but his determination would not cease. With the help of his fellow cameraman, Jonathan Wangan, and their assistant Stephanie Oswalt, they hopped into their own personal little weather van and took off to the beach.

I flew to the beach about the same time that the trio of weather reporters had left the sanctity of their news station. I was dressed in my traditional Saiyan outfit(as shown above). I wore a suit of Saiyan armor, which covered my entire chest, my Saiyan gloves, a pair of my weighted training boots, and my traditional black Saiyan scouter, which did function properly, but I rarely used it except for pinpointing my location. The gloves themselves were about 2.5 tons each, though they looked very lightweight. My boots weighed twice as much, 5 tons each, and my suit of armor weighed about 15 tons. All together, I was carrying 30 tons of weight on my body, though I was easily used to it. If I were not a Saiyan, the weight would have killed me in an instant. Because of the dexterity and stamina of a Saiyan, whatever does not kill us makes us that much stronger, and I had been training every day since I got to Earth, building up my strength.

I got to the beach a few minutes before the weather reporters did, floating down and landing on the soft sand. Though I did carry 30 tons, or 60,000 pounds, not including my 215 pounds of natural body weight, I did not sink into the sand one bit. I had adapted to the surface of Earth and had figured out how to land on the ground and carry a lot of weight yet remain almost as light as a feather by focusing the energy in my body to keep my own body from sinking into the ground. I thank my flight ability for this. Anyway, when I got to the beach, I noticed that absolutely nobody was around. Usually at this time of year, which it was near the end of summertime, the beaches and boardwalks would be packed with people. I shrugged it off, thinking it must have been nothing. Boy, how I had hoped I was right at the time.

I walked around the beach for the bit, my boots leaving footprints in the sand, just looking around at the scenery, now noticing something was off. The sky was painted a shade of grayish-black and there was a light wind blowing around the area, which gradually began to pick up speed and power with every waking moment. I also turned my head to the ocean as I walked along the beach, seeing the huge waves crashing into the shore with so much power and momentum. How /Lovely/ to spend your milestone birthday in a place so crappy and looking as if it were going to crash at any moment. I heard a motor to the left side of me then turned my head towards the sound. There it was, the news van with Jonathan, Christopher, and Stephanie. It went from on-road to off-road in a moment's notice, the heavy-duty wheels making it easy to maneuver on the ground. I rolled my eyes as soon as I seen the van pull up. "Tcch...weak morons. What the bloody hell are they doing here at a time like this? What, are they trying to get fucking famous or something?" I closed my eyes, pinched the bridge of my nose with my right hand and let out a sigh, saying "This is why I hate the paparazzi. Wait, no. I just hate humans altogether." I removed my right hand from my nose and brought it back to my side, then opened my eyes and stopped walking when I heard something odd. It sounded like an oncoming train slowly coming from....the ocean?

I turned my head towards the ocean to see a funnel appearing above the ocean slowly. I cocked an eyebrow as I simply watched the "show", then heard the doors of the news van fly open, the driver and passenger doors opening first. Once Christopher and Jonathan closed the doors back, Jonathan grabbed the side door of the van and pulled it open, grabbing his camera from where Stephanie was sitting. Stephanie was too busy tracking the weather on her doppler radar screen to even notice Jonathan. Christopher stood with his back to the ocean, about 150 feet from the shore. I was only about 20 feet from the shoreline, the waves occasionally crashing into my boots from time to time. I simply stood there as I watched the funnel above the ocean continue to form. Christopher was a tall young man, about 6 foot tall, and wore a yellow rain jacket, though it was not raining. Jonathan turned his camera on, waiting for it to come on fully. Once it did, Jonathan held his finger over the record button, yelling to Stephanie "You ready in there, Steph?" Stephanie shook her head to get her focus back, then looked back over to Jonathan, saying "Yeah, one sec!" Stephanie typed in a few things on her control panel, bright red writing above the monitor saying 'ON AIR'.

