First of all, I wanted to stop putting the Half Life thingy on my pastas so no crowbars, no Automatic Crossbows, and no zombies or anything related on Half Life.

My name is Nathan, 24 years old and obviously... A MLP fan. Everything turns out so fine but I started avoiding MLP for 3 months already. That's because of a game.

It was Saturday morning, a perfect day because it is my day-off from work. I was searching for MLP fandom games on the web but most of them were skins, gun skins, and others for Team Fortress 2. I only played TF2 once every time because I am focusing on My Little Pony.

After playing TF2 on my computer, I started searching for MLP fandom games and after looking at a long list of the games, I found a game that my eye caught-

"Luna Game"

That game really got me and I also got too curious about this game so I click the link and downloaded it. It took a while and I opened it after the download.

The game shows Luna and the game is 8-bit style (pixel by pixels) and I walk left and jumped down from the platform and turn right and continued walking. Just after I pass by the floating platform, a screamer pop out showing Pinkie Pie in a creepy happy face and empty eye sockets but a white dot in the middle.

I freaked out and opened the Task Manager to turn it off and it worked. But what made me more surprised was that my desktop is full of pictures of the Pinkie Pie screamers and notepad texts saying "the end is neigh" and there's about a hundred files of it, multiplying on my computer that made it lag.

"What hell is that game about anyway?!"

I asked myself while clicking the mouse rapidly trying to move the cursor on the screen and after 19 more clicks, the computer showed the Blue Screen Of Death.

"What the fuck?!"

I shouted confusingly, and when I tried to open the computer, it won't turn on so I removed the hard disk and I replaced it with a newer one. I installed a new software and run the computer. What really freaks me out that there's a Luna Game 2 on my desktop screen. I was so scared and I kept asking myself how it got there so I turned my computer off and went to my bed.

Right in the middle of my sleep, I could here something whispering at my ear saying-

Wake up...

I ignored the voice and covered myself with a blanket and tried to go back to sleep when it spoke again-

Wake up... Or die...

I uncovered my self and looked right, I saw a zalgofied Luna lying down on my bed next to me!! I freaked out, jumped down from my bed and ran outside from my bedroom.

"No way!! My mind is playing tricks on me again!"

I calm down and went down the kitchen to get a knife and went back inside my bedroom. This time, she is gone but I couldn't yet find out wether it is safe inside or not. I lie down on my bed again with the knife under my pillow. I fell asleep but I felt something touching me...

I opened my eyes and saw that zalgofied Luna on top of me, holding the knife I just hid under my pillow. I yelp and shove her but she disappeared after that and I decided to play that game this midnight.

The game was the same as the first part except that everytime I walked farther, there are cracks on the terrain and another screamer pop out but I was prepared and didn't freaked out. After the screamer, Luna spawned back into a place which I called "hell" because of the background and after falling down into a hole, a game over screen popped out and the game closes itself.

I was a little relieved but I guess there would be more soon and with that zalgofied Luna disturbing me to continue playing those games. When I was about to close the computer, another one appears saying "Luna Game 3" and after a few seconds, my computer shut down.

I checked the clock and it was already 1:47 on the clock and I went back the bed and that Luna didn't bothered me again.


I woke up at 10:30 in the morning and went downstairs to eat my breakfast and the knife I used to hide under my pillow was back to its case. I was about to sip from my coffee again when I noticed something on the window, observing me. I looked to the window but it disappeared before I could see the whole thing and I ignored it and fixed my self up to go outside.

I guess everyone is still asleep because I don't see anyone outside their houses but it is weird since some of my neighbors always wakes up 5:30 in the morning and supposed to be jogging or doing anything else they liked to do. I walked to a nearby forest to visit my friend there which is a forest ranger and he also wakes up early in the morning. When I was on the forest, following the path, he is not there where he used to be but I started to hear some hooves behind me.

"T-there's s-s-something be-be-hind me!!"

I said as I am shaking, and I turned around to see it and it was that same alicorn I saw and I ran to the forest, and went back to the neighborhood to escape her.

I place the key on the door and opened it and closed it fast and I exhaled. I turned around to get water but I saw her in front of me but she disappears after a few seconds. Now that I can't get out nor escape my house.

I went back to my bedroom and turned the computer open and opened the game.

The game was just the same as the first and the second one (always) and the background was a forest and there's a gap which I jumped over triggering Fluttershy saying "Come Out" in a distorted form which made me freak out and lost control of Luna causing her to fall down the hole and showed another screamer of a zalgoified pony and the screen faded black.

After that, it showed Luna, lying down on a ground and maybe I saw her legs had blood on it but after a few seconds, she opens her eye and another screamer pop out which I couldn't even described and the game closes itself.

I didn't even breath while playing the game and I exhaled and I almost suffocated myself.

"Seriously? That game almost gave me a heart attack."

