7th April 1971 - Project paperclip completed. All Nazi scientists required have been acquired and those refusing terminated.

MK Ultra success; we have been able to replicate the effects of different drugs very well through different mediums, including gas. The gas subjects were exposed to generally worked, many receiving effects similar to those of an LSD user, reportedly seeing bright colours and hallucinations of beings and ghostly animals. Some seemed to have poor reactions to the gas compared to the tablets, vomiting violently, similar to a seizure. Those who do experience normal effects are easily impressionable, believing any information told and we were even able to remove information and memories in some subjects. Overall success rate: 73%, on 112 subjects.

28th August 1971 – We have seen the popularity of an arcade cabinet rise. If this develops, an investigation will be needed to fully test the potential implications of this.

9th October 1971 – MK Ultra Virtual unsuccessful. Attempts to recreate effects through the use of audio and visual mediums have been unsuccessful. Only 1 subject experienced any effects, which were those of an epileptic seizure, rather than effects of LSD. MK Ultra Virtual halted until further progress can be made.

11th October 1972 – MK Ultra Virtual II unsuccessful. In light of the release of the Magnavox Odyssey system, we could potentially bring this project into homes. However, any attempt to create a game were unsuccessful due to system’s power limitations.

XXX XXX 1973 – MK Ultra has been officially shut down. All records should be destroyed. All projects put on hold.

XXX XXX 1981 – Arcade cabinet testing was promising. 47% of subjects felt minor effects of headaches or eyestrain, some complaining of feeling motion sickness, some seeing permanent lights, not quite the level of effects the gas provided, but as an invisible medium and some development, the project may be successfully implemented.

XXX XXX 1981 – Arcade cabinet officially works, codenamed ‘Polybius’. Similar effects to gas were achieved, reaching as many as 68% of people having effects of LSD, some complaining of feeling extreme depression at the same time as extreme euphoria, similar to both bipolar extremes, at the same time.

XXX XXX 1981 – Three Polybius arcade machines were placed in XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXXXX, areas with seemingly high crime rates. They will be extracted after 12 weeks of data recording and capture.

XXX XXX 1981 – Polybius machines pulled after undesired effects achieved, more testing is required. Three subjects have died only hours after playing Polybius. Autopsies of two revealed suicide was the cause of death, although their records reveal no trace of mental illness. For now, we are assuming the cause of death is Polybius. Another died less than two hours from playing the Polybius machine. Autopsy revealed severe brain damage, although he had no records of such. Cause of death presumed Polybius. Over 30 having seemingly seizure effects, all with no records of epilepsy or other seizure causing disability. Presumed Polybius. 29 found wandering around, complaining of hallucinations and bright colours and were treated by medics for LSD. The treatment failed but the effects passed after 2 days in hospital, all of which suffering no effects later. Effects presumed from Polybius.

XXX XXX 1982 – Polybius project revitalised after failure. New attempt to build new game for home system ‘Atari 2600’ with same intended effects.

XXX XXX 1982 – Atari 2600 Polybius project failure as system fails to meet sound requirements. Visuals not sharp enough to implement subliminal messages used in original Polybius machines. The Polybius project will be put on hold until further developments in home entertainment systems can be achieved.

XXX December 1983 – Polybius project officially shut down. Atari game ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’ implemented to intentionally cut interest in video games and to divert attention from the project. Subliminal messages implemented to push negative feelings towards all forms of video game entertainment. All records shall be destroyed and failure to do so will result in prosecution. All evidence of game removed or changed to ‘Tempest’ and any adverse or extreme effects removed.


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