Hi, my name is Joey Jason Cooper, my best friend is the killer, Allen Fletcher. At least, he was my best friend, I don't know if I'm friends with him anymore. You know, since he kills people. If you don't know him, Jeff burned him to "Make him beautiful," and little by little since then my friend has been going insane. All the surviving students of his first killing rampage at my school had to transfer to another school.

Allen won't go because he says "I don't need an education. I'm a killer after all! Do you think Jeff goes to school? No, he does not." My foot kicks some snow as my feet drag me to school. I really don't want to go, I used to love school but now it just reminds me that my friend is now a killer. I finally reach the front of my school, it's pretty old, over 100 years. Because of that there are some cracks in the stone bricks that make up the outside of my school. I press the bell and the door unlocks. I walk up to floor 3, go through the double doors, and arrive at my homeroom.

"Hello Joey, please take your seat," says Mr. Luinal, my homeroom teacher. I take my seat at the front of the class. I'm trying to figure out a+197=1,000 when Mr. Luinal announces that we may go to our first class. We all file out of homeroom and go into a room that smells strongly of chemicals, the science room.

The day goes by slowly, finally, after what seems like forever the bell rings and school's out for the day. It's been 4 weeks since Allen and I climbed up that mountain, and Allen killed some of our classmates that were trying to kill him. I'm just about home when I trip over something, I look up and a net falls over me. Looks like what I tripped over was a tripwire, I can only guess who set it.

"Oops, look like a caught the wrong person. I would never kill you Joey." Allen says. I knew it, of course he set it.

"Heh, no worries." I tell him as I brush off the dust then I take off running. It feels a bit weird being friends with a murderer, you always think he'll backstab you, literally.

As I lay on my bed later that night, I try not to think about Allen. But that's really hard. I mean, we've been friends since we were 1, now, 11 years later, he becomes an insane killer. After about 20 more minuets of laying awake, I drift off into a deep sleep.

"Briiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" That's my alarm clock, I get up and dress in an orange shirt and blue pants. Then go downstairs to eat breakfast. A pancake and syrup greet me as I sit down at the table and see a note left on the table for me. It reads:

Dear Joey, your father and I have a business trip to Michigan but we'll be back in about 6 days. We just got the call and had to go to work so we couldn't hire a babysitter, but you don't need one do you? Besides you could always stay at Allen or another friend's house! Love, Mom.

Great, she doesn't know about Allen yet. Let's hope she doesn't faint next time she sees him, or worse, Allen... kills her. I guess I shouldn't think about that, it's lucky enough that Allen accepts me as his friend. I finish off my pancake and run to school, almost forgetting my bag. I look across the street to where the net dropped on me, sure enough the sidewalk is caked with blood and there's somebody's bag next to it, that means Allen killed the next person that got caught. I feel like I want to barf. My feet take off running away from that gross scene so fast my orange Nike shoes are a blur. I zoom into the school, up the stairs and... The principle catches me, I fall flat onto my face.


"Yes sir." I mumble as I walk into science class. The whole room was buzzing about the net on the street and who set it, nobody here was in my previous school, the next class is full of my old classmates though. I bet they know who did it too. Nothing seems to get through to me today, the science teacher sounds like she's from Charlie Brown, so do the other teachers. Well, at least today is Friday, so that means tomorrow I won't have to see Allen's next catch's remains on the sidewalk.

Five whole days, by myself, this is going to be the BEST weekend ever. That's my first thought as I get out of bed at 11:30 on a Saturday morning. Best part is, it's Christmas break, one week off, alone. My parents will be home just in time for Christmas if all goes well. I ride the bus to Target to get some presents. As soon as I step into the store warm air consumes me, it feels so good after being outside in the cold snow. I walk through the aisles and manage to find a few gifts for each person. I get a box of Pokémon cards for myself because I am crazy about Pokémon. I have $80 left by the time I leave the store. I hop onto yet another bus and, just my luck, I find $100 in the seat cushion. Being the selfish person I am, I keep it for myself. Time to go and get myself some video games.

By the time I get home I have about 18 video game cases, and 20 Christmas presents. I still have $20 left! I told you this would be the best weekend ever! Oh how wrong I was...

I went outside to go fetch the paper, the head news was "Kids found dead! Who is behind this?" I started to get worried, I flipped to the page it was on and started reading it. "This week, a total of 35 kids were found laying in their beds, with a cut in their arm. They were all dead. Except for one, 10 year old girl, Jessica Orlando tells is her story 'I was sleeping until I heard a creaking on the floorboards I looked up and I saw a boy about two years older with bright green eyes. He said something like ,Jeff killed my family now to kill yours, but I was too busy running away to hear. As I ran by my parent's door I saw it was ajar with blood on the floor and walls. That creep had killed my parents! I ran up to the cellar, not a good idea. I was cornered and he was about to kill me when I kicked him in the stomach, he fell over and I took that moment to run. I was eventually on the other side of town. That was when I went to the police.' Jessica described the boy as having bright green eyes, black hair, and white skin. If you see anybody matching this description please call 911. There have been similar reports of this scenario one year beforehand. Could these two be related?"

