Pokémon is an amazing franchise. Many different things to do, even if you don't have a TV or Console to play/watch it on. Now, back on topic...

Where it all began... One day, which involved an incident with my Pokémon Black Cartridge, my chihuahua, and his teeth... After this happened, I was shocked. I planned to have a Wi-Fi Tournament later that day with some friends, but I couldn't now. I looked at the store to quickly buy a copy, but sadly couldn't find one. I did have an R4 at my house, so I decided to just download a rom, and cheat in the Pokemon team I had. BIG mistake on the ROM part...

I forget the website I got the ROM on. I have programs deleting my computer history every hour or so. When I started playing the game, instead of the usual cutscene before Reshiram appearing, it just cut to Reshiram. When I pressed start, there was a file, with a decent play time already loaded onto the ROM. I guessed the person giving out the ROM forgot to get rid of the save data.

Bad Egg status screen RS

Bad Egg

I decided to see what Pokemon that the already-made part had, and how far it was. All it had was a level 5 Pikachu, and the eight badges. I thought "So, this person must've cheated their way here, or deleted all their Pokemon?". When I checked Pikachu's name, it was 'Yellow'. "Such a unique name", I sarcastically thought. After closing the Pikachu's profile, I checked the bags. Nothing, except for a Pokéball.

I walked around, and found a patch of grass. When the battle started, instead of a regular Pokemon, a level 1 Bad Egg (A glitch-Pokemon, like Missingno.) appeared. I tried to run, because I heard of Bad Eggs, and how glitchy they are, from friends. I couldn't run. I looked at Yellow's moves, only seeing Counter. Seeing as it was my only choice, other than a Pokeball, I did it.

The Bad Egg used Tackle. It, strangely, didn't do anything to Pikachu. It actually hurt the Bad Egg, down to red health. Counter just seemed to do damage to me. Pikachu was down to 1 health. I decided to throw my Pokeball. That was a big mistake. After capturing the Bad Egg, instead of the usual message for catching a Pokemon, it said "The Bad Egg willingly went along with the Player."

After the battle, the game crashed. I reloaded it, and went back into the game. Instantly, I was greeted by an egg hatching cutscene, with the Bad Egg. "Your Bad Egg has hatched into Charizard!", it said. "What the FUCK is going on?!", I thought.

I decided to see my newly hatched Charizard. It had the name "BAD", and was level 1, with a Quick Claw equipped. The only move it knew was Explode. Hesitantly, I decided to test it out in battle. I entered tall grass, and instantly, a Pokémon battle arose. There was a level 100 Blastoise. Since all 'BAD" knew was Explode, and it had a weak type to Blastoise, I decided to swap out to Pikachu. "You can't do that now!" is what it said. I tried to run. It came up with the same message. So, I decided to use Explode...

When I used Explode, the Quick Claw activated, making me go first. Strangely, BAD didn't die from it. Instead, the Blastoise seemed to just... explode. Instead of it saying "BAD gained <amount> of experience!", it said "BAD seemed to grin."

After the battle ended, I wasn't where I was. I was in the Daycare's field. I decided to look around the area. No Pokémon were there. Only the field, and a cave entrance. I hesitantly entered it. Instead of entering a cave, I was in  some strange building. Inside was the Daycare Man, next to some sort of machine. I walked up to him. He grinned, then I entered a Pokemon Battle. It was against a Bad Egg, strangely. I decided to use Explode, yet again.

"It didn't affect Bad Egg!". The Bad Egg then used Earthquake. BAD instantly fainted. A text box appeared on the screen, with a yes or no selection. "Continue?". I pressed "No.". It said "You can't do that!". I pressed "Yes.". I appeared back in the room, but the Daycare Man was missing. I tried to exit. I couldn't exit.

I walked to the machine. The game crashed.

I loaded up the game again. The save file was missing. I hit "New Game". It instantly crashed again.

I loaded it up YET AGAIN, and I was in the room again, but with an overworld sprite of a Charizard. I talked to it. It said "BAD wishes to battle!". It also said "Yes." or "No.". I selected "No.", mainly due to the fact that I had no Pokémon. It said "BAD demands to battle!", and then it started up a battle. It was literally the player vs BAD. The only button on the screen was "Defend". I had to click it. BAD used Explode. One of the player sprite's arms seemed to quickly fade away, with red pixels symbolizing blood on the sprite dripping from the area. I hit defend again. BAD used explode yet again, leaving the player sprite without his arms...

Instead of "DEFEND" popping up, now there was only "Run." I hit it. Nothing happened, except for BAD exploding the entire player sprite this time. I thought "This has to be a sick and demented hack...". The Battle ended, with a scene showing a gravestone, and a ghost sprite. I was controlling the ghost.

I moved to the gravestone. It said "R.I.P Player". The game crashed.

I reloaded the R4. The Pokemon Black ROM was no longer on it.