Stephanie gave a thumbs up to Jonathan, yelling "You're good to go! We're ready!" Jonathan just nodded and turned his attention to Christopher. "Alrighty then" Jonathan said, "We are live in 5...4...3...2...1..." Jonathan gave a notion to Christopher as he pressed record, a red button appearing on his camera. The news anchors at the weather station then received the message from the trio and went live to them. "We now go live to our weather anchor Christopher Tealon in West City Beach with our's severe weather report. Christopher, honestly you are a bit crazy for being out there at a time like this, but how's the weather out there?" Christopher nodded to the camera, hearing the news anchor's comment. "Thanks, Bill. I know I'm insane, but I'm just doing something most people couldn't imagine doing. Anyway, we are live in front of the beach where..." The camera focuses on the funnel forming "...the storm is just beginning to form. It has not touched the ocean yet, but it will in a few minutes." The news anchor nods to Jonathan. "Well, get yourself out of there as soon as you ca-" The news anchor pauses when the camera zooms out, seeing a figure on the right side, simply standing and watching the storm form. (I think you can obviously tell who the anchor seen) "Wait a second, Jonathan. Am I seeing things or is that a person behind you?" As soon as the anchor says that, a lightning bolt comes out from the clouds, actually striking the funnel. Once that happens, then funnel accelerates, electricity surrounding the funnel and the wind picking up more speed, then funnel touches the water in a matter of seconds afterwards. Jonathan raises an eyebrow at the camera, confused at what the anchor said. Once Jonathan turns around, his eyes widen as he seen me standing there, the typhoon fully formed and heading to the shore at an immense speed. I turned to the ocean, my back to Jonathan, not even paying attention to him. Jonathan yells out "Hey, you! Get away from there now! You're in danger!"

I simply ignored his order, waiting for the typhoon to come flying at me. Why I waited for the typhoon, I have no idea. Perhaps I wanted to see what the full force of Mother Nature had in store for this Saiyan. I watched as the typhoon rushed to the shore in a matter of seconds, arriving in only 25 seconds. I looked up at the massive 'beast', the typhoon reaching to a height of about 350 feet, the wind gusts about 120 miles an hour. Any normal person would have died or got sucked up instantly, but because of my weighted clothing, I was only lifted up a bit at a time. Once Christopher had seen the typhoon heading towards me, and more importantly THEM, he ran towards the van in a hurry. Jonathan, however, continued filming, the anchors in the studio and everyone else watching the news at home in shock and awe. As I was lifted into the air, all I could hear was intense wind. Nothing else was entering my ears at the time. It sounded like 10 trains were circling around my head at incredible speed. The scouter on the right side of my face blew away in an instant, flying off somewhere (I imagine it flew back to my house, crashing through one of the windows or something).

I only held out my arms as I was being lifted into the air, taking the opportunity to seem as if I were a superior being, which I really was. As I was slowly lifted off the ground, lightning began to strike around the surrounding area, one lightning bolt after another after another. The northwest corner of the typhoon was the first area to shoot a bolt of lightning, then the northeast. The southwest was the next one after that, then then southeast. At that exact moment, I think I went deaf because I could feel my ears popping and I could not hear a single thing, except I could feel the thunder and sound of the lightning. Then of all things, four lightning bolts, each with 30 million volts at 200,000 amps, struck from the exact places as before, except there was one difference. All four of the lightning bolts converged towards the typhoon that I was trapped in, creating an electrical water field around every inch of my body.

As the lightning struck the typhoon, I felt all of the voltage coursing through my body, a pain unlike anything I had ever felt in my entire life. Altogether, I had around 120 million volts at 800,000 amps coursing through not only through my entire body, but through every single cell in my being. A normal being would die at 0.20 amps, but I was taking electrical current 4 million times that! How I was able to even take that, I have no idea. I believe even for a Saiyan, that is about too much. I let out a pained yell, my eyes closing tightly, as I felt the current pass through me. The yell could be heard even through the electrical typhoon. I believe the trio of weather reporters and everyone watching the recording were obviously too scared for words. As I continued to scream, I felt the world around me slowly fade to black, spinning around and around like a merry-go-round, though I still had my eyes tightly shut. In the last few seconds that I could hang on, I opened my eyes, electricity still passing through every fiber of my being. I seen the world around me, electricity zapping around my vision. Everything was fading...disappearing from my view and memory...all of this, and on my birthday too. Ain't that a bitch!