As I finished reading it I wanted to end this all, I wanted to stop Allen. If it gets any worse I-I'll have to kill Allen.

Two days later as I was trying to defeat Glados in Portal when I heard the email notification on my phone, I paused the game and opened up the mail app on my iPad. It was from Allen, my stomach did a flip. What did he want? The subject was "Merry Christmas Joey!"

"Hey Joey, Merry Christmas! I'm going to go on a killing spree today, I thought, you know, maybe my friend could be a killer like me! Today I'll dress as Santa, and instead of my usual catchphrase 'Jeff killed my family now to kill yours' it'll be 'Ho ho ho, merry deathmas.' Funny huh? Well, if you're interested in becoming like me, just say so! See you soon fellow killer, Allen 'the killer' Fletcher."

What was WRONG with him!? How could he do that on the best, most cheerful Holliday ever?! Alright, I HAVE to kill Allen, no matter what the cost. I don't care if he was my friend, this has gone too far. Besides it would get even worse. He could kill 100 people per week instead of 35! I reply back

"Sure! I'll meet you at the park in 3 days!"

I hit send. Here's the plan, I meet Allen there and pretend to want to kill people with him, then I pull a knife on him suddenly. Then there will only be Jeff to murder people, not Jeff and Allen. Who knows, maybe I could defeat Jeff too! I have two days to practice some knife skills, and some dodging skills too.

I'm pretty good at both now, I think I'm ready. I wear light clothes so I won't slow down by the weight of a coat. I grab the knife and start to head out to the park. Sure enough I see Allen sitting on a bench waiting for me. "Hey Al." I say, I try to act like I'm still his friend, and like I want to murder innocent people with him. I'm ready to strike him, but hesitate. What if I lose? I won't ever get to see my parents again. They'll be so depressed to hear... To hear that... That I... Now's not the time to think about stuff like that I have to focus on the task ahead. There's no turning back now, I have to do it, right here, right now. I have to kill Allen. I pull the knife out of my pocket. Get ready to DIE Allen!

Allen turns his back to me, perfect. I lunge forward, I miss. My face hits the ground with such a force I feel blood trickling out of my nose. Allen notices what I was aiming for.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" Allen shouted.

"This can't go on Allen, I can't see all those deaths you caused in the newspaper. This has to end NOW!" As I yell the last word I run towards him and aim for his stomach. The knife sinks into his stomach. I hit him! He writhes on the ground, I could finish him off now! But in a flash he's back onto his feet. He acts as if he never got hurt, like there's not a river of blood coming out of his stomach. He scowls. We lunge at the same time. Our knifes clash and we fall backwards I take this chance to strike him in the leg twice. He limps towards me instead of running towards me. This is a huge advantage for me. I shimmy up a tree and jump from the branch with my knife pointing down. Hopefully I am able to hit him. Or not... I hit the ground yet again on my face. I feel a lot more blood gush out of my nose. Allen hit me hard in the arm. Oh great, now I have one less arm that can fight. Thankfully it's my left arm. Why doesn't he die already, he has bled a lot. As I'm mapping out a plan, Allen tries to stab me. I snap out of my thoughts and dodge his blade just in time.

In five minutes we're both pretty hurt. Even Allen can't ignore his pain anymore. I run up to him at lightning speed and cut his arm off. Allen yelps. He throws his knife at my leg, I feel the knife sink deeply into my leg. It hurts so much. I try standing up, I'm a bit wobbly but I'm standing. I take it back out of my leg, now I have two knifes and Allen has none. I start hitting him all over. He dropped to the ground I'm just about to sink my blade into his heart when he uses what little strength he has to throw his knife into my stomach. I fall back, it hurts, oh it hurts SO much. I wince as Allen ties me to a tree. Allen doesn't notice the fact that the ropes stop my bleeding. I try to grip my knifes tightly as I can as he yanks them from my hands. Allen parts some ropes. He aims his blade at my heart.

"Any last words?" He says.

"I have another knife!" I say as I try to reach into my pocket and my hands grip my knife. I cut the ropes and lunge. If I didn't have the knife it would've been the end of me for sure. Soon enough we have more cuts than before and I might just win. Allen looks at me, then throws his knife, strait at my heart. I feel weak, so weak I can't get up. The world starts to fade. At least I died fighting.

Written by Tomgaffgames26
Content is available under CC-BY-SA

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