Are you afraid of the dark? You should be, because that's where the Children of the Dark lives...

Black eyes, watching and spying those who sleep alone, some actually even touch the one who is asleep.

Thus, giving them nightmares, have you ever had those nightmares, where do you feel like falling off a building?

That's because the Children of the Dark want that to happen, with their dark force, the force of the shadows, they will transform you into a suicidal human...And soon, after every member of your family dies, you will go to the highest building in your city, and jump off, you will scream as you immediately regret doing that. As you scream in fear and tears fall of your face, you'll remember the dream you had, and just before you touch the floor, you'll see the Children of the Dark for a brief second, and then your soul will leave your destroyed and ugly body, and you'll finally join...The Children of the Dark...

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