The Creepypasta Meeting

What happened after that, I do not know. Maybe after that, the entire town was destroyed by the typhoon, or perhaps that after it all happened, the typhoon went away just like that. I have no idea, and frankly I don't care. After everything stopped spinning in my head, I awoke hours later, though it felt only like 5 minutes. My eyes fluttered open as I regained consciousness, looking around and noticing I was in a dark and damp cave, only a small bit of light shining through the entire area.

I was confused. How did I get here? The last thing I remember, I was on Mother Nature's death row, having a shit ton of electricity zapped into my entire body. I sat up and scanned the area, seeing nobody in sight. I even tried using my energy-sensing ability, but nothing worked. I was alone, the sounds of dripping water from the stalactites the only sound being heard around the area. I got up to my knees, then stood up, continuing to look around. This was turning out to be the worst birthday ever, but I soon found out it was the greatest, far better than I could have ever dreamed of.

I walked around, the sound of my clacking boots slightly echoing in the cave. I called out, "Hello?", the sound of my voice echoing twice in the cave. I called out a second time 5 second afterwards, this time louder. "Hello?!" The sound was echoed again, this time echoing three time instead of two. I continued to scan the area as I walked, seeing multiple small puddles of blood everywhere. I cocked my right eyebrow at this scene, whispering to myself, "Where the fuck am I? How the bloody hell did I get here?" At that moment, a loud screech was heard about 100 feet ahead from where I was heading, the noise echoing through the area. My eyes widened as I pushed my body forward with my right leg, rushing towards the sound. I had no idea what the sound was, but I just wanted to find out. Once I was 5 feet from...whatever it was...I stopped, landing softly onto the hard ground. I looked ahead to see a large 4-legged figure, almost like a mutated Husky, leaned over and chewing on a dead corpse, the chest/torso and head only left. I looked at the head of the corpse, seeing the lifeless eyes, almost feeling sorry for whoever the corpse once was. But as the law of nature, kill or be killed.

I looked back at the figure, seeing the features clearly. The beast had its fur half-drenched in dried blood, the tail long and bushy, also covered in dried blood. This beast was unlike anything I had seen before. The beast raised its head a moment after I arrived, its ears covered in blood as well, then turned around to face me. The scene was unlike anything I had witnessed. The mutant had evil piercing eyes, similar to that I have seen in horror movies, except they were much more threatening, and the jaws of the beast were inhumane. The beast had razor-sharp teeth, much larger than a normal dog, or any land animal for that matter, should have. Its teeth and snout were dripping with fresh blood, the beast grinning evilly at me, a low guttural growling sound being heard from its gaping maw.

I cocked an eyebrow at the beast, wondering what in the hell it was. The beast said nothing, panting heavily as its devilish eyes glared up at me, like a wolf stalking its prey and observing the target carefully. I only stared back at the beast, my hands balled into fists as I looked at the hulking mass of flesh and bone, being on my guard. Though I was honestly terrified of the beast, my body showed absolutely no fear. I guess it was just Saiyan instinct, to show no fear and remorse for any opponent. The beast lets out a sound after 30 seconds of continuous staring-down, and I recognized the sound. It was a chuckle. The beast, whatever it was, was chuckling at me. I growled at this display and glared at the beast. "What is so funny?!" The beast smiled evilly at me, the psychopathic grin on its face.

At that moment, the beast stood on its two hind legs, its arms spread out wide in an attack position, its claws ready to jump at any given moment to shred my body to bits, like it did the corpse. As soon as the beast did this, it tilted its head back, its mouth opening up to let out a loud screeching howl, just the same as I had heard before. At that moment, I jumped back about 10 feet, giving some room between myself and the beast, but that proved to no avail. As soon as I landed, the beast's head tilted back downwards, the jaws still open wide, the mouth of the beast dripping fresh blood. The beast's hind leg then bent down in a kneeling position, then sprung back up. The beast's body was now being propelled at me, the monster launching itself at me, its talons aimed right for my throat.

