One day Jeff had just got done with his late night "Friday Fun" killing spree. "Friday Fun" was Jeff's favorite day. Jeff would pick a well living family and he would watch them from Monday until "Friday Fun" night. That night Jeff would sneak into their house and brutally kill their entire family. This happened every other week.

Jeff walked home feeling satisfied with the work he had done tonight. He could still hear the ringing of their muffled screams and sounds of bones breaking and tearing flesh. His white hoodie stained with another fresh layer of blood. After a while, the blood just starts to cake onto the jacket. "Better wash this soon," laughed Jeff in his deep crackly voice, breaking the silence outside as he walked down the side-walk to his house. He arrived at his place he had been calling home and opened the door.

He went into the bathroom and rinsed off the now drying blood on his face, hands, and his "oh so famous weapon" knife. He glanced up into the mirror and looked at his face. His black chard rings around his eyes and a smile cut deep into his cheeks. "Don't I just look so beautiful? Why doesn't anyone agree? They just scream. I'm not scary. I'm beautiful." Jeff spoke in his now crackling voice. He placed his knife back in his pocket and went to lay on the couch. Picking up a half bottle of whiskey off the floor, he started to drink and day dream of his childhood.

The weekend went slowly for Jeff as he stayed in his house stocking up on his booze. Jeff was always very drunk. He was turned into a drunken endless killing machine. As Jeff's urge to kill slowly grew stronger, the more he drank. It came Monday and he was ready to go find an unlucky little lady that roamed the streets that night to satisfy his sexual and killing urges.

As Jeff walked the lonely streets he came across a beautiful blonde girl. He followed her, but kept a distance to make it look like he wasn't following. The last thing he needed was to have the attention of the world on him right now.

As he got closer he lured her into his reach and caught her, like a Venus Fly Trap. He wrapped his arms around her and covered her mouth to muffle her scared screams. He threw her to a place where no one could see him and did what he had to do.

After he was done, he pulled out the knife and stabbed her directly in the stomach, twisting and turning the knife and watching her face show of an expression of extreme pain. He stabbed and stabbed until he finally slit her throat and made her choke on her own blood. Jeff pulled the knife back into his pocket and slipped back onto the street with out seeming suspicious.

Throughout the week Jeff just couldn't help himself and he just HAD to kill a little more before next Monday came. Today he would find the perfect family to have fun with that Friday.

Jeff then came across a laid-back police man. He found him a perfect target; because he wouldn't know what to do when he showed up at his house that Friday. Jeff grinned widely and made a small chuckle to himself "Perfect!" He exclaimed and continued laughing uncontrollably. Jeff began thinking of all the wonderful things he could do with them.

He watched his every move closely. Then, when he went home that night, he watched them and thought off all the horrible things he could do to scare them and get the slightest bit of fear from them. It gave him so much satisfaction just to make them scared for their lives. He had a wife and two children, two little innocent boys.

They lived in a pretty little house in a perfect neighborhood. Each house set up with advanced security systems, but Jeff had been killing for years and found it quite easy to breach their security cameras and system locks. He stole a spare key for the back door and the password for the gate, and even the garage door. "Perfect. They wont even know what's coming." he chuckled to himself.

He watched the family for the rest of that week very carefully, being very cautious to keep his distance. He may watch but not touch. Not yet at least.

Friday finally came and Jeff could feel his blood pumping in his veins and his insanity coursing through him. He felt so alive. He just couldn't wait for tonight. He filled his stomach with McDonald's and booze, and waited till half past eleven. He left his home and walked quickly, menacingly towards the police officers house.

Jeff easily deactivated the security system and slid the key into the door. Turning it he heard it click, signalling that it was unlocked. He quickly ,but quietly, twisted the knob and slid inside the door. He climbed the stairs, knife in hand, blood and adrenaline coursing through his veins, he headed upstairs towards the parents bedroom and slid inside. They were sound asleep, which made it even easier for him to make his swift killing spree enjoyable.

Jeff starts with the wife. He gets on her side of the bed and covers her mouth with a sock and duck tapes it in place. She jumps awake but Jeff held her down and slit her throat so she could no longer scream. "Just go to sleep love," said Jeff in his dark voice, sending a scared look across the woman's face. He starts to stab her over and over in the stomach. Twisting and turning the knife inside her until her intestines were laying scattered across the bed. He let out a soft chuckle and licked the blood off the knife. "Mmmm nothing better than the taste of fresh blood," Jeff whispered to himself, being sure to not wake the officer next to him.

He crawled off the bed and onto the policeman's side of the bed. Jeff jumps on him swiftly and plunges the knife through the man's chest. He woke up with a loud scream, but was quickly muffled. Jeff was then thrown to the floor, as the man stood up and grabbed his rifle from his closet. Jeff jumped on his back and tried to do some kind of damage to his throat, but was quickly smashed against the wall and hit in the face with the butt of the gun. He looked up at the man and was sent into insane mode. Snap went the switch in his head. He got up and swung the knife back and forth, slicing the man's clothes and making him bleed. The man tried to fire at Jeff, but Jeff was too fast.

Jeff was having fun teasing the man and making him use his survival skills. Jeff was laughing uncontrollably and couldn't concentrate on anything else. Suddenly he felt pain shoot through his chest. The man had finally shot him.

He looked from the wound and back up to the man. He nodded his head back and forth saying, "You shouldn't have done that." Jeff chased the man down the stairs, but he continuously tried shooting at him. He shot him a few times but Jeff didn't take mind of the bullets that were going through him at this point he just wanted the man dead.

They reached the kitchen and Jeff grabbed another knife off the counter and slashed at the man. He wailed in pain and Jeff smiled. The man presses the barrel of the gun against Jeff's chest as Jeff pressed the tip of his knife against his head. "GO TO SLEEP!" Jeff screamed. The man pulled the trigger right as the knife plunged through his skull. Jeff fell to the ground and passed out.

"What should we do with this guys body, Greg?" Says one mortician. "He has no family or anyone who knows him either." Said Greg. "I guess we could just bury him. No need for a funeral if no one comes. Plus this guy doesn't even look like a guy in the first place, Brent. He looks like some sort of deformed animal." "Well I guess we did our work for today. We can get home and you can get your rest. We will bury him tomorrow at three."

Both morticians went home and had a good nights sleep, but when Brent came back the next day, Greg never showed up again. The deformed creature was gone, and there was another dead body, and case to be solved.

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