Bulbapod by happyblueneo-d53i7qs

Looking online, there are so many creepy pasta stories about Pokemon on the web it’s almost a cult classic thing now. However reading through them made me recall my own experience with a Pokemon game, or related too it at the very least. Like many before me I was also an avid Pokemon fan, owning a copy of Pokemon red and playing it whenever I had the chance, which was when my bigger brother wasn’t playing it. Of the three starter Pokemon, none of us ever chose Bulbasaur, always Squirtle (my choice) or Charmander.

When I played I always tried too play like ash, find a Pikachu and a Pidgy, then a Caterpie. When I found a Metapod I’d catch it, then forget about it when I evolved my Caterpie into a Metapod which obviously had more skills available due too it being trained from a Caterpie. After which I would play my game as I normally did.

However one night I was up particularly late while playing, when I turned it off and went too sleep, I had a very bizarre dream. I dreamed I was… well, playing my Pokemon game as usual. I was wondering through tall grass outside the entrance too mount moon when I encountered a random battle. What I encountered was something I could only call a ‘Bulbapod’ it was a Bulbasaur wrapped in bandages, almost like a mummy, and instead of a bulb on it’s back, it had a Metapod. The Metapod was facing away from me and wrapped up in bandages as well, attached too the Bulbasaur half. As I looked at it (at this point I had become the actual trainer in my game, but I still saw everything as the monochrome 8-bit style of the game) It looked back at me with these big, dead eyes, I can remember them easily, large, not blood shot, but soul piercing red eyes without any eyelid one on the Bulbasaur, one on the Metapod, and they both stared me down.

After recovering I called out my Pikachu and used thunder shock, which dropped it in one hit. After that I merely shrugged and moved on. After passing through mount moon, just outside of cerulean city I encountered the Bulbapod again. Once again calling Pikachu, this time I tried too catch it. However the poke ball didn’t even make contact, a bandage whipped it away. After that, text ‘Bulbasaur used vine whip’ came up, I see bandages shoot up and mummify my Pikachu, the shock of the scene made my dream more real then I wanted as now I was in the world of Pokemon. I ran over and grabbed my Pikachu as it laid there dying in my arms, I got up and fled too cerulean as fast as I could, watching as Pikachu’s eyes slowly closed. Sprinting into the Pokemon center I immediately got Pikachu into the clinic, but by then he had died, I remember the text box reading ‘Pikachu has died’ then the Pokemon list came up, and Pikachu’s avatar wasn’t moving. I just looked at my Pikachu, still in my arms.

Another text box appeared saying ‘Pikachu has revived’ once again my dream took me too the Pokemon team, the avatar was moving at half the speed it normally did, and when I looked at it’s image, it was wrapped in bandages, one eye covered, the other the same, dead, red, soul piercing eye the Bulbapod had. It just glared at me, but did nothing. I put the ‘Pikachu’ back in my poke ball and headed off when I encountered a trainer. We initiated a fight and I called out my now undead Pikachu and noticed a new attack called ‘mummify’. I went too chose thunder shock, but Pikachu used mummify and the trainer’s Pokemon was wrapped up, then a text came up saying that the trainer’s Pokemon died. When the trainer came up, Pikachu again used mummify and killed the trainer, in a horrifying twist, the trainer transformed into another Bulbapod. I called out my Pidgy too fight it, but it got the drop on me and mummified my Pidgy too, at this point I just ran.

As I did I saw trainers vanishing one by one, replaced with Bulbapods. Eventually I was cornered, I called out Squirtle, but even he knew it was of little used, Bulbasaur was a plant type, and this undead creature was part Bulbasaur. They attacked my Squirtle next, as they did I jumped forward too try and stop them, but they snatched him away and mummified him too. Then they all stared at me, as if this was revenge for all the times I abandoned Bulbasaur and Metapod. They shot their bandages at me, they had me wrapped up, and as I looked up, a Bulbapod stared right at me, face too face, with it’s undead eyes. Then a bandage covered my face… then I woke up. I quickly turned my Pokemon game on and for a split second I thought I saw a Bulbapod on the title screen. It was all just a dream right?

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