Thanks to my fast reflexes, I was able to narrowly avoid the attack. Once the beast lunged at me, my Saiyan instincts kicked back into high-gear. My hands were a tad bit quicker than the beast's hands, and I used that to my advantage. I grasped the beast's clawed hands as it was in the air, a firm grasp on the beast's wrists. At that moment, I lifted my legs above the ground and planted them into the beast's gut. At that moment, it let out a painful grunt, or howl...I could not tell which it was. Once the beast let out the noise, I used my flight power to my advantage and rocket my body back, performing a back-flip. As my feet got to the ground behind me, so did the beast's back. Once I was close enough to the ground, I let go of the beast's wrists at the last second. The momentum from the 'back-flip' caused the beast's body to hit the ground with a loud thud, a pained yell being heard from the gaping maw. Once I had sent the beast onto the ground, I stopped myself in midair, stopping almost on a dime. I then turned my entire body around 180 degrees, so that the front of my body was facing the beast. Once I did that, I planted my feet on the ground, staring down at the beast. I had questions. Who, or more so what, was this beast? How did I get here? And the most important question: Where am I?

I heard a clapping noise 20 feet behind me. Someone besides myself and this...beast...was here in this place. I turned around to see someone in a white hoodie, the hood over their head, holding a torch in their left hand, the torch angled just right so that you could not see the face of the person. The person, whoever it was, also had a huge butcher's knife in their right hand, the blade drenched in fresh blood, the blood dripping freely on the floor. "Bravo", the person said. I could tell they were a male, probably in their mid 20s, from the sound of their voice. "You managed to knock Smile out cold. Not many people, except me, can do that in a single move." Who was Smile? Was it the beast that I had just 'defeated'? The hooded man then let out a whistling sound, one to call a pet to its master. At that moment, I seen out of the corner of my eye that the beast...Smile...has gotten back up from the counterattack that I had performed, its right hind leg limping as the monster, Smile, walked back to the hooded man. This person must have been his master.

I watched as Smile has stood right next to his master, sitting down beside his feet. I cocked an eyebrow at this and stares at the dark...abyss...that should have been the person's face. I watched as the man chuckled lightly, the voice...unlike anything I'd ever heard of. The voice was at the same time somewhat soothing and comforting, but at the same time...the tone was otherworldly. It was as if I was in the presence of a Hell's Angel. I shook my head slightly to get my head together, then took a step towards the man. "Tell me, where the bloody hell am I? How did I get here and why the fuck am I here?" The man shook his head and snickered slightly. "That is all in due time. First, I need to test your mettle. See, my Master has been watching you for the longest time, ever since you have been here. He has been observing you and has seen what you are capable of. He sees you as an extraordinary asset to our cause, but at the same time...he sees you as an immense threat to us." I cocked an eyebrow at the man once again after listening to his little speech. "Who is he?" I asked the man, "What do you mean 'test my mettle'? What have you got planned for me?" The man let out a sigh and growled. "God damn, you talk to fucking much. I'll have to shut your ass up if I'm gonna get anywhere."

Did he really just threaten me, a Saiyan? Either this guy has a bigger ego than any Saiyan in existence and the biggest balls of any being alive, or he is a complete moron. Either way, nobody threatens a Saiyan and walks away unharmed. I pushed my right foot forward, my body being propelled at him quickly, my right arm slightly to the back to me. Unlike any of my other attacks, my right hand was wide open. Once I was close enough to the man, my hand reached out, grasping the man's throat. With the momentum of my lunge, I managed to knock the man off-balance, his body being sent back onto the ground. The man and I landed about 5 feet back from the original spot, my hand still tight on his throat, myself landing on my knees next to him. I glared over at the man, noticing his hood was down. What I had seen, the face of the man, made me mentally crap my pants.

