I felt a bit stupid when I figured out what Braviary was. I mean, all I had to do was look at Rufflet - surely 'Eaglet' would tell me. Unfortunately, when I first saw him, I thought he was an owl. Oh well, that doesn't matter now. Braviary is my favourite Pokemon and I'd waste all the luxury balls in the world to catch him... And I did. Well... Rufflet, anyway.

But let's go to the beginning first. I chose Snivy as my starter because I thought snakes were a bit cool, yada yada, got a bunch of Pokemon, traded White-exclusive Pokemon to Black. Eventually, I decided "Hey! I should be a bird trainer since I love birds so much!" Eh... Well, I had 3 legendaries too. Anyway, my team ended up consisting of Reshiram, Kyurem, Zekrom, Mandibuzz, Cobalion and a male Unfezant. Unlike many, I really didn't grow all that attached to my starter. When I figured out Braviary is an eagle (I absolutely love eagles) I just HAD to get him! But stupid me spent weeks trying to find him in Pokemon Black - then I figured out he's also White-exclusive. Damn.

So yeah, I hadn't exactly beat Ghetsis in White yet, that meant I couldn't just find a Braviary around the corner. So I found a Rufflet. Not shiny, not Pokerus, nothing special, not that I cared. I finally found a good eagle Pokemon. Even more, he has a Native American design! Native Americans are another thing I'm interested in... and he's a warrior! I like warriors too! Rufflet was perfect. Well... He would be when I would evolve him. I hadn't damaged him - He was wild, but still precious to me. Instead, I through a bunch of Luxury Balls at him and eventually caught him. Woo! Happy days!

Anyway, I looked back at my albino Cockatiel, Aquila and thought, "I should name him after my bird!" And that I did. That's when things started to get creepy....

Just kidding. Not yet.

Then I trained him, he evolved into Braviary, I squealed, eventually beat Ghetsis, then I sighed as I watched N fly off on his Zekrom... I grew attached to Braviary in such a short time and now our adventure was coming to a close, and I couldn't exactly be bothered to go around Unova just to find 6 other people. As for the wondering Pokemon Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus, they were pain in the asses and I'm sure having 6 legendary pokemon is enough for me. I'll go catch them later.

I turned back at Aquila again (the cockatiel, not the Pokemon) in all his trying-to-fly glory even though his wings are clipped and he's only 9 weeks old. I picked him up and he climbed up my arm onto my shoulder like a staircase, like the adorable little bugger he is, and typically he started chewing on my hair. I would just wonder around Unova fighting with Aquila (The pokemon) for no good reason, then I realised that I had a ton-load of work to do. The cockatiel, the hens, the homework, the collecting bird sounds for the game I'm helping develop, the getting annoyed by friends on facebook, all that stuff. It would take me a while and I wouldn't play Pokemon Black for a while. I eventually forgot about Aquila, then on one sports day my friend lended me Pokemon Y for a day. I started playing with Pokemon-Amie with Talonflame. Then I remembered my bird and thought about how cockatiels look a bit like tiny and differently coloured Talonflames. I gave my friend back his Y and much to my dismay, I found out something terrible...

I had LOST Pokemon Black on my way to sport. Aquila (Braviary) was gone... I wouldn't see him for a while...

Then I went home and cried about it. Aquila (Cockatiel) came up to me and looked sad too. I remembered my thought on how cockatiels look a bit like Talonflame and posted it on facebook in a bad attempt to cheer myself up. Coincidentally, some adorable little bugger was on my shoulder repeatedly slapping me on the neck with his wing. Then I remembered Braviary... and cried again. Aquila fell asleep and I did too. Me and my bird had a strange and creepy relationship with eachother - whenever he was tired, I was too. Whenever he was hungry, I was too. Might be just me though.

Pokemon Black being a DS game, I could emulate it. So I did, but I had to restart it all again and catch Braviary and rename him again. But that wasn't the case. I had my old save, so I loaded it... Everything was like it was on the 3DS. I was a bit creeped out, and my bird didn't know what the hell was going on. Naturally, he wouldn't because he's a bird.

I checked my party. My named Braviary was there. I exited. I was in the Pokemon League, but the Plasma castle-thingy was still there. I went in... A text box appeared.


I gasped. Read one too many Pokemon creepypasta. Ouch.

The screen faded and I saw Braviary at the screen, facing me with a happy face. We were reunited... in a scary way.

"You came back for me!" he said. Strangely, I could type to him. So I did. Wasn't anything I saw on any emulated game before... Heh.

He shook his head. "But... there's one problem..." he continued, "Why did you leave me in the first place?"

"I'm sorry, Braviary... I didn't mean to lose you. I am! Yes... I came back for you. I love you more than anything, I hope you understand!" I typed to him.

It was like he could sense what I was feeling. He looked sad at me. "Why are you scared?" he asked. "It's okay. I'm your friend... don't you remember me?"

"I do. It's just... This has never happened to me and it's definitely not normal," I typed.

"I understand... and TALONFLAME?!" he asked with fury in his eyes.

"I was lonely without you! I couldn't bare the thought of being away with you! Please forgive me, Aquila!!" I typed... My throat dry, tears forming a bit.

"But to spend time with him like that! It's like you forgot me!" he said, with his mouth open and an angry Braviary cry playing.

"I never wanted to forget you. I won't lie to you. I did at one point, but you were always in my heart! With me! I even named you after one I would never forget!" I cried.

"At least you're honest... And this one I'm named after. Where is he?" Braviary asked. Right, Aquila (Cockatiel). He was hiding in my hair again. I gently put him on my finger and showed him to Braviary.

"Well, well. And about Talonflame," Braviary smirked at me.

"What about him?" I asked. Braviary grabbed hold of something in his beak. A bird... a Talonflame. "No, please... Don't do this," i begged.

"Who do you prefer? Me or him?" Braviary asked me.

"You! Of course! But you know me, I love all Pokemon and birds! But none will ever take your place... You are my number one, and you will be forever!" I reasoned.

"Are you sure?"

A yes/no option came up. I pressed yes, then typed: "I raised you as an eaglet. As a Rufflet. You are family... Talonflame? I like him. I spent one day with him... Just one. And I am willing to transfer you to the next generation, no matter how much I have to pay for it, and we can continue our journey in Kalos too,"

Braviary released Talonflame and he faded away. Braviary smiled at me.

A text box came up. "Aquila is satisfied with your answer." I sighed with relief.

"So you say. So I am satisfied. I will wait until you get the chance to take me with you on your next journey - And you may have lost me... But for the time being, I will be with someone else. They shall return me to you. Let us just wait for this moment..."

Again, I sighed in relief, smiling.

The screen returned to normal and Braviary's sprite stood there. I talked to him.

"Have fun with Aquila. Farewell, for now. I will see you in Kalos!" He flew off.

"Godspeed, Braviary," I whispered.

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