I turned the computer off and went downstairs to watch TV. When I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, it showed Luna at the screen, staring at me and I jumped behind the couch to hide. After few seconds, the TV started as normal and the news were showing and I looked outside the window and everyone was there, minding their own business.

I sat down back to the couch, calming myself down and made myself some popcorn while watching a movie. In the middle of the movie, I thought that maybe I could watch MLP instead of this action movie so I changed the channel to the Hub. The show had just started 10 minutes before the middle events of the movie I am watching but something was not the same on the show.

The skies were blood red, dead ponies everywhere including the main characters and Princess Celestia.

"What the hell?!"

Some of them had been tortured or burned to death and I saw a alicorn walking towards the screen. It walks closer to the screen and the TV turned off.

"Oh God why? Even the show is infected with the virus! Shit, I will delete that game and never play it anymore!"

When I was about to walk inside my bedroom, something kicked me harder that it made me flew to the wall and I opened my eyes, trying to recover from being kicked. I saw that zalgofied Luna again walking towards me and said-

Don't delete that or else you will die in hell with me!!

She disappears after that and I stood up, shivering and manage to walk away from my bedroom and went downstairs to sit down on a chair.

"She is freaking me out now... I swear to God, I will finish that series so it will end and she will not bother me anymore!"

I got brave again and opened my computer to play the game. What's worst the the desktop wallpaper is changed to the scene similar to the MLP show I have seen earlier but it is a live wallpaper, and the clouds were moving while some of the dead ponies are twitching.

The part 4 of the game was even worst that is showed some glitched text and some messages that is similar to BEN Drowned. And after that, it also showed a map called "Pony Hell", and a bunch of stuff and after I failed to escaped the darkness, the whole map changes into a map with a glitching terrain blocks and after that, the darkness started to appear again and I made Luna ran towards the right side of the map. There's no way out and a giant Pinkie Pie appeared on the dead end and the screen faded black.

After playing that, another one appeared saying "Luna Game 0" which made me frightened even more and left the computer opened, and ran towards the living room and I sat down on the couch.

"No way!!! No way!!! I will not make it! I swear, I will not make it anymore!!"

I started to get insane already while my mind is getting mess up. It was already dark outside and I went inside the bedroom and saw the computer left opened.

I started to get along with my self again and played the game.

The same things, but the game started inside Princess Celestia's castle and Princess Celestia told Luna to go out and make some friends. After doing the stuffs, and watch Pinkie Pie talking to her, the screen fade black and I heard a slashing sound and the screen fades back again and Pinkie Pie has her body cut in half and more things happened I don't expect. Another image popped out and the game closes itself.

Let me tell you that I forgot to say that Luna Game 4 didn't let me replay the game nor this game but I shut the computer down and went to the bed.

I was asleep at that time and I am already snoring but she whispers in my ear again.

Last chance, Nathan. Your time is almost done. Tomorrow, you will die...

I woke up and I am shivering again. I ran back to the computer and turned it on and see if there's another one.

It has but I guess it is the last one and it says "Luna Game 5". I opened it up and played the game.

The game was much scarier than the first four and it also showed fan arts and Nightmare Moon. I continued playing the game and I made a success, avoiding the darkness and after everything, there's no screamer but it just closest the game after that.

"Oh heck yeah!! I finally beat the game!!"

Oh I am sorry, but you finished the game after your time has ended...

I looked right and saw Luna, she started to chase me while I am running really fast. The windows wouldn't even broke and they look like bulletproof glasses and the doors wouldn't open like a vault. I turned around and saw her, coming closer to me. As she grab me everything went black.


I woke up, from the floor, and stood up. I checked the computer and the game was not there anymore but there's a video clip on the desktop, I opened it and it saw the happy ending of the game. But right after I watch it, a screamer pop up once again, making me fall back and the video clip closest itself and disappeared from my desktop.

"I won... I won the fucking damn game!!"

I calm down after that and sat down my bed and I heard another whisper on my ear-

This is not yet done...

I looked to the left but there's nothing on it. I just cleared my mind and closed the computer and went downstairs. It was a nice, beautiful Sunday morning... I went outside to take a stroll, everyone was happy, even my ranger friend. I guess I only had a nightmare, a nightmare about that game.

The Sandbox (Luna) 2nd Part

Like I said, my fan made pony is lying down on his own blood with Luna standing in front of him, staring at the screen.

DGF's iPad

After shutting the application down, my wallpaper has been changed.

I turned on my iPad and opened my "The Sandbox" app but something else was wrong. I checked my pixel art of my fan made pony but it shows that Luna, standing there with my fan made pony lying down, in his own blood and with that "666" and the short sentenced saying "Your next", I was really shocked. Also that after I closed the application, my wallpaper has been changed.

But after that experienced... I just get too scared watching My Little Pony again.

Written by: Doctor Gordon Freeman

Credited to the article Luna Game

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