The man had pale white skin, medium-length black hair, which was very messy and uncombed, and his eyes were just as demonic and piercing as his pet's eyes. I could see how the two would get along. But that was not the thing that scared me the most. The man's mouth was...unlike anything I had seen before. A normal person would have a cheek separating their lips from their jawbone. This man, however, did not. His entire cheek was gone, only a huge semi-healed scar along his entire face, showing his razor-sharp teeth. This was insane. How could such beings be so disfigured. It was horrifying beyond belief. Once the man was pinned down, he grinned evilly at me. "Go to sleep!"

At that moment, the knife that the man had in his hand was sent flying towards my neck. Whoever he was, he was trying to kill me. I reacted by moving up a bit, the knife's blade piercing my collarbone, the pain coursing through my body. At that moment, I realized I had no Saiyan armor on, that somehow I was stripped from it all, only my gloves and boots remaining. How someone, besides myself, could get off that much weight of my body was beyond me. Regardless, the blade of the knife did not go through my entire body. Instead, the knife went only a half-inch deep into my shoulder. The wound dripped blood a bit, but nothing too serious. As the weapon was driven into my body, my right hand let go of the man's throat as I let out a pained yell. The man got up in a hurry as soon as I let go, scampering to his feet. I grabbed the handle of the knife with my left hand and pulled it out, letting another pained yell out of my mouth.

As the man got up, I balled my right hand tightly into a fist and dropped the knife on the ground quickly. As my left hand was free, I reached over and grabbed the collar of the man's hoodie, my glove covered in my own blood, and I pulled him towards me quickly. Once I had done that, my right fist was sent up towards the man's jaw as I flew up to stands up. The uppercut connected with a deafening crack, the sound being heard around the cave. The man let out a painful yell as he flew back 15 feet, landing hard on his back. He looked as if he was knocked out cold, his arms spread out wide and his legs spread open slightly, his eyes facing the ceiling, unblinking and glazed. I honestly thought I had killed him, but I seen that he was still breathing. Once Smile had seen what I had done to his master, he rushed over to the man, sitting next to him, his snout nudging the man a few times.

At that moment, I kinda felt bad for the man. I may have used too much power to defeat not only him but his pet as well. A few seconds afterwards, I felt a pair of wet, ice-cold arms appear around my neck, holding me in a choke-hold. I didn't stutter or even react to this, but I did turn my head to see who, or what, had its arms around me. I seen another man, probably in his 20s as well. He had on a green...elf...outfit on and had blonde hair, semi-covered by a green elf hat. I had recognized the man from one of the games from my youth: Link from Legends of Zelda. Except this one was different, much different and ominous. He had black, soul-less eyes and dried blood down from his eyes all the way down to his bottom jaw. He, like the other two, also had razor-sharp teeth. But this one had normal-sized teeth, unlike the two monstrosities.

The man grinned evilly at me as he said to me, in a very dark and demonic, but almost normal voice: "You shouldn't have done that!" At that moment, the man's grip started to tighten on me, starting to choke me with his strength, much more than I had anticipated for anyone, other than another Saiyan, to have. I let out a soft gasp of air, placing my hands on the man's arms. Once I did, I swung my head back, the back of my skull connecting with the man's nose, a crack being heard. The man let out a painful yell as he let go quickly, his hands grasping his face painfully. Using this time wisely, I jumped into the air, my body turning counterclockwise, and sent my right boot straight to the man's face. Once the kick connected, he fell back on the ground, rolling around a bit in pain and yelling out.

I then heard a voice echo in my head say "Enough" It was a telepathic voice, one of someone I had never heard of before. The voice was so demonic, too demonic. I turned to see a figure, about 7 or 8 feet tall, a white...mask?...on its face, dressed in a tuxedo. As I looked at the...face...of the being, I realized it was no mask. There was only a white area where its face should have been, a white abyss of pure evil. The figure was also surrounded by black...tentacles? They were the most ominous things I've ever seen. They were there, but at the same time they were not. The things...tentacles, or whatever they were...were made of nothing but darkness. I felt as if one of them touched me, my soul would be obliterated from my body.

