Okay, like many of you I grew up almost bottle-fed on Pokemon. The game was all the rage when I was a kid, and if you weren't playing, then you were an outcast. As opposed to nowadays, if your over 12 and still play, you're an outcast. Also like many of you, I have read Creepypasta pages, which all end badly.


This one is not different.

When I was a kid, Pokémon was my life, like many others. Also like most kids, I had a favorite Pokémon. Mine just happened to be a Absol I managed to catch in Pokémon Sapphire. Thinking he looked almost like and angel, I named him Saint. I was already pretty far into the game by the time I caught him, but for some reason I decided to stick around Route 120 and train him. Soon after he was lvl 46, which was higher than all my other pokemon, even my starter, which at this point was a lvl 40 Blaziken. At first I felt bad, but then like most, I just shrugged it off.

Not long after I was facing the Elite Four when the oddest thing happend. I was down to two Pokemon, a now lvl 60 Blaziken, and my lvl 70 Saint (Absol). Blaziken was close to being defeated, and Saint was down to less than a quarter of his life. But then, when Blaziken should have gone down, Saint came out of nowhere to block the attack. As soon as he had, the game screen went black. More than slightly confused and mad, I was reaching for the power switch when the screen came back to life.

What I saw will never leave me. I was in a Pokécenter, in what appered to be the back. Saint layed of a table, with patches of his sprite being red. The move he had blocked Blaziken from taken was Body Slam, from Drake's Kingdra. Now, this being a normal move, it really shouldn't have hurt him all that much, but for some reason it did. I guess the red patches were internal bleeding or something, I don't know, but then Nurse Joy came over to me.

"You have the greatest Absol in the world" She told me, "We all heard what happened in there, and he is a hero, no doubt in my mind." Then she went over to Saint, and came back to me." Unfortunately, he is hurt really bad. I don't think he will last much longer. You should go say your goodbyes."

My sprite went over to the table and reached out to Saint. His head seemed to lift from the table to look at me. The Absol cry was heard through my speakers, and his head fell back onto the table.

The screen went black again, and when it turned on, I was on the top floor of the Pokémon Tower. I was standing in front of a large white tombstone, unable to move. Unsure of what I was supposed to do, I hit the A button. The tombstone read...

"Here lies Saint, Wolf's" (yea that's me) " Absol, who died in service to his greatest friends. All he wanted was to protect those he cared for, but it cost him dearly. He will be able to find peace knowing that he saved his friends from being harmed."

Now at this point, I was balling my eyes out. I think a little kid would have been. Since then I haven't touched that game, but i couldn't bring myself to sell it. One thing I never understood is how this happened. My mother had bought the game for me, brand new, right out of the package, so it couldn't have been a hack...

Could it?

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