Pokemon no 493 arceus by kyuubi0017-d4cf3n0

Judgement day is upon you, humans.

We were archaeologists on a quest for science. We wanted to learn more about the god-like Pokemon called Arceus, which was popularly believed to have created the universe. Many of my colleagues were skeptical. Can't blame them. We all believed that Arceus was just a very powerful Pokemon, not a god. But we were fascinated by the bizarre and obscured nature of the creature.

Our first stop was at a local town in the Kanto region called "The Nursery of Arceus’ Children", where there was symbolism of the Pokemon everywhere. The townspeople seemed nice. There was a priest at the center of the town square, who was preaching to the people about something called "The grand plan of Arceus."

He said that soon, Arceus will bring forth a doomsday that'll destroy humanity, and Pokemon will take over unless the blood of heretics is spilled.

All my colleagues quietly doubted this.

Well, all but my friend Henry.

Henry yelled at the Priest and called him a madman thinking about such things, and the townspeople began to look at all of us. The priest said nothing.

He finally said: "Don't mind the non-believers. Let their ‘science’ blind them to the truth if they so please."

Everyone went back to look at the priest, as he resumed preaching.

Henry got mad for being insulted, and threw a tomato at him!

Like some highly tuned martial artist, the Priest grabbed the tomato, perfectly preserved.

The Priest approached Henry.

The Priest asked: "Do you believe in Arceus?"

Henry replied saying that he did, but not as a god. Just a strong Pokemon.

The Priest laughed gently and told him: “There's more to Arceus than what your eyes and your "Science" can show you. If you continue your transgressions.... well, a meeting with Him just might be arranged.”

Henry laughed at him, and walked away.

The rest of my colleagues were concerned because he messed with town's customs. I was the one who apologized for his behavior.

The priest only gave a friendly smile, and walked away, the townspeople following him.

We stayed in a local hotel that night.

Henry never came back.

We decided that we were to continue without him. The townspeople gave us food as “a thank-you for visiting us, and as a blessing of Arceus.” We accepted the generous offer, and carried on. We never knew what became of Henry. We all agreed he quit the project because of his scientific beliefs. He always did find studying legendary Pokemon pointless.

We then came across a forest named "Arceus' garden." It was just a regular forest, save for the occasional Arceus statue or two, but after trekking through the woods for a while, we found something interesting; it looked like a ceremonial dagger.

Our knife expert, Jones, was fascinated by the knife. But what concerned us was that it was surprisingly

Dagger pistol hilt Louvre R895

The Dagger of Arceus

new for something that looked ancient, and that it had what looked like a dried red liquid splattered on its blade. Jones ignored this and placed it in his bookbag. He went back to town to study it further.

The day was beginning to turn into night by then, so we made camp next to a big oak tree with a painting on it.

Beginning Dimension Arceus by purplekecleon

Arceus, with two other legendary pokemon.

It was Arceus, with Dialga and Palkia. It was popularly believed that Arceus created the world, created Pokemon, and humans. My colleagues were still skeptical, and believed we all came from evolution. No one said this more than the Evolution theorist colleague of mine, Professor Oak. Though, he was confused about where Arceus came from, and isn't afraid to admit that it does make him curious. However, my least favorite colleague, Dr. Sam, considered Oak a fool. I got mad. I was in charge of the study. I asked Sam to leave if he wouldn’t have an open mind.

He shouted obscene words at me and damned the idea that we were even doing this anyway. He then stomped away back into town.

Zephyrium spear detail

The spear we found on Yo's destroyed computer.

A day later, neither Jones nor Sam had come back. We kicked Sam out, so we didn't care. Jones tends to be fashionably late anyway, so we continued on, and we left a trail for him to follow by marking the trees.

Suddenly we were ambushed by bandits.

They wanted us to surrender the Dagger of Arceus; they wanted to make money off of it by selling the dagger to Team Rocket. We just said we didn't have it. The bandits sought to murder us, but then, a Charizard appeared, strangely glowing white, and burned the bastards into ash.

The priest appeared. He returned the Charizard into a golden, glowing Pokéball, and vanished into the shadows.

We wanted to thank him, but he was already gone.

We left the forest and found the temple. Our team blogger, Yosemite, (we call him Yo for short) went to find a private place to blog. Oak decided he was to go home. He entrusted us to look over the study and left.

Night came. Yo was gone. We never found him. All we found was his computer, destroyed by a golden spear.

We were starting to become concerned. We decided we were to stay together. I went with my girlfriend Jess, and our friend Kronk.

The others went back to town to find Jones, and warn him about what was going on. Kronk decided to stay behind, and prevent any possible followers to come after us, and to warn us if any were to come, as me and Jess decided we are to move on.

A day later: the others never came back with Jones. We assumed the worst. Jess asked me to continue the research; it was too important.

After continuing our travels through the forest, we discovered a heavenly temple with a statue of Arceus at its center.


It's... beautiful.

It was beautiful. Pokemon were everywhere. There was a Ninetails mother tending to some Vulpixes. Other Pokemon were there as well.

We approached the temple area, and we read a plaque.

"To all who find this place: This is a holy temple.  All Pokemon are protected by my rule. Thou shalt not capture Pokemon, or enter this area, or the Humans that obey my rules shall make you the next in my long line of punished heretics."

We were stunned by this. None of it made sense. Suddenly, we were ambushed by masked men wearing symbols of Arceus.

“We are Arceus’ chosen guardians.” Then we were knocked out.

We awoke in some sort of room, and I saw the priest again. He had the dagger. I saw all my other colleagues there as well. Henry, Jones, Sam, Yo, Kronk and all the others. Dead. Oak was missing. Did he escape? I saw Jess. She was dying. More priests appeared, chanting Arceus' name. The priest leader came to me.

He spoke to me: "Welcome to your final hours, heretic. Oak was generous to send you all to your graves for your ill-advised curiosity. Since you are the leader, you will live to see Arceus. A pity. You seemed smarter than this."

The chant got louder as a portal opened. and it was none other than him. Arceus.


Arceus, in his all mighty glory.

He looked magnificent. But then, he started to become darker (in the way of the above image at the top) and glowed in unholy red energy. His gray parts became blacker, and a somehow evil looking white, and he roared in rage! Even the golden arch in his body became a deep black color.

The priests groveled at the sight of this creature.

Then, what looked like Arceus spoke: "This offering of Heretics appeases me. As for my promise, humanity will still be allowed to live for another century. Now leave. I wish to feast in private."

I was horrified. A Pokemon eating a human? Unheard of!

The priests left as they began to chant at a frantic pace.

Arceus suddenly showed a horrendous, blood drenched, fanged, shark-like mouth,. First, it ate the corpses of my colleagues.

I was in horror. I couldn't scream. I couldn't move. I was horrified.

Arceus then picked up Jess with magic, and wolfed her down whole. I heard horrendous chewing sounds.

I was drowning in puke and tears, knowing I was about to be next.

I felt a god-like force pick me up, and was was taken closer to Arceus. Face to face. It slowly opened it's mouth.

I closed my eyes, and quietly accepted a horrible fate. The last I heard… was this:



The new official testament of the Cult of Arceus.

The heretics are dead. Our great god, the devourer of sin and evil, has spared us. We owe our thanks to the man named Oak, a fellow cult member. He heard that a young man named Ash saved our lord's life. He promises that one day, he will introduce the boy into the cult. Oak said he has a lot of people he knows whom ash will love to make his enemies and make them "have a meeting" with our lord.

Chapter 690484, 3:7. Arceus be praised.

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