The voice appeared again inside of my head, the echo pulsating through my ears and brain. I then realized that this person, whoever or whatever it was, is the source of the demonic voice. "Enough of this tomfoolery, Ben and Jeff. This is serious business, not a game." I then noticed as the man rolling around on the ground stopped and the other one with...Smile...both got up slowly. The one over by Smile grumbled at the tall demonic figure. "But Slendy, that son of a bitch is fucking dangerous. He's much stronger than anyone, probably even you" I raised an eyebrow as the two conversed. The figure turned towards the man...Ben or Jeff, I could not tell which was which at the time, and spoke telepathically to him. "Do you think I do not know that, Jeff? This one would be the greatest asset of us, the strongest Creepypasta in existence"

This was giving me even more questions to go along with the ton of questions I already had. The blonde one, the one I referred to as "Psycho Link", stood up after that, his right hand still on his nose. "God damn wanker...I should kill you for damaging my good looks." The man then walked over to..."Slendy"...and Jeff. The beast called Smile also walked over slowly to Jeff, sitting right at his feet, his body facing towards me. I looked at them, not believing this was actually real. "Yo, Ben" Jeff said to the blonde in the Link outfit, "You okay there?" Ben simply nodded to Jeff, saying "Yeah, I'm all good. Friggin' bastard packs a fucking punch." Jeff chuckled at Ben's comment "Yeah, I know. Damn bastard nearly knocked my ass out with his uppercut. There's no way in hell he is human" Ben's eyes widened at that moment "Not human? But he looks like one to me, at least. But the hair, that's not any style I've ever seen before."

I responded to Ben and Jeff once they finished speaking "Yes, you are correct. I'm not human. I'm..." Slendy's voice matched in with mine at that moment "...a Saiyan, a being of supernatural abilities and powers" I stopped speaking after that once Slendy raised his right hand, allowing him to speak. "Yes, yes. I know. I know all about your species, how powerful you all can become. It frightens even me, but it intrigues me at the exact same time, to know there are such powerful beings in the universe." Jeff looked at Slendy, raising an eyebrow and looking confused. "How come you didn't tell us that he was this strong?" Slendy turned his head towards Jeff. "I did tell you. I said to you 'This one is immensely strong, perhaps too much to handle on your own', now did I not? I meant it, this one is the strongest being on the planet, excluding myself. I suppose I should not have sent you on this errand by myself. I should have dealt with it my m-" I cut Slendy off at that moment and yelled, "Hey, God dammit! Answer me some questions! Who are you all?! Where am I and why the hell am I here?!"

Slendy turned to face me at that moment, and so did Jeff and Ben. "Sorry about that", Slendy said, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Slenderman. This one..." Slendy indicated Ben "...Is Ben Drowned. and this one..." Slendy indicated Ben and Smile "...Is Jeff the Killer and Smile Dog" Smile growled once Slendy mentioned "Smile Dog". Slendy then corrected himself, "Excuse me...Smile. He does not like that name for some reason" Jeff spoke up, saying "Well, he better. Been calling him Smile since I got him." Smile's tail started wagging and he started panting happily as Jeff spoke. "Calling him by that name just makes ol' Smile here angry as a motherfucker. Hell, if someone called me Jeffy or something like that, I'll kill 'em in their sleep. But, there are only a few people I'll make exceptions for and you..." Jeff indicated me "...are not one of those exceptions. So watch yourself or I'll make you Go To Sleep for good." Slendy shook his head at Jeff. "Some things never change with you, do they?" Jeff smirked smugly at Slendy. "Nope. I ain't never gonna change, Slendy"

Ben finally let go of his nose and growled a bit, then shook his head to get himself together. Ben then locked eyes with me and said, "Yeah...well, I'm Ben. Ben Drowned. Don't you forget it. If you call me anything other than Ben, I'll make sure you regret it." I smirked teasingly at Ben, saying "So, if I called you 'Linkie' or 'Benny' or something like that, you'd get pissed off?" Ben's eyes widened as he gritted his teeth angrily. "You shouldn't have done that!" Slendy places his hand in front of Ben. "Easy, Ben. He is only asking so that he knows not to call you that. Even he would be a fool to play with the Creepypastas." Ben regained his composure and calmed down. "Yeah yeah yeah...Don't call me that, or you're mincemeat."

