Author's note: This Is My Third Pasta. Enjoy!

It was 7:00 PM, and I was browsing the internet, as usual. I decided to look for Counter-Strike: Source mods because I did like seeing how mods changed games. I found one that read "Play Half-Life 1 Maps In CS:S With HL Weapons with your normal weapons!"

I thought that was awesome, but, sadly, it was removed as soon as I went on the page. It was replaced by a mod with the name "..." I didn't know what it was, but I had a curious nature, so I downloaded it.

It was a fairly good mod, I thought, because the reviews were all 4-5 stars. I installed it, and was ready to play. First thing I noticed when I started the mod was that I had all the weapons obtainable in the game. No joke. Later I realized I was playing as a terrorist.

The maps were so dark, I could barely see where I was going. I heard a Counter Terrorist say "I got the hostages." Hostages? I had a bomb to plant, why where there hostages?

Immediately I heard guns shooting at me. Not only in-game, but in real life too. This was when I decided to quit the game.

A message came up and said: "WhERE ArE you g0iNg?"

I wasn't that scared by that message, just a little unnerved. I couldn't quit, so I just kept playing.

Then a random virus came up on my computer with the name Your-Welcome.exe.

Then the mod was permanently removed from my PC, and I never saw that mod again.

But every time I quit a game of CS:S, I always hear...

Where are you going...?.