Barra Barra; Sadness, hate and reign of arbitrary

Barra Barra; Destruction, jealously; there is no trust left

Barra Barra; Thirst and people are unlucky

Barra Barra; No honor, but oppression and slavery

Barra Barra; Rivers were dried up and seas ruined everything

Barra Barra; Stars are switched off and sun went down

Barra Barra; There is neither good, nor happiness, nor luck anymore

Barra Barra; There are no trees left and the birds stopped singing

Barra Barra; There are neither nights, nor day left, darkness only

Creator of the song: Rachid Taha

Text by: Rockamorow

Rachid taha - barra barra05:48

Rachid taha - barra barra

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