I shook my head slightly to regain my focus, then took a few steps closer to them. "Well, I'm glad we got the introduction section out of the way, but that still does not answer where I am and why I'm here." Slendy let out a sigh and shook his head. "As I said before, you are important for our cause. And as for /Where/ you are..." Slendy paused for a brief moment " are in my mansion, my home. Slender Manor" I raised an eyebrow at Slendy and looked around. This was his home? 'Slender Manor'? But it looks like a cave more than a manor. This was confusing to me. I looked at Slendy once again. "But this looks like a cave than anything." Jeff commented on my words and said, "That's because we got the lights off. Hang on, I'll get-" Slendy cut Jeff off at that moment and said, "No, Jeff. Allow me to get the lights" Slendy raised both of his hands to about mid-height and clapped them twice. A split second afterwards, a blinding flash of light surged around the area. Upon instinct, I quickly drew my right arm over my eyes as a shield to protect from damage, mainly because my eyes had to adjust to the change in lighting. Once I regained sight, I removed my arm from my eyes and looked at the interior.

It was much different than before. I thought there were stalactites on the ceiling, but once I looked up, there was nothing but a pitch-black canvas. I suppose everything before must have been an illusion because there was no stalactites or stalagmites, or even any blood on the ground. Slendy must have created this illusion or something. Whether we really were in a cave or if it was just a fake illusion of what was, I'm not sure. I wanted to ask, but I just let it be a thing of the past. Why ask more questions when I only had one final one to be answered. I looked at the interior of the manor, not a window in sight around the entire manor. The walls were made of thick stone, probably cobblestone or graphite. Everything around the area, except for some blood-red carpeting around the floor, was completely pitch-black. There was a large golden chandelier above us, about 25 feet above us. The chandelier would sway a bit from time to time, but nothing too much. There were also 4 lit torches, one on each wall in the room and hung up on metal posts. I scanned the room, seeing several other items of decor, like a bookshelf, which was about 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide, stocked fully with books, a few wooden tables around with several things on them, and in the front of the room, a large throne. It was one that a King would use, the black and red throne standing out above everything else in the room. It was about 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide, the back of the throne in a heart shape. This must have been Slendy's private quarters, his throne room.

I looked at Slendy and said, "Well now I know where I am. But even this does not answer why I'm here. Why exactly did you want me, of all people, to join you? And also...I forgot to as, what exactly is a Creepypasta?" Ben answered my second question afterwards. "We are deities that have been cast out from the world, beings that the world truly did not want to see and still don't want to. When people see the Creepypastas, they go running like the pussies they are. They know for a fact we can kill their sorry asses." Jeff added on to Ben's comment. "Some of us are able to haunt technology, like Ben here, and cause people to meet their inevitable fate. If you've heard of a game called Pokemon, there are a few Creepypastas on that subject. With the game Creepypastas, we are the rejected gaming programs. Glitchy Red, Lost Silver, Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, Creepy name it. In short, there is a Creepypasta for almost any game. Kirby, Pokemon, Metroid, Legends of Zelda-" Ben cut off Jeff at that second once he mentioned his game. "Mostly Majora's Mask, though. You're welcome" Jeff shot a slight glare over to Ben from the corner of his eye, then continued talking. "..,And a lot of other games. So in short, almost any game can have a Creepypasta behind it."

