Does anybody remember that show "Caillou"? It has been airing episodes since 1997 and it has been known to be one of the worst kids shows of all time. Why you ask, because it shows Caillou throwing temper tantrums and being mean to his little sister Rosie. But, what you may not know is that there is an unaired version of the show. It wasn't seen by anyone except the PBS Kids company, to which they found that the footage was too dark and disturbing that they refused to air it to the public.

It starts off with the musical theme song, but something was off about it. The quality was really bad and the audio sounded very distorted. After that, it goes straight to the episode. The beggining of it shows Caillou playing with his toys in his room. Until when Rosie comes into his room, asking if Caillou would play with her. Caillou then starts yelling at Rosie, telling her to go away. But, Rosie didn't seem to respond to what his big brother was saying to her. Caillou then got even angrier and then starts beating up Rosie. He was punching and kicking her violently. As he did that, Rosie then starts bleeding a bit as well as getting bruises on her.

This lasted for about 15 minutes. Until Caillou's parents walk into the bedroom, only to see that Caillou was beating up his little sister Rosie. His dad then yelled, "That's it, I am calling the police on you! You little bastard!" Caillou then stops and slowly turned his head towards his parents in a very creepy way. He then leaped onto his dad and starts biting his skull. His dad then starts screaming loudly in pain. Then, Caillou ripped open his dad's skull and starts eating his brains.

Then, the screen had cut to static for about eight minutes or so. The episode came back with Caillou and his mother in the living room. It shows his mother slowly backing away from her son. As she said, "Caillou, why are you doing this!? It's just not like you!"

Caillou then said, "Shut up you stupid lady! You are going to die whether you like it or not!"

He then grabs a gun from a shelf and starts shooting his mother from head to toe. She then dies quickly from the loss of blood. The screen had all of a sudden cut to static for a good five minutes. Then, the episode came back with Caillou staring at the viewers with an evil expression on his face. His eyes were a glowing red and his teeth were as sharp as knives. This lasted for a long time, until the episode ends with no credits. Instead it ended with loud static.

The tape of the episode was found in an old shed at the producer's house. So, if you find this tape, please contact the authorities.