Ben was a 12-year old kid who really enjoyed the Legend of Zelda Series. He had just gotten the game Majora's Mask and was excited to brag to his friends he would make on his first day of school.

Fate has a funny way of screwing people over.

On his first day of school Ben was picked on, pushed around, even beat up a few times for being a "nerd" as they called it.

Everyday was the same thing, go to school and get beat up, come home and play some more Majora's Mask. From how devoted he was to the game, his parents joked he was married to it.

One day, he decided to stand up to the bullies and went to the principle. After the bullies left the office, they dragged Ben to the pool once school ended. Winter break now beginning.

After more ridicule and beatings they eventually tossed him in, despite his protests of not knowing how to swim.

With a splash, he landed in the deep end of the pool and started struggling to stay afloat. The bullies just laughed as he slowly went under and appeared on the top.

After Ben went under the third time, he did not come back up. The bullies had planned on getting him out if he got up the third time, but they started getting worried and looked for any sign of him. Once they figured out what they did, they ran away.

Ben drowned.

His spirit, now with the look of Link from the series he loved so much, rose out of the water and shook his head. It was at that point he went to his room, and looked at his game. He was going to get back at the bullies and he had the perfect plan of doing it, he was going to haunt his game cartridge knowing his dad would sell it due to financial problems.

Fate also has a way of granting one's final wish.

It was on Monday, a few weeks after the murder, that Ben's body was found in the pool. That was also the day the bullies decided to get together to play a new game Chuck bought in a flea market Ben's dad took part in.

It was on Tuesday that Chuck was found hanging from a belt in his closet.

On Wednesday, the body of Theodore was bound with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

Thursday was the day Chris was found with a fatal slice across his neck.

On Friday, Brandon died of overdose on pills of various kind.

On Saturday, Ben concluded his vengeance complete.

On Sunday, Ben continued to haunt the game.

On the television in Chuck's room Tuesday, was the data select screen of Majora's Mask. Both slots were filled, each with a different title. Anyone who read the titles instantly knew it involved Ben. Because the titles said:

Ben Drowned.

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