Slenderman added on to Jeff's comment as well, finishing up the speech. "Plus, many popular shows on the television have Creepypastas behind them. As Jeff mentioned, Pokemon, Sonic, and My Little Pony, SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Adventure Time...and a lot more shows. There is any type of Creepypasta for anything, be it in television, gaming or even...real life." I raised an eyebrow at Slendy after he finished. "So in short...a Creepypasta is just that: Creepy." Jeff chuckled at my comment and smirked. "Bingo, smurf boy." I shot a glare over to Jeff once he said that. "What did you call me? I am not a smurf. I'm not that short, Jeff. I'm almost as tall as you are." Jeff sneered at me and rolled his eyes. "Well, that don't matter. You're still shorter than me and you got the blue skin for it, so I'm gonna call you 'smurf boy' from now on." I looked at Jeff, a bit shocked. What did he mean? 'Blue skin'? I didn't have blue skin, mine was tanned white. Slendy sighed at us, seeing us bicker a bit. "Hang on, I shall how you." Slender waved his hand around a bit and made a large mirror materialize out of thin air, then sat it down in front of me to show me my new look.


Charles (Ty) Typhoon

I was shocked at first, but I actually liked it. My skin was no longer tan, but now an icy-blue color. It was as if my skin was made of opaque ice instead of actual skin. My hair remained unchanged, black and spiky how it always was, but my eyes were completely different. My irises/pupils were no longer black, but now blood-red. My sclera, the rest of the area around the eye, was no longer white, but now pitch-black. My clothes also looked the same, except for one detail. There was a yellow lightning bolt symbol along my gi, from the top of it to the bottom, the tip of the lightning bolt touching the hipline of my gi. Just perfect....I was a monster before and nobody knew about it, and now I'm a monster and everyone will fucking know about it. Jeez, I wondered how my birthday could get any worse. Slendy asked me, "Do you like your new appearance?"

I only nodded, too surprised for words. This was unbelievable. Once Slendy saw my answer, he put the mirror away. "Good, now there is only one more act of business." Slendy faced me and reached his right hand out to me. "We want you for our cause. We want you to join our cause, Charles. You'll be among friends and allies, people who know your pain and despair, people you can relate to. Do you accept this offer?" I stared at Slendy's faceless head, a glimmer of fire and determination in my eyes as a I responded, "Hell yes." I reached out with my right hand and shook Slendy's hand. As our hand's touched, I felt a surge within me, something giving me immense power. It felt like how I died all over again, yet it was a good pain instead of a bad one. Slendy was giving me power beyond my belief, even as a Saiyan. After 25 seconds, Slendy let go of my hand, his hand drooping down to his side, mine doing the same. I could tell Slendy was smiling, though he had no facial expression appearance. "Good choice, child. You have joined the Creepypastas, the most powerful beings on the planet." I smirked up at Slendy and nodded. "Thank you, Slendy. I'm honored." Slendy turned his head to Jeff. "Jeff..." Slendy also turned his head towards Ben. "...Ben, why don't you two show Charles here around. I think he needs to get acquainted formally." Ben nodded at Slendy and Jeff sneered, then the pair walked to me. Jeff said to me, "Alright, kid. Let's go and get this over with." Ben nudged Jeff slightly. "Be nice, Jeff. Now, Charles...I think you'll need something like a cool nickname or something like that, just because the name 'Charles' seems kinda dull."

I looked up at them and raised an eyebrow. "Well..." I thought about it for a moment. Ben was right. My last name was Portal, but nobody would be afraid of 'Charles Portal'. I would need a name that can make people afraid. I then thought about how I died: typhoon. I then had the idea, saying it out loud as I thought it. "Typhoon. Charles Typhoon. Or just 'Ty' for short." Ben chuckled at me and nodded. "Sounds like a good idea Cha-....Excuse me. I mean Ty" Jeff smirked and punched my shoulder playfully. "Sounds like a good name, kid. Now c'mon...stop lolly-gagging. Let's go." Jeff started walking out of the room, Ben following behind. I followed Ben when Slendy called out to me one last time. "Oh, and Charles. I almost forgot." I didn't stop walking, hearing Slendy's words echo in my head. As I heard the words, I nearly broke into tears. "Happy Birthday."